The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

April 27, 2011...

I just want to share this account with whoever might be interested. My dear friend, Mike, a fellow storm chaser, along with Rick and JB, all members of the Southern Weather Brigade, were chasing storms on that fateful day April 27, 2011, when much of Alabama was devastated by an onslaught of tornadoes that left the state ravaged and hurting. The loss of life that day was historic and tragic. It was 8 months ago yesterday, and my friend Mike, who witnessed it firsthand and even prayed for the victims, as he watched helplessly, is just now finally able to share the details of that traumatic day... His story.

God bless all of those still coping with the devastation of those storms.


Thursday, December 08, 2011

Deck the Halls

Weather geeks are some of the funniest, geekiest people I know, myself included. This year, NOAA has put out their rendition of "Deck the Halls" using a commonly heard voice, that of the NOAA Weather Radio. It's music to my ears.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Be prepared!

Well, if you listen to me, you have hooked up, or you immediately went out to purchase your weather radio. Hopefully, you purchased one that is SAME (Specific Area Message Encoder) code enabled. If not, don't freak, just having a weather radio could mean the difference between life and death. If you got one that is SAME code enabled, you are able to program your radio using specific codes, so your radio will only alert you when weather advisories pertain to that specific county. You can find codes for the counties you want alerts for by selecting your state at this link. Now what? Well, you wait for "inclement" weather. You will hear weekly tests of the EAS (Emergency Alert System), so the broadcasters can be certain the signal is going out properly. Anyone who didn't hear the National test of this alert system can recognize the value of the test. When inclement weather is present, the test will not occur. Generally, the alert in your area will start with a watch of some sort. Ideally, a severe thunderstorm or even a tornado watch will be issued for your area. A watch simply warns you that conditions are favorable for the weather described in the watch to occur. This should alert you to be aware and mindful of rapidly changing conditions, have your emergency kit ready. You should always have a disaster kit ready, but now's your chance to freshen it up, double check those batteries. Be mindful and vigilant. A watch means that the weather could happen.

Then, you might just experience a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning. When that is issued, it means one of two things, either those conditions have been witnessed by a credible source (SKYWARN spotter or law enforcement) or the radar that the National Weather Service meteorologists are observing is showing an imminent threat. If you are in the path of the storm, this is the time to get below ground, or if no basement is available, an interior room, away from windows. Cover up with a mattress; wear a helmet; put infants and small children in a car seat. Most injuries and deaths from severe weather occur when degree becomes projectile. Stay there until the warning expires.

... and that is how you stay prepared.

Friday, December 02, 2011

The first step... awareness

Oh hey, remember me? Probably not. I don't blame you. I've sort of dropped out of the blogosphere into several other social media outlets. I miss having a place to share and teach weather though, so I have decided that I would like to turn this back into a current weather teaching site. I am firm in my position that awareness (regarding weather) saves lives. I think that knowing some key information can help you to be proactive in preparedness. Being as passionate about weather as I am, many friends have taken to calling me during severe weather outbreaks. This scares me to death sometimes. The NWS has a very important tool in place that is designed to help people in the event of a weather emergency, the weather radio. I think every home should have one. You wouldn't believe some of the excuses I have heard from people about why they don't use theirs... it was annoying me with all those weather alerts... being the scariest. LUDICROUS!! They are there to warn you, to help SAVE YOUR LIFE! Don't turn off the alerts and worse... DON'T NOT HAVE A WEATHER RADIO! I think all homes should have weather radios built in. I think it should requires like smoke detectors. So...


That is all!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

One of the Biggest Thrills of my Life!!!

I am just now getting around to posting about my wonderful adventure in whitewater rafting. It was my first experience, and I will tell you right now... if I could have, I would have had them drop me off at the top of the river and do it right after I finished. It was AMAZING! It was SUCH A RUSH! It was EXHILARATING! It was AWESOME! If you haven't ever done it before, you should. What are you waiting for? Stop reading and go hit the rapids. My next time will be with my wonderful groom. :) No, this time it wasn't. We had a Women's Weekend with my church group, and it was quite an adventure. One of the buses had no A/C... then, it got a flat tire... seriously... then, when we arrived one of our big vans lost its transmission. Kudos to our leader who handled it all like a champ, handling high stress with her classy touch of grace. Back to rafting though! We loaded the big yellow boat and got our instructions. Listen to your guide. Your guide is good. Guide is wise (sorry, a little Twister throw back). Anyways, we had the most awesome guide ever... Lucas with White Water Express (ask for him and tell him you want to ride bull "hero style". He'll hook you up!) So, we set off on the Ocoee River somewhere in TN (or were we back in GA?)at the midway point, right there before Grumpy. It was such an adventure. We rode it all the way down, and I had a silly grin on my face the whole time! See????I'm the one in the bright pink shirt, which makes me easier to find in the subsequent shots. So, we're riding along, and as I mentioned, Lucas gave us the option of hero style or chicken style on an upcoming rapids. Well, hello, this is me he's talking to... HERO!!! The raft was split. Three wanted to go hero style and three wanted to play the part of the chicken, so our trusted guide, Lucas decided to try a little something new. He situated us in the raft accordingly for the evil scheme and well, I'll let the pics do the talking at this point.
Coming into the rapids, heros up front, chickens in the rear.Here we go, losing our seats... I'm in pink.You see that person upside down with the pink shoes in the air... one of my proudest moments...Whose foot is that?Is that a head I see?Yep! There I am. He was saying 'you're ok!' Oh honey, I was way better than ok!!Incidentally, only the wanna-be heroes took the plunge, so in that last shot, Lucas is celebrating his success. I'm the one in pink with pink shoes... As one of the ladies in our group pointed out, she didn't even know it was on her bucket list till she did it. Now, it's back on there to go again and for her to ride bull this time. After taking the plunge, I was completely fearless, so I hopped on the front of that raft and "rode bull" staying on through the grand finale rapids. Again, again!!!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A trip down Memory Lane

