The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boy Scout Camp Ravaged by a tornado during Tornado Outbreak yesterday evening

Sky Watch Friday post time!!! It worked out well posting it on Thursday and since I am leaving for Miami this afternoon/evening... I'd better get posted. (Please visit our host, Tom's blog to participate in Sky Watch Fridays. So much fun!!! I highly recommend it!) Today's Sky Watch Friday Shot is a shot at my sky yesterday... When I stepped out of my office yesterday, I knew that the environment was ripe for some action... The juicy cumulus stacks were climbing high into the sky, filling in all the available sky with convection... I went to my last pain and torture appointment (long story) and went to pick up Mini-Dew for some quick shopping before her practice... While we were shopping, I noticed things were getting rather ominous outside, and I suggested we hurry to miss the rain. Well, we weren't so lucky. As we were checking out at the registers, the leading edge of the storm, with its ferocious wind and torrential downpour, swept in, tossing carts around, knocking down trees, and even tearing down a barn. I heard reports of nickel sized hail. We ran through the slower point in the rain and some less frequent lightning to the car to get on our way. It was wild and crazy with some insane scud dipping down, very LOW cloud bases. It was eerie. As it turns out, it was a significant squall-like event, feeding in off the Atlantic... east to west mover... weird. Apparently:

"It was definitely straight line winds, but what we had happen was the sea breeze boundary from the Gulf coast, an outflow boundary from the north and another one from the east (well ahead of the East Coast sea breeze) collided over Echols County causing a rapid intensification of the storms over Lowndes County. Then, when the East Coast sea breeze caught up later over western Lowndes and into Brooks county, it further strengthened again. This happens sometimes in the summer and can lead to rather strong storms in the afternoon hours." ~Kelly
Cool stuff, huh? Here is a link to the imagery for that. Thanks, Kelly.

Unfortunately, sadly and tragically, I have a top story today. It broke my heart last night watching the coverage of the impact of the tornado that hit the Little Sioux Scout Camp in Iowa, which killed 4 scouts, ages 13 and 14, and injured 48 others. Apparently, the cell was tornado warned for 15 minutes, but the sirens had only gone off for a couple of minutes before the tornado was on top of them. The boys sought refuge under picnic tables, in ditches. The story is horrifying. I can't imagine the intense fear these boys felt as they were experiencing this terror first-hand, a true lesson in survival... how the adults responsible for them felt, charged with keeping them safe... on top of that, wondering about their families at home without any ability to check on them due to poor cell reception in the valley they were camping in... the parents, family and friends at home... not knowing the well-being of their children... listening to the story unfold on the news, the horrific fear that your child could be among the 4 fatalities, or as in early reports, one of potentially 40... or worse... learning that your child WAS among those taken by the vicious storm. My heart-felt prayers go out to all of those impacted. My heart aches for those who have lost family or friends, children under your care. (Click here for a link to the official report from the National Weather Service in Omaha/Valley, NE.) Thanks to team mate Mikey for the updates last night.

If that were all, it would be horrible as it is... but there were actually a total of 52 tornado reports yesterday, including two additional fatalities... (click here for the report about the northeast Kansas tornadoes...) not to mention, it all occurred an already flood stricken, saturated area... Des Moines is dealing with man holes being blown out of the ground... homes are being washed away... and the record crest-leveled waters will only rise from here, as MORE rain is in the forecast... In Norfolk, the heat caused the asphalt to "buckle" sending a motorcyclist flying as he drive over the 8 foot dip in the ground... many lives are being lost to the record heat, which happens to be the number one killer, followed by flooding... two things this country is seeing entirely too much of these days...

Another slight risk exists for today.... close to the same area... God bless them.

Have a blessed day,


  1. Really sad and terrifying. That story last night had me riveted to the live stream from Omaha. I just can't imagine. More flooding rains for Iowa today, historic flooding! Great article Dew. The asphalt buckling here from 5 days of 100 degree heat was bad. I'm surprised it didn't happen more.


  2. Thanks so much, Mikey, for keeping me in the loop, so I could be fully aware of what was going on out west... I really appreciate it. It trult was horrifying. It was so difficult to hear the story. It's unimaginable...

    Thanks for the compliment. I had never heard of asphalt buckling... weird. Didn't realize it does happen.

