The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, April 11, 2008

More severe weather forecasted... not here.

Well, as it turns out, there was a tornado outbreak yesterday... but it happened outside of the moderate risk area, still within the area of slight risk for severe weather, as defined by the mets at the SPC. At this time, of the 16 tornadoes reported yesterday,6 have been confirmed. Iowa, Illinois and Missouri were the areas of action yesterday. Chasing in Iowa... ewww... Been there, done that. It's no fun, and it brings up bad memories of chasing a wall cloud ACROSS THE ENTIRE STATE OF IOWA!!! It never produced. Grr... On the plus side, I got to hear my first tornado siren (no, folks, no tornado sirens in my neck of the woods... how sad is that?), and I got to experience the fabulous winery in Amana, Iowa... Back to what I was talking about though... oh yes, tornadoes. We are still seeing the trend line for tornado reports this year, well above the average, and again, we are headed into what is typically the very active tornado season, so we shall see what happens.Today, there is actually another area of slight risk identified by the SPC. Alabama Mike is in the area where they are already experiencing a busted cap this morning, and the intensity is expected to increase as the morning continues. The greatest tornado threat for Alabama will be early in the day, but the threat for tornadoes and severe weather exists up into Ontario for today.

Sky Watch Friday is upon us again. Since I am always watching the sky, it doesn't sound like much of a challenge for me, does it? Please check out Tom's site for rules and to play... Well, I took some sky shots yesterday, and only one came out halfway decent, so I decided to botch that idea and post a pic from my chasecation since so many people have been telling me that they have been seeing me on the Twister Sisters tv show this past week, which I was filming when I shot this pic on June 6, 2007, not too far from Kyle, SD. This pic is of the most incredible shelf cloud I have EVER seen! With its approach, I was able to experience my first straight line wind event. The suspected 70 mph winds stirred up dust and sand to create complete grey out conditions, which completely covered us in sand and overturned a semi truck down the road.

That and my funnel clouds in my awesomely photographable were my favorite events of that spectacular chasecation.

This weekend, another adventure lies in store for bf and I. I hope to have some great "barn dance" photos to share from that. We are traveling to the Tampa area for my dear San Antonio... FL friend's wedding reception. When I told Mini-Dew about the reception, she said, "Dear San Antonio... FL friend's GETTING MARRIED?!" I said, "Well, she is already married. She got married in January. She eloped. She just got back from her honeymoon, and the reception is tonight." Mini-Dew responded, "She did that all wrong! You're supposed to have the reception right after the wedding, and then you leave for the honeymoon in the messed up car." lol Anyway, that's my weekend. Hope everyone has a great one! Any chasers hanging in for day 3, be safe!



  1. Great capture of photos. Looks like a big storm coming your way. Hope you get out of it. We're suppose to get thunderstorms here later on tonight.

  2. Your shelf cloud is awesome and one to be surely proud of!
    Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

  3. Thanks, lv2scpbk . The storm should miss me, but it has been a wild year so far.

    Michele, I am very proud of that shot. It was incredible. I hope you are recovering well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You can't get anything past these kids!

  5. Thanks, Rose!

    Mike, that's the doggone truth!!!

  6. Excellent post, excellent picture.

  7. Thanks, Daniel and thanks!

  8. This shelf cloud is awesome but I guess it's better seeing it then feeling it!

  9. That is beautiful i never know what clouds are called so this is interesting.

  10. To see that Shelf Cloud on Sky Watch is such a thrill. I've neverseen one of this at all before.. I bet that good.. made you feel alive and wanting more..
    Cheers Dewdrop for this.


  11. Both were pretty spectacular, Quintarantino!!! Nothing like feeling the raw, untamed power of nature. Storms amaze me!

    Lilli, I am so glad you have been able to learn about weather here. "Turning the world into weather geeks, one person at a time..."

  12. Wow, Tom. What an honor it is for you to say that!!! Thanks. It was incredibly thrilling to experience such a phenomenal weather event. Left me wanting more, much, much more!!!

  13. Great shots! :)
    Interesting and fun.
    I can see that you have a special interest in the weather.
    Enjoy yourself. :)

  14. Thanks a bunch, Ida... am I that obvious? LOL! Yes, I LOVE the weather.

  15. Boy Dew you sure are popular!
    Guess what its been a year now since you found me throw Jeff's site. I think i'm gonna have to start playing sky watch friday, looks like fun! Have a great weekend!

  16. I always look for your name every Friday - I really need to remember to drop by more often and I just bookmarked you so I wouldn't forget.
    The pic - THIS is what you do ;)
    Awesome shot of that shelf cloud!
    Mini-dew sounds like a real cutie!
    Stay safe.

