The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, June 06, 2008

Not much time, but...

Yesterday... this sky......with a little bit of this (mammatus clouds, hard to see but very much there -- MY FAVORITE CLOUDS!!!)......turned into this... (sorry for the graininess, no tripod)... Go Dew! My official sky watch Friday shot is below, but this'll do... :O)

Aside from that 35 tornado reports yesterday, with a large one reported in Corning, MO. Lots of damage reports and a total of 405 storm reports... craziness!

I'm off to my meeting. Happy Friday!


  1. These beautiful skies wiuld have made a fine Sky Watch post for sure!

  2. This is wonderful! It is also my favorite cloud formation... :D But I don't want it anymore when it turns into that last picture...

    Thanks for the share...

  3. Exciting photos and news here, always. Stay safe.

  4. Awesome Dew! Your photographs get better with each storm. I love it when I can get a nice view of an entire storm tower with the embedded lightning. Must of been some sea breeze induced storms for you yesterday. The perfect set up for isolated cells with clear skies all the way around. Have a nice weekend, just 99 degree heat here :( Yuck!


  5. Absolutely stunning! I love storm fronts.

  6. I love that one with the lightning!

  7. Where's that tripod young lady?! ;)

    The colors in the Sky Watch one are great. And yup, I could see the mammatus clouds!

    When you get chance - need your help with GR. =:~D

  8. Ooooh, oooh, oooh! Gorgeous shots!

  9. Thanks, Eg tour. I thought so too. Too bad I had already gone through the trouble of posting all of that.

    Ice, Mammatus clouds are the coolest, and they are so rare here. They usually precede a storm... imagine how surprised I was when I saw them. :O)

    Dina, Thanks. I am glad you enjoy it. I always do my best to stay safe. There was no thunder. It was all up in the clouds. If you hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck.

    Mikey, Wow! Thanks! Definitely sea breeze firing, getting into that summer pattern with the afternoon thunderstorms. Awesome! Poor bf had his top down, too. My fault. Oops.

    R.E., Me too! Thanks!

    Mike, Thanks!! You can imagine how thrilled I was.

    Marie, Thanks!!

    Christine, If I had broken out the tripod, Mini-Dew would have had a conniption! She was not happy standing around while I shot pics of the thunderhead. lol. Aren't mammatus awesome?! Hopefully, we can hook up soon for those GR questions.

    Babooshka, Thanks a bunch.

    Pat, Thanks!!!

  10. Almost looks like smoke lit up from the fire...

  11. Diane, My humble thanks.

    Annie, It was incredible to see... like cotton boiling over...

  12. That last shot is really interesting. Good captures.

  13. these are great, i especially like the last photo

  14. Great pictures! Those clouds are fantastic!

  15. Andrea, You should have seem my enthusiasm when I captured that last one... I was beside myself.

    Lilli, Thanks. I really appreciate that!

    Island rambles, I stay as safe as I can. The clouds were actually a safe viewing distance from me... perfect for watching.

    Sandpiper, It was breathtaking.

  16. Wonderful clouds shots. I am posting here soon and dedicating it to you. :)

  17. Hi Dew..
    No wonder you like these so much.. they are well impressive.. great captures.. love the night shot...


  18. Amazing sky shots! Well done.

  19. Hey Dew~
    I just saw your page, and wanted to tell you that I grew up in Jewell County Kansas, and they had an F3 there last thursday night. Anyway, we lived out in the boonies, and my dad used to take us in the back of the truck in our jammies and chase storms. Im addicted to watching storm chasers.
    Theres always tons of activity going on there, and no one is EVER there! Most it seems stay in the interstate 70 down by Goodland, ect. You should venture up to North Central Kansas. You wont be disappointed.
    We al;ways had at least one every other night as klids, and they still are churning them out. Its just so rural.
    When I was in 5th grade in '76 we had a mile long wedge. It took out our who hog farm 2000 hd plus hogs, grain elevators, HUGE buildings. PLuse it took out a treeline along the creek a mile wide. It ws huge.
    Oh well....thx for letting me go down memory lane!
    You have a neat blog~

  20. Beth, Dedicating a post to me? Awesomeness! Thanks. Hey, I will be up your way during the last week of the month. Would love to visit. We are flying into Milwaukee... the 24th, leave out of there the 28th.

    Tom, Watch out, you might get addicted... :O) Thanks, it was a spectacular light show!!!

    Mrs. Darcy, THANKS!!!

    John, Really, thank you.

    Izzy, I appreciate your incite and reflection on days past. I would have to recommend against chasing in the back of a pick-up truck... yikes. Sounds like a memorable experience. As for northern Kansas... sounds great. I bet other chasers have found that area though... ;O)

  21. Awesome shots!! we had a nice little pulse storm friday, with small hail. I took some shots, come to blog and check it out if you havent already. TTYS...Jess

  22. Thanks, Jess. Wish I could visit your site, but it keeps shutting me down.

    Small hail?! AWESOME!!! I will try to check it out, but no promises.


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