  3. Great post Dew... We very rarely get to hear about these storms over here and what is happening... we moan if a chimney falls from a roof.... I'm sure that weather all over the place is changing now.
    I echo all your sentiment for the loss of life and injure..

    I will post the link for you if I remember ..

    Keep well Keep safe.

  4. Thanks, Tom. That rest must have done you well... hitting my post shortly after creation this time around. I'm glad to share what I know.

    I have a reminder to post the link when Mr. Linky comes available, but if you happen to do it first, that would really be swell... maybe I'll be before number 25 this time!!! :O)

    We will keep safe. You do the same and have a splendid weekend.

  5. Omg! Your story sent chills down my spine. The poor families, and the children I cant imagine the horror they went through. My prayers are truly wit all the people experiencing this historic year, so much loss of life. I guess its an omen we are not there this year. I don't know if I could handle all the destruction. Have a safe trip this weekend!

  6. Jess, It was all I could think about as I heard the story unfold. So many people aren't weather savy like we are. They don't know what's going on around them. So many are caught off guard. It's sad... this year will go down in history.

    I still wish I were out there... calling in spotter reports.

    Thanks, we will try to be safe. Miami is a scary place.

  7. Another very informative, if saddening, post, Dew. The Boy Scout Camp being hit is so tragic; nowhere for them to go for shelter. The weather seems to be on a rampage this year, with so much violence concentrated on the Midwest.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Pat, thanks, and yes, quite saddening... sorry. It was a terrible tragedy. The weather does seem to be on a rampage.

  9. I thought the clouds were coming from the water tower which I thought was nuclear power. What a surprise to see it is just the sky and clouds.

  10. The suddenness of the storm is frightening, even in the retelling! Wow.

  11. Your posts is always so interesting!

    Petunia's SWF

  12. Wonderful clouds looking up... they sure have neat appearance... almost a 3-D look. That's very interesting!
    Mountain Retreat

  13. Magnificent photo with the magnificent sky

  14. It can be very frightening... Storms are awesome with their power.

    Petunia, Thanks!!!

    Michele, They did look 3 dimensional. Don't you get these kinds of clouds up your way???

    Luz, Magnificent sky... indeed. Thanks.

  15. Very nice shot. And your story is very interesting!

  16. Beautiful capture of the tower - love the angle!

  17. Tragic.
    Young lives lost is horendous for the poor families left to cope.
    Our thoughts are with the poor souls.


  18. A very nice sw shot!
    And it will take a while to get your story of my mine..

  19. Pernille, Thank you so much. Glad you found it interesting.

    Carletta, Thanks. I thought the angle was sort of exciting and new, plus the towers were just so HIGH!!!

    Mrs. Nesbitt, Mine too... so tragic.

  20. Mrs. Darcy, I will have to check that out. Thanks!

  21. Spectaculary as usual.
    And always a pleasure to visit your blog.

    Nice weekend to you, from Anne in Norway :-)

  22. Anemone, I am so pleased that you enjoy your visits. Hope you have a glorious weekend... from over in the USA.

  23. Beautiful picture, but very scary stuff. A similar situation happened in Connecticut last weekend at a beach. We were there when lightning struck a pavilion and killed a person and hurt some others.

  24. Sandpiper, What a horrible thing to experience! I am so sorry. Lightning is a very dangerous thing. If you hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck. How terrible.

  25. Interesting post. So sad about those boys being killed on what should have been a fun outing.

  26. Max-e, Glad you found it interesting... it is incredibly sad. Tragedy.

  27. DewDrop: Very nicely posted with a lot of info.

  28. Excellent photo with a very beautiful sky and colors expetaculares, congratulations.

  29. Nice photo! That is terrible about Boy Scout Camp. I am an Eagle Scout.

  30. Great shot.
    I like the angle.
    Wishing you a nice weekend and a nice trip to Miami. :)

  31. Fishing Guy, Thank you.

    Voice of my heart, Thank you, too.

    For the People, Yes, it is awful. I can't even imagine...

    Ida, Thank you. I know we will have a terrific time. I hope I come back with lots of pics to share!!!

  32. nice catch for SWF! The sky was remarkably clear - and the twinkling of all the stars seemed to be but throbs of one body, timed by a common pulse. Mine's up too hope you can drop by.

