The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, December 07, 2007

Tornado strikes Wisteria Lane.... Desperate for ratings is more like it...

Let me just start by saying that I watched that Desperate Housewives episode that Annie told me about, which had a tornado strike Wisteria Lane. I couldn't believe the drama generated by a tornado watch. People were taping up windows. People were carrying disaster supply kits up and down the road. People were frantically seeking out shelter, finding their designated safe rooms (which were, of course, subsequently inhabited by psychotic ex-mistresses), imposing themselves and their families in the neigbor's basement (of the only house, apparently to be destroyed), cramming into hidden crawl spaces... I can't imagine panicking like that everytime the SPC offers up a tornado watch. Holy cow. Of course as the weather deteoriated throughout the day, it was more reminiscent of a hurricane than a tornado, but that's more dramatic, I suppose. People didn't realize the tornado was there, however, until it was destroying the next street over, yet for almost the entire episode, they were talking about the tornado that was coming to Wisteria Lane... later on. eye roll. I did get a chuckle out of the entrepreneurial kid selling bottled water for $20 a bottle during the tornado watch. Are the people in LA really that clueless? Do they not do research on reality? It really killed my confidence in how the "Twister Sisters" show might have edited out. Oh my goodness! A tornado watch!!! We're all goners!!! sigh.

I have an interesting story from yesterday. During my lunch hour, I stopped in an "abandoned parking lot" to shoot these awesome contrails that filled the sky (and see the sun dog in the upper left corner of the shot? :D ). Well, I finish up and am leaving the parking lot, when this serious redneck pick up with the gigantic tires, lift kit and no muffler cranks up his motor and comes barreling out of the parking lot after me. I didn't see him reach for the rifle on his gun rack, and no shots were fired... so I made it unscathed.... but great googaly moogaly, that scared the bejeebers out of me. I love the contrail shot though, so it's all good.

Weather is boring, so I will withhold comment.

Toodles-Dew! TGIF!


  1. My daughter and I love seeing contrails. What is a sun dog? :)

  2. I got a kick out of your description of this show. Who are these moronic writers. These are the same people that are on strike? Are they that clueless or do they think we are? None have them have probably ever been in a tornado watch because they haven't "debased" thenselves enough to set foot anywhere besides LA or NY. We are just "flyover country" to them. Sorry for the rant, I couldn't help myself!

    As for the photo, thanks for braving the rednecks to capture that for us Dew! The sad thing is my boys aspire to be driving one of

  3. Beth Ellen, Aren't they phenomenal! As for Sun Dogs... to quote the cloud poster, the guys gave me,

    Sun Dog - Bright spots of colored light on either side of the sun at 22 1/2 degrees, and at the sun elevation, produced by refraction of light through ice crystals. (Basically, they are rainbow-like occurences.)

    Mike, loved your rant. I feel the same way. As for your boys... shaking my head.

  4. Well, this may be where those guys reside:

  5. Mike, that is a riot!!!!

  6. Scary how close that strikes home... Who has been walking around my neighborhood with a camera (j/k)

  7. I can almost hear the banjos...

  8. I thought the same thing about the show...the guys were duking it out in the front yard and then happened to notice the tornado AFTER a car nearly dropped on them....wouldn't a tornado be kind of loud and send a few more signals than simply flying cars? Then they look at the thing and keep fighting!!!!! Can you imagine? "Oh my God! We are about to be blown away, maybe I can get in one more punch!" LMAO And how'd you like the lady getting sucked out of the doorway, but no furniture from inside was sucked out with her? ROFLMAO I still love that show, we all need a little ridiculousness (sp?) in our lives. Here Tornado watch means: go to work anyhow...not prep for the storm of the century--don't think tape on windows helps much when vehicles get thrown through them.

  9. Stupid show to begin with...should have been named 'hooker housewives'..that would have been more appropriate...

    Hey, we got rain in the forecast for the next 7 days! ...YES!

  10. Annie, it was definitely laughable... all of it. I had stopped watching the show, but I just couldn't resist the tornado episode.

    Michael, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel. Would you mind sharing some of that rain??? lol Enjoy. Talked with the CoCoRahs coodinator for FL. Looks like GA will be up and running in Spring 08.


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