  17. Neat site you have. Love that shot. Having family in Oklahoma, I am very interested in tornado info. Day before yesterday was pretty bad there.

  18. Bad weather threatening here. Tornado watch until 10p.
    Enjoyed your post and appreciate your visits to my blog.

  19. WOW! I'm in Missouri and I was outside yesterday trying to get some shots. I just couldn't help myself.

  20. That is an awesome and glorious cloud. What channel is Twister Sisters on? I tried to find it awhile back to no avail. Hmm...I'll try to check back here but haven't been feeling well.

  21. That top picture is a great capture, awesome. Your post is very interesting.

    By the way, we were under a tornado watch yesterday evening and into the night but we did not get any bad weather out of it. Just a little thunder and lightning and a nice amount of rain.

  22. wow

    I am glad we don't have those tornadoes here. (well, if we do, we never see them coming). That cloud is awesome and horrifying. Wonderful post.

  23. hey jenn,I was wrong it was last month a year ago we met. Thank you for getting me started with Blogger i just love it! Hope you are having a great weekend. I wish I could join in the plains this season, maybe next year!

  24. Hey there dewdrop,

    My name is Ashley... I live in London Ontario, Canada, Great lakes region. I am 21 years old, and I am also a "semi storm chaser" i guess... ive loved the weather ever since i was a little girl, about 6 years old?

    I live in the city, and my boyfriend lives in the boonies (country)... where its open and probably the best place to see severe storms or even tornadoes if they happen.

    I was also monitoring the severe weather outbreak from wed/thurs to friday, where a line of severe storms made it into Ontario from lower michigan friday night... about 9:30PM. there was intense lightning and maybe some hail, but for sure heavy rainfall. I was monitoring this situation since thr morning..... i was also very bad and missed the last four days of class hoping i would see something... and when the storm came last night, i was ASLEEP! can you believe that?

    anyway, i hope to hear from you, and it seems like you have some kinda network going on... if youre interested, ill inform you about southern ontario severe weather events, we do get a lot of storms and stuff

    hope to talk with you soon,


  25. Jess, You will love sky watch Friday's. It is great fun, and you get a chance to see skies all around the world. How perfect is that for us?! A year... wow! I'm so glad we are friends. Hope the search is going well for you.

  26. Marie, Thanks!

    Carletta, Wow. I am honored! I appreciate your interest, and you are so right -- THIS is what I do! I love it! Mini-Dew is a cutie, such a mind on her.

    Gardenpath, Thanks. I love blogging about weather. I am so passionate about it. Generally, anytime you are interested in knowing what's going on in weather, check out what's going on with your family's neck of the woods, you can stop on by!!! Certainly, I'll be blogging about it. My shelf cloud shot is my favorite from my chasecation!

    Dot, I was out of town, so I wasn't on top of the weather like I would have normally been, but I had a friend out in N. Albama chasing. I imagine you had that line a little later in the evening, hopefully more toned down...

    Misty Dawn, Ah, yes, another convert. I can't wait to see your shots. Just bear in mind that if you hear thunder, you are close enough to get struck by lightning. Missouri... a chaser's paradise.

    Beth, Thanks. I'm sorry you are under the weather. I hope you get well soon, and I hope your weather gets better so you can get back to doing what you love. I posted to your site, but Women's Entertainment TV is airing re-runs of Twister Sisters... no clue on the schedule.

    Andrea, Thanks! Yep, you and Dot are in the same general area. It was that squalled out mess that passed through Alabama. I would imagine Alabama tapped it of any energy. Glad you got the much needed rain.

    Jess, OVER A YEAR?! Awesome! I'm so glad you enjoy blogging. I'm glad we met, and I hope we'll be able to chase together soon. I had a great weekend... getting ready to download pics for a post.

    Ashley, Awesome! A Canadian chaser!!! Thanks for visiting. I have liked your blog, and I look forward to hearing all about the weather up there and getting to know you. I commented on your blog.

    Whew... I am going to blog now.

  27. That shelf cloud was amazing great's really exciting whenever there is a storm coming out and chasing it..It feels like you've always got that adrenaline rush keep on pumping..

    i'm also a weather enthusiast by the way and i also have a online weather community where in there are bunch of weather junkies there..and promet bloggers are also on the site..hope you guys check it out..

    the weatherman

  28. Thanks, Weatherman! It was definitely an adrenalin rush during that chase. It's too bad we missed seeing the tornado that day... so close, but yet...

    I will gladly check out your online weather community. I definitely fit the description. lol


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