  33. Love the shots! Sad story about the scouts.

  34. that is so sad about the scouts been watching that on the news. Nice photo

  35. Those cumulus clouds are very heavenly looking.

    We are saddened whenever we hear of anyone's tragic death but the loss of those poor scouts just as you wrote is particulary painful. You've written about it very eloquently.

  36. Wonderful sky shot and a great post!

  37. Sad story. I have been through several tornadoes, but never any damage to personal property or to loved ones. It is terrifying.

    I am saddened by the loss suffered by the families.

    Glad you were OK and got thru your storm.

    Be safe,

  38. Very sad story. Tornados aren't something we get in the UK. We don't know hoe lucky we are.

    Terrfic image.

  39. "Louis" heard about the Scout camp tragedy, but it didn't occur to him you would be so close.

    "Louis", an early riser, caught San Francisco waking up.

  40. Just dropped in to say Hi.
    Love the cloud shot. Those Cumulus look like they are coming right out the top of that building.I am an amature weatherwatcher, so will be coming by your way again to see what you post. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge. Stop by my blog sometime. I do clouds photos from our Great Lakes area.

  41. I am up visiting my parents and witnessed the Brooks Co. portion of the storm first hand. In addition to downed tree limbs and hail, we were without power for 11 hours--yet somehow my dreamsicles survived! So sad to hear about the boy scouts...I hope I NEVER see a tornado except on TV.

  42. So sad to hear about! May these storms end soon!

  43. Impressive cumulonimbus towers!! Our collective hearts go out to those scouts ... amazing survival story. Sounds like you had a dicey time of it as well. Hope Florida is kind to you for the weekend.

  44. Beautiful pictures Dewdrop, but tragic tales of the power of the weather.

    (Bodge's Bulletin)

  45. Another terrifying situation back there. :( I've read a news about it yesterday together with the deaths of the last heat wave... :( Felt very sorry for them..

    Anyway, another awesome cloud shot there Dew! :D Thanks for the nice read...

  46. Have been following the sad tragedies everywhere...This was a great post!

    Beautiful SWF photo!

  47. That is one of the saddest tornado tragedies ever. It's always sad but there is something extra sad about losing a child. I was a scout and those scouts were between my oldest two sons' ages. Your post really brought perspective on just how horrific it was.

  48. Beautiful picture!

    That tragedy is so horrible! I feel for the families!

  49. I posted a water tank but it is no where are pretty as yours. Great shot and interesting post.

  50. What happened is very sad. It really has been horrible weather recently. Nice picture, though. You did a great job capturing the climbing clouds.

  51. Pretty life, Thanks. The sky was beautiful!!! How poetic. Thanks.

    Marica, Thanks.

    George, Thanks. Very sad. I can't even imagine.

    Esnorway, Thanks.

    Lilli, So sad. I appreciate that.

    Kay, Thanks... they did look heavenly... It is particularly difficult to hear about children losing their lives, not to belittle an adult loss, but children seems harder to accept.

    John, Thanks so much!

    Troy, Incredibly sad and quite terrifying. It is hard to imagine the pain and suffering of all those impacted.

    Babooshka, Incredibly sad. What is your weather threat over in the UK? Thanks.

    Louis, I am far from the Iowa incident, just offering my views on it...

    Becky, Hi!!! Thanks. Weather watchers rock. You should check into becoming a storm spotter. I have a link in my sidebar. I will be up by Lake Michigan next week... what part are you in...?

    Annie, You sure do sneak up here a lot!!! grrr... Call me sometime. Glad about the dreamsicles. That was an impressive line that came through.

    Island rambles, Happy belated SWF! Bride in the sky...? I'll have to check that out!!!

    Lana, So sad... they could use relief.

    Chuck, Thanks. Yes, they do go out to the scouts and their families. Florida was great for me.

    Anne, THANKS!!!

    Gary, Thanks, and yes, weather is amazingly powerful!!!

    pts, Thanks!!!

    Ice, Yep. Crazy weather over here. Thanks and you're welcome.

    Debbie, Thank you so much, really.

    Mike, Hard to imagine, huh? Really puts perspective to it... glad you appreciated the post.

    Teresa, Thanks. Yes, a horrific tragedy.

    Andrea, Thanks. I'm sure your shot is terrific. I will check it out.

    Kim, Thanks!!!


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