The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beautiful landcapes...

OK, so I am walking by the TV to come into my computer room to blog, and on the TV is "Charlie and Lola", some show on Playhouse Disney that Mini-Dew is enduring in eager anticipation of yet another airing of "Ice Princess" which she will now be seeing for the umpteenth time. Moot point... my reason for sharing all that is that "Charlie and Lola" today has severe weather. Lola started out scared because of the thunder and Charlie was assuring her that everything was OK... then, it started hailing... the last line in the show... "It's only weather, Charlie." Only weather... If only I had some weather... perhaps, soon.

Yesterday, driving home, I noticed something... after having seen a very low subsidence inversion at the 950 (near the surface) on the Skew T,

Subsidence Inversion - A temperature inversion that develops aloft as a result of air gradually sinking over a wide area and being warmed by adiabatic compression, usually associated with subtropical high pressure areas.
I was able to see the impact of that. It was cool (interesting-wise and temperature-wise). People had fireplaces and burn piles going (I know, to heck with the red flag warning, right?) Anyway, that low ceiling, trapped the smoke down at the surface and with the sun setting all around it, it created some neat landscape... so, much to Mini-Dew's dismay, I stopped to shoot a few... you know me...See? ...a beautiful blanket of hazy smoke hovering at the surface... lovely.

Today, the freeze warning earned itself. When I awoke to let the doggone dog out at 7:30, the thermometer read 27 degrees, and there was a thin sheet of frost on the ground, so I hopped back into bed under my mountain of covers. When I started writing this blog, temps had already climbed to 66. Looks like yet another beautiful fall day. I will be opening windows while I clean today. Then, it's off to see a movie with Mini-Dew. Temps are going to slowly come up. Should be a beautiful weekend. I am off to clean.



  1. This time of year is considered fire season in Oklahoma. In my world, I call it sunset season.

    As you know, smoke does wonderful things to enhance a sunset. Out here in central OK the sunsets are pretty nice all the time but any time smoke comes between the lense and the sun, the result is priceless.

    It has been a pretty wet year (wettest on record I believe) so fires have been suppressed which is good for property damage, crops and whatnot.
    I'll just keep an eye out for your sunset photos and wait for a drier year in OK!

  2. Those are really beautiful skies. I always learns something about weather when I come here. :)

  3. Thanks Steve. I hope to catch some great sunsets over the holidays... perhaps do a little exploration, in true Dew fashion. The optimal would be some severe stuff, but I'll chase whatever... Sunset season, such a nice way to look at it...

    Beth Ellen, Now, that was a compliment. You learn something about weather from my blog... Beth Ellen, you have made my day, and it's a Monday, so that couldn't have been more perfectly timed. The skies have been wonderful as Steve pointed out.


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