The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, March 21, 2008

Earthquakes and flooding and skies, oh my!

Anyone hear about the earthquakes that occurred earlier today in China? Homes tumbled to the ground... sad. It's not surprising that you didn't hear about it... I couldn't find anything about it on the regular CNN website, but my dear CNN friend who writes for CNN International shared the news with me in my personalized world news update. Thanks, Courtney! They don't just tell the overly dramatic and big shock media stories, they tell what is happening.

(This AP photo links to the CNN source, but I think it is a good depiction of the popular campaign by the National Weather Service boasting, "TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN!") Anyways, a little closer to home, we have major snow storms in the northern states, with some areas approaching record snowfall values for a season, near 100 feet in parts... we have some devastating flooding in the central US, where, though rains have stopped, melting snow and excessive rainfall earlier in the week has caused/will cause several rivers to rise to major flood stage, at some points 25 feet over flood stage, some of the WORST flooding since the 1800's!!!... Let's explore this flooding story today... that is definitely a story of interest and relevance for this blog...
At least 16 deaths have been linked to the weather over the past few days, and at least two people were missing.
The pictures of the flooding coming in out of Missouri are shocking. The number of flood warnings in Missouri is unbelievable.
"Overall moisture is unprecedented for this time of year over an area that extends over 1,000 miles"
President Bush has actually declared a major disaster in Missouri, ordering federal agencies to assist the impacted areas. Levees have already started to be breached causing many residents to have to evacuate to higher ground.

Mini-Dew will be returning from a field trip that she took to Atlanta this week. They spent an action packed three days up in that tornado damaged city this week, starting in the downtown area at the Aquarium, which is within an easy walk of the CNN building, Olympic park, Westin Peachtree Plaza and other areas devastated by the March 14th tornado. She was excited to have an opportunity to take some photographs of the damage for my blog, but she said I will need to say that she took them.(That's my girl... already asking for a by-line) When it first happened, we didn't know how the tornado would impact the field trip, but she was quite relieved to learn that they would be going, just skipping the picnic in the debris strewn park and the tour of the Georgia Dome was dropped from the itinerary. I am anxious to see her pics.

Oops, almost forgot sky watch... again... Sky Watch Friday. Check out Tom's site for info on how to play... Tom has been filling in for Dot, while she takes a break from it for a while. Great shots, guys! Here is mine... Happy Spring, y'all!Happy Friday!


  1. These are stunning photos. Thanks for the scoop about China. I didn't know.

    God bless.

  2. Thanks, Sandy! It's my pleasure to share that stuff... have to do my part to help people be weatherwise. :O)

    God bless you, too!

  3. Stunning Skywatch pic!
    Your blog is always so interesting. Look forward to Mini-Dew's pics as well.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  4. Thanks, Carletta! I am glad you find my blog interesting! I love sharing my weather passion with others. I hope Mini-Dew gets some good ones.

    You too, have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I didnt know either. Great swf sky shot.

  6. You're welcome, John. Guess it didn't make news anywhere. Sheesh. Thanks. I think I took that shot back in July of 06.

  7. Oops... my mistake. It was October of 2006.

  8. Our backyard had a river in it but it is now gone. I like your choice of photos for today.

    Have a nice Easter holiday weekend.

  9. Haven't heard about the quake. How terrible!
    Enjoyed your pictures!

  10. Very interesting post, excellent done.

    Beautiful sky watch photo.

  11. HAd you forgoten SKY WATCH and we would have missed a couple of amazing photos.
    Easter Greetings.

  12. Gorgeous photos! Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

  13. Mr. Lincoln, Glad your river has receeded. Thanks for the compliment. Enjoy the Easter holiday.

    Dot, Glad to have you back. Glad you enjoyed the pics. No one knew about the earthquake, not even my friend in Hong Kong. They are all watching the riots in Tibet where many folks have died, sadly.

    Daniel, Thanks a bunch. I love keeping this blog, and I love to shoot pics of the sky, so it's the perfect fit.

    Quintarantino, so glad I didn't forget! LOVE YOUR SETTING SUN SHOT!!

    Kuanyin, Thanks! Happy Spring and A very Happy Easter!!!

  14. Amazing post and photos!

    Happy Easter and Spring to you!

  15. Thanks so much and back at you!!!

  16. Yep, heard about the earthquake.

    Excellent photos as usual. Never expect anything less from you... you are very good at photography.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  17. Ironic title for this blog, considering I just turned on The Wizard of Oz right before reading it...Mini Dew went to Atlanta for three days without you?! I think that would have freaked me out. Cool shots as always and tell mini-dew I'll be her agent and we will sell you the pictures she took for a nominal!

  18. I too didn't know about it. Sad seems like there is devastation all over,
    Beautiful flowers, what are those red ones?

  19. Carole, Thanks a bunch, girl! Every shot of the sky is great! Capturing it is an honor.

    Michele, You heard about it?! Good. I guess real news does make it out there. Dittos to you on the terrific photography. I need to add Canada to my list of things to "dew". Your pics have inspired that. Hope is your weekend is wonderful as well.

    Annie, How ironic! LOL! Mini-Dew has been away for various camps. She is a confident and self-assured little lady. I have no worries, and she loved the trip. She said that she got a picture of the hardest hit building there. I look forward to developing those shots. As for selling me her pics, get in line, I am already having to purchase her artwork from the school...

    Lili and Nevada, So tragic, I know. Sorry if I depressed you. The red ones are actually some vine-like weed that is incredibly sticky and annoying, but it produces the most beautiful flowers, so it's not all bad. :O)

    Luiz, Thanks so much!!!

  20. I can't belive I did not comment yesterday.. I came by and read this as well.. what a great post and a great Sky Watch picture as well.

    Sorry I messed up.

  21. Oh, yeah! Spring will be very welcome here. We got more snow on thursday:( and spring got "on hold". But soon...maybe!
    great SWF shot!

  22. Tom, well, I am glad you stopped back by. I am glad you liked it. No worries.

    Petunia, I hate it that you are having to deal with so much snow... ewww. Thanks!

    Luiz, Back to you!!!


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