The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Dew-venture...

Before I get into my Dew-venture, I want to share a video with you that Bill D. posted to one of my older entries from when I was on my chasecation. It was great to see the crew once again. The first segment shows Matt and Tim, two of the fabulous camera guys enjoying some heavy rain and driving wind, which you might just end up seeing on WEtv, and the next segment (at the gas station) shows Carroll (my favorite sound guy) with the BB gun (a dangerous thing for him... poor silly man) and then, Cullen with the BB gun (Cullen is Bill's son, the youngest chaser I know of, and he takes great pics. He has seen more tornadoes already than I will see in my whole life!) Then, it shows Shane (while he still had hair, he shaved it during my week with him. I almost didn't recognize him.) Then, it shows Zac (who introduced me to Coronas and allowed me to teach him manners) riding with Shane shooting at the cargo van. Gosh, that was THE BEST EXPERIENCE. Thanks so much to Bill D. for taking me back down memory lane!

Now, onto my story. Ok, I told you that I was leaving town on Friday to attend some training. It was Relay for Life training for committee members, which I happen to be. It took place up in Callaway Gardens... scratch that, it took place just outside of Callaway Gardens, near Columbus, GA, which is an important distinction... Of course, I was thrilled anticipating the photographic opportunities that presented themselves with my exciting trip. I could visit the Gardens... shoot pics, relax and enjoy. No such luck... First of all, I made the foolish mistake of listening to mapquest... yes, yes, I know better, but by the time, I realized that I had made a mistake I was in Fort Valley, GA, eyes desperately seeking out some sign that I was on the right track, following SR 96 signs that wound me through the state. You see why a GPS is such a wise investment for me...? That tax return can't get here soon enough. sigh. I shouldn't complain, I had some rare photo ops, though I wasn't quick enough to snap off a pic of the chain gang being forced to jay-walk in Talbotton, GA, but I assure you that was quite a treat. Driving through that area of GA, I was reminded of the rolling hills of Nebraska. It was kind of nostalgic for me. I should say, though, that in all my time in the plains, I NEVER saw a sign that read, "No sludge." These signs were sadly plentiful in NW GA. So, having been on the right "wrong track", I eventually made it there, but my 3 to 3 1/2 hour drive had become a 4 1/2 hour drive, and let me tell you, I was dog tired by the time I got there, but not too tired to stop at a scenic overlook before heading in... you know me. Much to my dismay, I didn't have time between my arrival there and the first meeting to get over the the Gardens to shoot. Then, after a quick look at my agenda (my first time being made aware of what the heck was going on) made me quickly aware of the fact that I would NOT have ANY time to shoot pics... grumble, grumble. My first session lasted from 6 - 10 (or 10:30)PM! Well, I refused to be defeated by an unfair and uncooperative itinerary. I decided after that meeting to go into the Gardens, late at night, in an unfamiliar place, on winding roads, with settling fog all around. Let me tell you, I felt like I was launched into a scene from the Blair witch project or perhaps the Friday the 13th unending saga... Jason could have popped out at any moment, and I would not have been shocked. I must say that I was on edge, driving at turtle speed through super windy roads, not able to make out any of my surroundings, but, by golly, it was my time to explore, scope things out, in the off chance hope that a rare chance would actually present itself offering a break long enough to race over there, so I would know exactly where I wanted to go, given any time constraints. Lucky for me, such an opportunity did present itself, and though I did not get absolutely splendid pics, I am pleased with what I was able to capture. I had a 20 minute break between sessions when one finished slightly ahead of schedule. I hopped in my van and raced to the Gardens to the overlook spot I had found the night before. The colors were starting to turn, so I was able to catch a little bit of that. I can only imagine how magnificent that place would be at the point of peak color change. As cold as it was up there that morning ( I was near Dewdrop-cicle status), the steam rising from the pond added a pleasant country charm. As for the flowers, not many where I was, and I apologize for the blurry pic of the critter on the yellow flower, but I would like to point out that there is dew on the petals... Also, on the pink flower way up above, that is dew dangling from the lower petal. Ah, yes, there it is... Am I good or what?! All in all, I got to Dew what I wanted... Can't beat that.

