The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pile-up near Tampa and Colorado comes east!

Probably most of you have heard by now about the 70 car pile up that occurred early yesterday morning on I-4 just outside of Tampa, FL in Polk County. Dangerous and deadly dense fog was to blaim in this massive and fatal devastation. After watching the video of the wreckage, it is amazing to me that there were only 3 reported deaths resulting from the carnage I saw; however, many were injured in the horrific wreckage. When you watch the video showing how dense the fog was, it is no surprise that such a horrific scene could unfold. More information about the accident on January 9 is avaiable at this link. Sadly, one of the first responders was one of the victims. It truly is amazing footage. Locally, our fog near my house this morning was bad, yet we were under another dense fog advisory. Accidents, like the one that occurred yesterday really demonstrate how dangerous driving in fog/smoke is. Meso Mike and I had a conversation several days ago about the classification of fog as severe weather. It can definitely contribute to dire consequences.

Aside from that, all eyes are on the Tennessee/Mississippi/Alabama area, as the SPC has outlined this area with a slight risk, including some threat for scattered supercells capable of producing tornadoes and damaging winds. There is even talk of upgrading this risk to moderate. Alabama and Tennessee Mikes should be keeping their eyes to the sky today. Checking out GR, I was surprised to see Tony Laubach in Alabama?! Tony, you're not in Colorado anymore... SDS must be bad!! Welcome to the hills of North Alabama, man! Looks like he's nowcasting... so please check out his site. Tony will be one of the chasers on the "Twister Sisters" show next week.

Locally, timing for this area has shifted to... drum roll... Friday... Did I not say that would happen? Who needs radiosondes and weather balloons, forecasting models and meteorology degrees when you've got the unfailing, dedicated Dewvoid in place? I will be leaving for Tampa right after work... of course, you know what that means... thunderstorms forecasted for South Georgia. Good grief.

That's it for me today. I have a very busy day ahead.



  1. Thanks for the link to Tony's blog...I'm stuck in this office, but if I can get out early I will. Things will be bad in West Alabama today...

  2. The part that stinks is that I am not available at all today for support. I have the Relay for Life Kickoff all evening, and work all day. If you make it out, be safe!!!

  3. If your going to be in Tampa this wknd, you still might have a chance to see some rotating updrafts. :-)

  4. Jeff, perhaps you haven't been paying attention... lol

  5. LOL! I guess I have not. Models already trending weaker with storms on sat-sun in FL. They must of added the Dewvoid coordinates to the latest model runs.

    Have fun in Tampa, enjoy the warm weather.

  6. LOL, Jeff!!! Those Dewvoid coordinates are the key to the model forecasting.

    Reports from friends and family indicated that storms tracked well to my NE, to my east and to my SW, but I had beautiful (?) clear weather at my location where I was stranded, unless I could convince a cabby to chase hail cores with me... lol


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