The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A local slight risk on the heels of crazy weather

Well, yesterday was certainly an interesting day, with a few tornado reports including one reported in the Woodstock/Holly Springs area in North Georgia, where radar showed a strong indication of something major going on, the one I showed radar images of yesterday, and people wrote in about what they heard about the area. The most impressive factor about yesterday's storm was the number of storm reports, 330 at this time. Fortunately, despite the large hail, significant wind and possibility of tornadoes, no critical injuries or fatalities were reported. I heard many reports of people getting in closets and basements.

Speaking of tornadoes and such, I found this graphic posted on the Peachtree City's National Weather Service site that gives a good glance at the 15 tornadoes now confirmed in that CWA alone during the Mothers Day tornado outbreak. You can click on the graphic for a link to the report... Also, the Darien, Georgia monster EF-4 tornado that occurred that same day is reported about here, which includes photographs of some of the damage in that area.

Today, has become an interesting day for me... as the SPC has hatched out a slight risk for severe weather over a small section of south Georgia and north Florida, right on top of ME! This places a whopping 2% chance of tornadoes and a better 15% shot at some hail, which I have my sights set on these days. If the timing is right (looking like this afternoon), I should be able to go out and play some. Mikey has already offered radar support, so here's hoping. Mikey caught some "wicked skies" yesterday as the system moved over southeast Virginia and a really awesome video capture of a close CG strike. Locally, the current environment is capped, but things should bust up later. Right now, there is a solid stratus deck destroying the process of potential destabilization... however, for early to mid-afternoon:

I just want to see hail before the 4th of July so Meso Mike's dad (when I see him that day) doesn't continue to pick on me about my NEVER having seen hail. It's good to have goals. :O)

Looking ahead... the plains are about to get slammed as a system moves in and basically plants itself in the midsection of the country. Here are the outlook shots. Thursday:Friday:Saturday/Sunday/Monday (looks like a wet and messy Memorial Day for some):Talk about bam... bam... bam bam bam. Craziness.

Well, in keeping with the typical afternoon excursion tradition, during my lunch yesterday, bf and I took a little trip to a nearby tilapia farm, managed by a friend of his. It was really fascinating seeing so many fish in one place, and it was amazing how high-tech the system was, with all the variables being sorted out by a computer for regulating feed, oxygen and bacteria. I learned so much. In each of 12 tanks, except one or two, there were approximately 8,500 tilapia at various stages of development. It was a fun and informative experience, and I was thrilled to go there... in true Dew fashion...I'll let you know if I go out... (big cheese grin)

1450EDT Update: We've got a severe thunderstorm watch and cells popping up in south Georgia... looks like show time.



  1. Let the Sun Shine break that cap, then get your batteries charged up.


  2. What sunshine...?

    They are charged though. :O)

  3. I laughed at your comment yesterday about us posting at the same time. Now you've got to quit using those big words with me (crepusculars) lol! Thank goodness for Google. We are in Haralson County and they warned us yesterday to take cover so we did but thankfully there were no tornadoes in our area.
    REally interesting post!

  4. (yawn) missed all the fun last night/this morning..;-)

  5. Never heard of Tilapia. Strange looking fish. Almost look like Sucker type fish because of the scales and the mouth but I am sure they must be popular food fish otherwise there would not be the need to "farm" them as I see here. It's a strange and odd environment for fish!
    Have a good day!

  6. Dot, I thought it was pretty ironic... great minds. I am glad you faired well in all that weather. I watched your warned storm cell while it was in Alabama. They were talking about it possibly being a tornado near Centre, AL, lots of damage up that way. Glad you were able to google your way through the crepusculars. Bf was excited to see them yesterday (5/21), while we were waiting for the hail that came right after we left. "Hey, those are those things you blogged about the other day!" Glad you enjoyed my post.

    Rick, I enjoyed my sleep. I hate that I missed 5/21's light show. I could see the tops, but I know the light show at the ground had to have been phenomenal!!! That puppy was lighting up the sky every second, and I am not exaggerating.

    Michele, Y'all don't eat tilapia up your way? It's a pretty plain flavored fish, which gives the cook a chance to add any flavors, while people can eat fish, without really tasting fish. Makes it a popular dish. I felt bad for them all cramped in the tank like that, but I guess it's like any other consumable living thing... they grow em as fast and cost efficiently as possible, and we eat em.

  7. Tilapia farms at lunch time...that would have just made me hungry!

  8. LOL, looking at all those faces staring at me, it was hard to think of them as food.


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