We had a wonderful weekend spending time with family and extended family in the foothills of the Appalachians... the Smoky Blue Ridge. The kids are great, having gotten quite used to me taking constant pics of just general life, they are excellent about pointing out beautiful shot potential. This was one of those moments. I was absorbed in mountains and scenery... and the kids shout, take a picture this way in a minute... wait for it, wait for it. Kaboom!!!They were dead on!!!

It was a perfect weekend, the weather, the activities, the togetherness, the nostalgia... you see, back on July 26, 2008, my wonderful groom (well, at the time, bf) took me to this same exact location to make a very special Proposal... ahh, the memories (I'm getting ahead of myself here). When we arrived at the cabin, it all came rushing back, the sounds, the smells, the memories of one of the most beautiful weekends ever (our wedding weekend is number one!)

So I, of course, explored Aunt Liz's beautiful garden, which was absolutely amazing!! I won't get off on my flower tangent like last time, but I will share with you a few of my very favorites...
Aren't they just sensational?! It was a great opportunity to play with my new camera, and it got my inspiration juices flowing for when we are laying out our garden next year. By golly... I haven't shared anything about our garden this year. Well, that's another post. Anyhow, what was I saying??? Oh yes, the nostalgia of this mini-family reunion was enough to take my breath away many times, but the "New"ness of it was pretty awesome, as well. You see, we were visiting my wonderful groom's uncle's house, but his father was also there, and then, it was coordinated that one of the other brothers would come up from Miami for a special visit. We had 3 brothers together, as well as portions of their extended family. It was wonderfully heart-warming, and I was honored to be a part of that.l to r: Bill, Clayton, Eddie - hey, Uncle Eddie!! There were kids galore, and everyone had a truly terrific time. We roasted marshmallows for S'mores at our cabin. We played cards. We hiked. We rode an ATV. We visited. We cloud gazed (oh, nevermind, that was just me.) We explored the swimming hole. We climbed. We laughed. We read. We ate. We cooked. We picked blackberries. We chased butterflies. We talked. We caught up. We had a truly GREAT time! It was precious... and of course, we visited my wonderful groom and my special spot, Dry Falls in Highlands, NC. My new camera did it justice... I think. :D
Have an amazing day... as I write this, I hear rumbles of thunder. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shelf, Severe, and a Rainbow

What a wonderful weather day yesterday was!!! I was finishing up on my Thursday afternoon, when this great cell moves into the area. The cell spanned 4 counties... and in Georgia, the counties are HUGE! Well, anyhow, the radar capture here, translated to this beautiful shelf...Shelf Cloud
With this beautiful cumulus congestus (that I watched bubble up)...Cumulus Congestus
And ended with this beautiful reminder from God...
All in all, a great day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chasing and Chaser Convergence... a little different in the south.

It's so nice to have access to my blog back. I've missed it. I had a dud of a chase attempt on a date with my wonderful groom on Friday. We were getting ready to talk out the door for some sushi (which I had been craving like a mad woman) when my weather radio goes off... severe thunderstorm warning on a cell 5 miles south of me?! UGH! So, we quickly loaded up and trying to get under it (no rotation) to possibly nab some hail. There was some associated straight line damage, trees and such, but by the time we got on it... can you say dissipation?! Oh well, maybe next time.
After we finally gave up and gave in to our hunger, the line organized and produced some decent hail and wind damage. We missed all that, but the sushi sure was yum-diddly-ummy. The guy sitting behind us at the restaurant was being contacted about a tree down on his business. Oops.

On Sunday, got a rare treat, Meso Mike back from his tour in Korea was in the area getting ready for his PCS to Germany... eww... not much storm chasetunities in Germany. Oh well, at least we got a chance to visit with him before he takes off. Rick and I went up to see him. Here's what I got with my new Rebel;).
Here's looking at you, kid.Us and our Dew Dancin' BuddhasThe crewThat's right, we're bad, we know it.Dew Dancin' Buddha!!
Always an adventure when you get the Dew involved...