The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Vicious vandals and your weather update...

Indulge me for a minute while I rant about a horrible thing that Mini-Dew discovered yesterday. I was out in the backyard taking care of some stuff, and Mini-Dew decided to jump on her trampoline while I was out there. Well, of course she (being a southern child) walks out in her bare feet to the trampoline to jump on it, except when she gets to the trampoline, she discovered that it was covered (literally covered) in long wood screws and nails. They were all over it, so she grabbed a couple and walked over to show me and ask why they were on her trampoline. I went over to investigate, while she cleaned them off of the trampoline. They weren't only covering the trampoline, they were strewn all over the ground surrounding the trampoline. I was looking for them to pick them up to prevent children from potentially stepping on them while walking out to the trampoline, while grumbling about what kind of sick monster would do such a horrible thing. First of all, the perpetrator(s) was/were in my backyard, which is just awful, leaving me with a sense of being violated. They trespassed into my gated yard. Already (some weeks ago) vandals (probably the same punk(s)) sliced up the safety netting the encloses the trampoline, the net that is there to protect Mini-Dew and her friends while doing their tricks; cutting the net, unthinkable!!! As if all that wasn't bad enough, as I explored the area and path leading to the trampoline, I found broken pieces of a mason jar leading up to the trampoline, little shards of clear broken glass scattered along a barefooted walkway. Someone stole a jar of nails and screws from their father's shop, entered my backyard without invitation and vandalized my yard with sharp screws, nails and broken pieces of virtually impossible to see clear glass, around a play-thing that implies children with bare feet. What a terrible person! It is through God's grace that Mini-Dew did not get injured walking out to the trampoline yesterday, and I know that the person will be dealt with in God's way and time, but... UGH!

Mark 9:42 (New King James Version)
Jesus Warns of Offenses

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea."
Enough about that, let's move on, shall we? Be sure to check out my dust devil post from yesterday. I saw that puppy yesterday, and at a point, it was up about 100 ft into the air. My first large dust devil. It was completely awesome! Bf and I were thrilled watching it grow and approach us and cross the road directly behind the jeep. Very cool. Oh, btw, I fixed the video, thanks to hurricaneheardy111 and Alabama Mike's advice. Pardon the bad language...
Today, we see, yet another slight risk for severe weather. Once again, yesterday saw many hail reports, with a few tornado reports thrown in for good measure. You see that the entire state of Arkansas is covered with slight risk. The largest risk for tornadoes seems to exist in far northeastern Texas and southwestern Oklahoma. At this time, the cloud cover could inhibit necessary heating, but dewpoints were looking ripe this morning.
Large hail, damaging winds and a few tornadoes are in the forecast for today. For tomorrow, you know Thursday (the day I cannot storm chase), the slight risk area has been drifting southward toward me over the past couple of days. Looks like much of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina and the central portion of North Carolina are the targets for weather tomorrow, as an early afternoon event (perhaps some lunch time chasing if things dip down southward at all).
I'll keep everyone posted.



  1. That really stinks. I wish you had a security cam.

  2. That need arises, you'd better believe I will!

  3. Geeze, that's horrible. I'm sorry. It's pretty sad that someone would take the time and effort to deliberately go out and hurt people like that. I just cannot understand the actions of people like that. What goes on in their minds. I can only tell you it really disturbs me to read this... really I can. :(

  4. I know you can, Michele. Child abuse is wrong on every level. Innocent victims of the horribly evil acts of individuals with a messed up mentality. It's good that we don't understand.

  5. I hope you called the cops or whatever and filed a report. You could try locks on your gates. Make sure your blinds are pulled and you might want to think about real curtains. I don't know who they are but, they are too close.

  6. It really saddens me to think someone could do this.. the worrying thing is it was not a random act but a thought out one. There was 'intent to harm'.
    I hope you have reported it.. the police might not be able to do anything now, but it will be on record... Make sure that anything else no matter how small needs is reported as well. The time might come when you defend yourself from these attacks. The ones already repoted on you and your family will play a part in the out come. You will be more able to show 'justifiable cause of concern' in your actions. I hope it never ever happens but be aware of where this could lead.

  7. I had the cop come over, but nothing can be done. I in the process of putting locks on the gate. Curtains...? huh?

    I agree. They are WAY too close.

  8. I've got the police on the way. Thanks Tom and T (Teresa?). I hadn't considered that as something I should do, but I can see where the need might arise.

  9. That is a very scary story Dew and it made my blood boil. How can anyone target a child like that!!! Please take the advice above and report this to the police and be very diligent in protecting your family. I'm so sorry to here you have to deal with something like this. I would definitely get a webcam up and have it go active when motion is detected. If they are this brazen then they will be dumb enough to come back. Once they are on video you will have them!


  10. Well, the police just left. He took all of the information, and will file a report. BF also suggested a webcam. I might need to do that. Punk kids. How awful!

  11. Very scary indeed. We had mailbox vandals here a while ago, but coming in the yard like that is just awful! So glad she was not hurt.

  12. Well whoever did that wasn't raised well by his/her parents... :( Glad no one get hurt with those screws and broken glasses...

  13. Ice, it's a shame about how some children are these days, just completely out of control. How do we fix it?

  14. I cant beleive that somebody would do that how horrible!
    I love the dust devil shot now your up one on me I have yet to see one.


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