The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, October 15, 2007

Head still in the clouds...

Did I happen to mention that Chris Daughtry held my hand...? I am still up in the clouds, and I downright refuse to come down. That's my prerogative. What an awesome experience! Anyone not familiar with his music should check it out if they have a rocker flair... Cool stuff. When I kept walking into that arena, past all the smiling fans who thought they had awesome seats, my heart just boomed in my chest. Ok, ok, enough about that... for now.

One thing that was specifically on my list of things to check out while I was at the fair was the photography contest. Carolina Mike and I have challenged each other to enter next year, and I wanted to see what the competition was like. Excellent photography submissions. I have a whole year to get up a good selection to choose from. Expect to read more about that down the line. I paid particular attention to the judges' comments as I wandered around looking at the many, many submissions. I even found one pic of a pony "Dewing the Dew". I couldn't resist taking a pic of that. Not my work, folks, just a pic of a pic. I can't even give credit where credit is due... but it's simply too cool not to share.

Now, since this is a weather blog, let me get into a weather discussion. Looks like all the chasers who were gung ho on a big chase day got a whole lot of hail and wind, but there were no reports of naders. Oh well... You win some... and you lost some. The set up looked cool. Maybe there are some nice structure shots rolling around somewhere. Locally, we are buried under a surface high, which is generating some beautiful skies and nice crisp temps. I had a wonderful time mowing, edging and generating mini-dust devils with my blower. I even took care of some long over-due weeding, so now my arms are all scraped up. The good news is that no swings, toads, lawn ornaments, horseflies, anything else were injured in the yard maintenance process. The bad news is that I have another one of those large and scary uninvited guests behind my shed, and my exterminator isn't due for another week. Sigh... Looking ahead, chance thunderstorms enter into the forecast on Tuesday evening, as we look ahead to some convection in the western Caribbean possibly making its way up to my neck of the woods, but mostly west of here though. Real chances come later in the week as another cold front makes a dip down and tries to hang out for a while. With the available moisture there, we could have a nice event... they actually said...

It's only logical that something happens here at that time, since I will be in training up near Columbus. BTW, I took the sunrise pic this morning, right at the moment when Mini-Dew threatened to hide my camera. Apparently, it is cramping her style. lol

Tropical action this morning, though minimal, still made the map. There is one... count it ONE, area of interest in the GOM that they are watching for potential development. (I know it shows two, just ignore the one in the Western Caribbean...) Otherwise, this season looks to be almost over.

That's all I've got...


  1. Sheeesh Dew...Get a can of Raid and have a field day...;-P

  2. Are you kidding, I pay to let someone else take care of my pests. That thing would probably bully the can out of my hand and come after me...

  3. (slowly shaking head).....

  4. Did I ever tell you Diet Dew is my favorite drink ever...especially mixed with coconut rum...where'd I set that bottle down...

  5. Diet Dew and coconut rum...? A Dew rum rum rum, a Dew rum rum.

  6. I think my bug blog might even be scarier than your banana spider suprise! I agree that those spiders do look big enough sometimes to wrestle the can of raid from your hand. I've got some whoppers in my yard. I deal with that by staying inside! Isn't it ironic that you'd need an exterminator for an exterminator??? If they get too big, you'd almost need the Terminator instead (maybe that's why they keep coming back, your exterminator is not intimidating enough...I've always been afraid to kill spiders because it seems like when you kill one their family members come back for revenge in large numbers. I think there is a spider Mafia conspiracy or something. Watch your back Jenn, you have angered the spiders by putting out a contract on their beloveds. Perhaps your exterminator is in need of protective custody. I hope he doesn't have a family...)

  7. That bad boy was taken care of yesterday... I hadn't realized so much time had passed. An exterminator for the exterminator... you're a hoot.


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