The fun really starts on my journey home. I would like to just say in my defense (I know that's not the most innocent way to start a story) that I have NEVER been in the Columbus area before and my printed directions were for a different route. I was told by several folks at the training that a better route would involve taking I-185 down to highway 82... that, in fact, I-185 ends at highway 82... Silly me, I didn't even check my atlas (I really need GPS to prevent this level of craziness in my life.) Let me assure anyone out there, that I-185 DOES NOT end at highway 82. No, no, I-185 very much dead-ends into the gates of Fort Benning... To add insult to injury... the person I was on the phone with at the time, almost laughingly said, "oh yes, you will go "through" the military installation on your way, but... unless you find yourself at a guard shack (laugh, laugh, laugh) you have nothing to worry about. Ha ha." It was at that very moment that I pulled up to the security check point at the gates of Fort Benning... yeah... So, feeling quite embarrassed, I asked the MP how I get to highway 82... he chuckled, of course, and informed me that my exit was closed, that I needed to turn around (ha ha), take the first open exit, do an about face and go through Columbus towards highway 82... easy as pie, right? Well, I found my way... fortunately, and for my trouble, I was treated to a really awesome sunset (which of course, I had to shoot), and I EVENTUALLY made it home.

Weather-wise... we had some plentiful rain yesterday that was nice. More coming... the SPC actually has "see text" for me for tomorrow. Low probability of severe stuff, but we could get something, mostly wind. A nice little MCS has formed over the Gulf States to my west... that has put a slight risk over southern Mississippi and Alabama. For me, rain ahead until the weekend. Looks like Friday night is the first break in the action. Plentiful rain... we need it, so I am not complaining. It's just so dreary.

Good news is that I won $10, thanks to my Red Sox. All is well with the world, as my team (I'm such a huge fan, right?) has made it to the World Series, so the Sox will take on the Rox for the series. How cute is that?! Did I mention that Chris Daughtry, who happened to hold my hand is a Red Sox fan?! Shameless, I know.

Ciao, folks.


  1. Since my career revolves around mapping, I must say this about GPS programs and equipment in cars....The data is only as good as how frequently the companies update and acquire their data! Most times they can be 2+ years behind in there accuracy. So with that said be very careful and research the product you are about to purchase. Not just about the GPS equipment but the other data it uses. They are a great tool to use but just remember its limitations. Good Luck Hunting.

  2. Sounds to me like I have an expert standing by... I am clueless on this stuff, so I will be depending on you and the others for help. Happy almost birthday. ;-)

  3. Check with Smitty. I would like to replace my older unit with one like his!!

  4. Wow, Cool tank picture!!!! The video brought back good memories for me although I can't hear what they are saying because of your music.

  5. I love Mike's GPS. It saved us in Berlin. Really a great little system, and it didn't really cost all that much from what I understand.

    Mr. X, Thanks! I think the tank was in Fort Valley, GA. As for viewing the video, if you go to my Dew Tunes section in the sidebar and double click pause, you can hear the video better.

  6. Wow... sounds like an adventure Jenn.
    My hubby got me the TomTom ONE GPS for my b-day, and it is pretty good. Nothing fancy since I don't have all the bells & whistles (premium features.) I guess it gets the job done. My dad got some kind of Magellan GPS, and I actually like his a little better.

  7. A lot to take in... I am sure I will find something... Anything is better than my current system...

  8. Gorgeous pictures, your mishaps always seem to turn into beautiful opportunities of some kind. If only we could all be so lucky! BTW--Mapquest has only failed me I am paranoid!

  9. Thanks, Annie! What situation in life doesn't lean itself to a photo op...? I always have my camera ready. Any moment that makes you smile, is a moment worth photographing. I prefer That site rocks!


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