The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flooding in the Central States, Severe Weather Headed for the Southeast

Several big stories in weather today... first of all, the rain, rain and more rain that fell and continues to fall with this approaching system is causing all sorts of problems in several states. I saw this map on TWC this morning, which is published by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MO DOT). Of course, they listed the source site incorrectly... You know, I am getting so aggravated with the inaccurate information that rapidly disseminates... fortunately, my CNN friend Courtney, has kindly offered to send me periodic "important news" updates... such a dear. Anyways, I was shocked by the information they shared about road closures associated with the astronomical rainfall totals, which are just through the roof, almost 12 inches of rain in parts of Missouri... (the photo to the right is an AP photo taken by Mark Schiefelbein found on a blog) 10 inches of rainfall was reported in Cape Girardeau on the CoCoRaHS website. Well, with those outrageous rainfall totals, you can imagine how bad flooding is, and tremendous rainfall spans all the way to New England! Unfortunately, there have been 2 flood-related fatalities.

Also, as part of that system, during yesterday's portion, 2 tornadoes were reported... one in Corpus Christi, TX. This has been an exceptionally tornadic year. I really hope that this trend does not continue to follow the typical trend because we are so far above average.With 462 tornadoes so far in 2008, we have almost had half of all the tornadoes we usually have in an entire year, and we are ONLY halfway through March. Folks, we have not even reached the "peak tornado season". Granted, the graphic is based on local storm reports, which overestimates the number of actual tornadoes, and it definitely exceeds confirmed tornado counts since many tornadoes aren't ever fully realized because they cannot be rated due to a lack of damage... (the ideal tornadoes), but the trend is very close to accurate. It's shocking.

Now, for today, the slight risk for severe weather has once again been expanded, and I have almost been drawn out of it. Already a lengthy squall line is developing and cutting through Alabama and the Panhandle of Florida. Locally, I am seeing sunshine, which should boost our shot at instability, which shouldn't be too plentiful for this weather event elsewhere. The current concern is the expectation that damaging winds will accompany this line. The embedded cells within the squall line are racing across the country at speeds in excess of 60 knots. This system is MOVING!!! and should be here before we know it. I will keep one eye on that as it tracks across the southeast. I can already hear the strong winds crashing against the side of my building.

I will update if something happens.

Update 2:45: Just got word from my non-storm chasing friend, Michael... that in the March 14th downtown Atlanta tornado the 72-story Westin Peachtree Plaza was moved a couple of feet (along with many of the windows). Here is a link to the story. They got a manager saying,

"It's designed to move a couple of feet and I think it did... (chuckling)."
It's in the video. Very interesting. So, yes, the tornado shifted the Westin a couple of feet... weird.

Also, locally, we have been placed under a Wind Advisory. They are saying that 40-45mph gusts are expected. Wow.



  1. Remind me never to visit the peachtree plaza...I'm not into being in "shifted" buildings. Now that it is shifted, what will happen next time if it has already reached full shift potential? Scary. I hope this crappy weather doesn't screw up my honey moon. I have LOTS of outdorr stuff planned. We are supposed to have severe weather here tonight. I hope it is good weather for easter, egg dye runs so bad in the rain!

  2. That tornado trend line is amazing. Wow. Was expecting a storm event here tonight so I could go out and shoot some photography. Didn't happen. Dewvoid!!!!


  3. You really should work for the NWS!

  4. Annie, that is an excellent and scary point. I know the last time that I stayed at the Westin, I was unnerved by the sway that could be felt on the higher floors. It actually gave me vertigo staying in that place.

    I hope your honeymoon won't be ruined by the weather...

    Mikey, Now, you can't go blaming all things weatherless on the Dewvoid... lol Sorry you didn't get your lightning... if it's any consolation, neither did I... heck, I only got .13" of rain during this one.

    Mike, wow, thanks!

  5. That would be a dream job, Mike. I just don't think going to back to school right now is in the cards... you understand, right??

  6. So mainland uk had a teeny weeny little earthquake and the whole country came to a standstill. Think they should be taking a look at your blog to get some persepcetive.

    You have some amazing photos, and eve n more amazing weather.

  7. Thanks, Babooshka!! I think every area has weather that they are used to, and then there is the out of the norm. A snow flurry here would shut us down, where up north, they proceed as normal when they have a blizzard, just differences in acclimation. Thanks for the compliments!!


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