The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Exploration... a Memorial Day trip to the park...

Don't you just love it when you have a "Monday" on a Tuesday... at least, it makes for a shorter week... grr...

I was watching TWC this morning, as I do most mornings, and I was listening in amazement as they read off some statistics from the outbreak over the past several days, a past several days which actually include today, as a mesoscale discussion just came through for the severe potential in Texas today... Anyways, The Parkersburg, Iowa tornado was one of the main stories today on TWC, as they reiterated that there were 222 homes gone, hundreds damaged, the area was left unrecognizable. There were 4 there that lost their lives and 2 nearby. This tornado had a 43 miles track!!! 43 miles! Unimaginable... I was also struck by the number of storm reports during the total of 7 day severe streak... 1,681 storm reports, Sunday being the most active day for storm reports in several years. According to the SPC reports... 14 people lost their lives in tornadoes on Sunday. How awful. Those impacted are in my thoughts and prayers...

Now, onto other things... pics from O'Leno State Park in Florida, as promised. We had a great day of exploration and fun. This next pic is of the suspension foot bridge over the Santa Fe River, which runs through O'Leno State Park and then underground... pretty cool. I just love the sign...Of course, it was nothing but a temptation for bf... A photograph of Cypress knees... there were many large areas of these...Then, just miscellaneous shots... it's not easy to focus on a spider in the woods, I'll have you know.I got an urgent broadcast notice for a severe thunderstorm watch up in most of New England... apparently, someone was asleep at the wheel... where did that come from?

Have a terrific non-Monday Monday!


  1. You've got some great pictures today!! And the eagle on Picture This is fantastic! I really like that bridge but not so sure I could get on it. I'm a fraidy cat when it comes to high places.

  2. Cool shots as always. He didn't really jump did he??? I like the cypress knees the best--not everyone would think of photographing that!

  3. Thanks, Dot. It wasn't so terribly high. You should have seen us shaking it for the kids while they ran across it... You would have panicked. You won't want to visit next week. I will be posting pics of a MUCH HIGHER activity we will be participating in... more to come. Glad you liked the Picture This photo. I loved it. I am excited about posting flower shots and really love your idea of changing it up every two weeks.

    Annie, Of course not... he follows directions... most of the time... well, sometimes anyways... He was just letting the boy in him do his thing. It was a ton of fun! As for the cypress knees... they were too cool not to shoot.

  4. Awesome photos! Luv the spider shot! That's what I would've done... I love zooming in on bugs. I can imagine that wasn't too easy.

  5. Great shots as always Ms. Dewdrop! :)I like the spider shot and the cypress knee! Very cool subjects! :D

  6. Michele, Thanks!!! It was super hard because I haven't really gotten a handle on macro, so I had to stand a ways away and zoom to get in close, and then try to find it AND focus on it... craziness. I don't even like spiders!

    Ice, Thank you much!!! They were cool subjects. I had seen cypress knees before but was never really phased by them until bf's kids were interested in them, and he explained what they were. Very cool stuff.


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