The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beautiful fall days...

Yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day... sure, there was no severe weather, but oh my, beautiful outdoor weather. In fact, during my lunch hour, I decided that I would go out and explore, looking for a photo op (in true Dew fashion). It was a splendidly refreshing way to burn an hour and decompress a little, a nice reprieve from my concrete walls and paper piles. I drove... just drove... didn't really have a plan for where I was headed, I just hopped in my vehicle and went. I had my windows down and I was just driving... feeling that gentle breeze, enjoying the warmth of the sun's rays teasing at the perfect temps... a truly beautiful fall day. I came across a lovely canopy of majestic oak trees with dangling Spanish moss, adding some of that nostalgic southern charm. So, of course, I had no choice but to shoot a few there. The only problem I had was that the thought of returning to my desk and leaving that beautiful day on the other side of my wall was unbearable... so, I decided after a brief conversation with a dear friend that it would be better to delay work until the conditions were less perfect and take some "me" time to do a little bit of what I love. That type of therapy is refreshing for the soul. So, exploration time! What a perfect afternoon! I can't think of anything that might have made it better, except perhaps more time (and cough, cough a DSLR...) I rode all over the area, seeking out photographic spots. I LOVE doing that! I absolutely love photo excursions! The world around us is such a magnificent gift from God, so much eye candy, just waiting to be explored, captured, cherished. Yesterday was such an incredible day. The day belonged to Dew. As they say, carpe diem! Boy, did I ever seize yesterday... I even went to a nearby "hot dog stand" that had a sign that I had heard about... It read "DEW DR". The lighting in there was horrible, so my pic didn't come out, but after a quick conversation with the waitress, learned that it's a promo thing from a popular soda company. It's as good as mine... hopefully. If I get it, I will take a better pic of it, so I can show you. I wouldn't change a thing about yesterday. As for today... I went through my morning routine, right? I was driving through my neighborhood, leaving, driving slowly because most mornings, there are walkers getting in their morning walks, and I am not a fan of running over my neighbors. I'm cool like that, Chickadew (love the word, Jess) all the way. Well, a work truck comes barreling around the tight corner, apparently not paying much attention because HE WAS HEADED STRAIGHT FOR ME! I slammed on my breaks, and the dude was still coming at me, full speed. At the last minute, he must have looked up and realized that he was on course for a head on collision with me and thankfully swerved away. Good grief. That worked better than the coffee at waking me up...

Weatherwise, still have the cold front breathing down our necks, should arrive tonight. Temps across the south should plummet tomorrow. The cold front will carry with it a chance for some MUCH NEEDED rain and possibly even some isolated thunderstorms, but nothing severe is expected... of course (Dewvoid strikes again). Should be fairly gusty though, which will however drop off quicker than normal allowing for those temps to quickly fall. (Looks like more jacket weather for Mini-Dew. Awww, mom!) I am so glad that I got out and enjoyed that beautiful weather while it was there. The cold front will begin to lose its umph in time for the weekend, when temps will return to a more climatologically sound, 70, with partly sunny skies. Looks like a nice weekend ahead after a cold start on Saturday...



  1. Beautiful stuff Dew! What a day! It sure beats being in the doctor's ofice most of the day!

  2. Thanks, Mike. It was truly a fabulous day! A meso a day keeps the doctor away. Hope everything is ok...

  3. It will be ok. Severe headaches that were apparently brought on by high blood pressure. DSLR???

  4. Couldn't be all the stress you've been dealing with...? I hope you got it all under wraps. Gotta watch that BP.

    DSLR - Digital Single-Lens Reflex (camera of my dreams... and Meso Magnet Mike "might" end up selling me his when he upgrades.)

  5. cool...I NEED a new camera...

  6. Since mine is just a WANT at this point and Meso Magnet Mike has decided against selling his, I am stuck for now with what I've got... I have higher priorities anyway... laptop, GPS... new car...

  7. I do not have a working camera
    :( ....may not be a survival need, but I have to record things for my boys, if nothing else!

  8. Nice shots. I love the smoke stack.. :)

  9. Very productive day. Beautiful shots, Dew.

  10. Great pics awesome thoughts. I wish my job was that lenient! Did you notice how the change in color totally changed the mood of the road canopy pics, from peaceful to spooky!?

  11. Mike, YES, YOU DO NEED A CAMERA!!!!! I can't imagine not having one at all... it breaks my heart.

    Beth Ellen, thanks! It was such a thrilling adventure. I like the smoke stack shot, too. :-)

    Rick, extremely productive! I had a wonderful time. Thanks for the compliment. :-)

    Annie, Thanks! I'll make up for it today... I expect to put it some hours this evening. As long as I get my work finished, you know? I love using sepia and black and white to change the feel of a shot. The newer version has a natural setting, which is a softer sepia... I love that. I hope to get out some this weekend and shoot the color change. We'll see what happens. Mini-Dew might not be all that cooperative.

  12. and the award for master blogger goes too.....Chickadew!!
    Great day! great pics! greak Blog!!


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