The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hurricane Bertha still a category 3 hurricane, but for how long...?

Well, Category 3 Hurricane Bertha intensified slightly before the 11PM advisory last night, but has gradually begun a weakening process as she interacts with dry air over the central Atlantic. She had already started a more northward course yesterday evening, and is now on a steady northwest track. The dry air and a strongly sheared environement has torn away at some of the amazing symmetry that this beautiful hurricane was exhibiting, and now seems to be going through an intense eye wall replacement cycle, as the eye has now completely clouded over based on satellite presentation. Looks like she is headed toward an environment favorable for weakening... oh well, she was fun while she lasted, right? Not to say that she is absolutely no threat, which is never true when a hurricane exists. As we have seen in the past, and even with Hurricane Bertha, anything can happen. Interests in Bermuda should definitely keep an eye on this major hurricane, as she continues her voyage across the Atlantic.

In other weather related news, the northern plains came alive yesterday with 11 tornado reports coming in out of North Dakota and Wisconsin (great timing, huh? I was JUST there for Pete's sake!) It is their season... I was looking through some of the recent severe weather reports, and one tornado report out of NC on July 6th that reads...

That earns a raised eye brow award... It's either a funnel cloud or a tornado people... if it's on the ground, that narrows it down.

(The sky this morning...) While I am talking about silly semantics, I think it's time to share my list of recent searches (where do people come up with some of this stuff?) that led people (somehow) to my blog...
1. I wish it will not rain (WHAT?! Who types that in for a google search?!)
2. Thunderstorms break up over GA (I wonder which cell gets the mobile home? I know, that was bad...)
3. Mammatus clouds seen after May 20, 2008, GA storm (that was the day of the tornado in Woodstock, GA)
4. What powers a weather balloon? (They are filled with hydrogen or helium depending on the facility, and the radiosondes run on batteries. Good question.)
5. Scud mini funnels (make up your mind, scud or funnels)
6. Why do cyclones, earthquakes and tornadoes happen (did my blog answer that?)
7. Typical day of hurricane hunter (Dew-less... for now. hee hee)
8. Dewdrop hurricane (Hmmm... Hurricane Dewdrop... it's definitely got a ring...)
9. South Georgia hurricane (not too many of those...)
10. Dew, Phil Wisconsin (huh?!)
11. Storm Chaser fireworks (Meso Mike, was this you? lol)
12. Weird storm chaser cars (all right...)
13. Horse storm chaser (Do I even want to ask?)
14. Storm Chaser mud (Again, I say... WHAT?!)

I stumbled upon this poem by Emily Dickinson that paints a beautiful image of angels in the morning dew...

LXIX from "Nature"
by Emily Dickinson, 1830–86

Angels in the early morning
May be seen the dews among,
Stooping, plucking, smiling, flying:
Do the buds to them belong?

Angels when the sun is hottest
May be seen the sands among,
Stooping, plucking, sighing, flying;
Parched the flowers they bear along.

What a difference a couple of hours makes... She's not nearly as pretty-ful as she used to be.
1100 AM AST TUE JUL 08 2008

Thanks to Mikey for sharing with me this link (click here) to an excellent blog about the records set with Hurricane Bertha. She was a beauty.
500 PM AST TUE JUL 08 2008

Man, what a ride that was... huh?

Have a great day!


  1. Thankfully Bertha is a fish headed out to sea. It won't be long before the next one. There is a wave over Africa right now that looks like it is the size of Texas! If it stays together go ahead and classify it as a TD as soon as it hits the Ocean :)


  2. Holy guacamole! That is a huge one! Thanks for the link. Why stop at TD? We should just go ahead and call it Cristobal! (I seriously need to apply to be on that tropical cyclone naming committee! Come on, Cristobal?! Doesn't even sound right!)

  3. LOL! I love that list of searches, but I think what makes it even more hilarious is that you actually "answer" back! haha! :o) Have a great week!

  4. LOL, Courtney. Some of them are way beyond answers, but... I figure if they come back, may as well give them what they are after. lol. Have a wonderful week! I love your beach pics.

  5. I love Emily Dickinson! I was also almost killed in a terrible storm a few days ago by Tampa international airport. Our car and a taxi in front of us were picked up by wind and dropped--we nearly slammed into a concrete barrier. The car has golf ball sized hail dents in the front fender now...trees were uprooted beside us on the median, cars were under water up to the windows on the exit ramps of I-275, port-a-potties were flying and metal signs were ripped from their posts and hurled at us. Scott and I told each other good bye and waited to die...needless to say we didn't die. I don't know if it was a tornado or what was a white out and we couldn't hear anything but wind and hail pelting the car and see things very close to us. I want you to know you were in my dying thoughts--"Dewdrop would be loving this crap...." Any ideas what that was? All the news keeps saying is severe storms and winds....I want something more specific.

  6. Annie, I contacted my friend at the Tampa Bay NWS office, Daniel, and he said... "The Tampa airport reported a wind gust to 41 MPH on July 6th (the observation is below). There was golf ball size hail and rainfall totals ranged from 2 to 3.7 inches. Also, there is a lot of road construction in the area. My guess is the vehicle hydroplaned and the road construction signs blew around. The only reason the storm was considered “severe” was because of the hail size. It was an impressive storm!


    SPECI KTPA 062205Z 08020G36KT 1/8SM TSRAGR SCT005 BKN034 OVC048 23/20 A3011 RMK AO2 PK WND 10036/2203 RAB2156GRB01 PRESRR CONS LTGICCG TS OHD MOV E P0037 $"

    Sounds like it was quite scary. You're right, I would have been eating that crap up, but it sounds like it was a little too close for comfort, never fun to experience that on the interstate with no road ops.

    I'm glad you were thinking about me before your untimely yet perceived last moments. Glad they didn't turn out to be your last moments. Hope Daniel's answer helps.

    Man, I wish I had been there!

  7. Found this too...


  8. The people doing those searches have way too much free time. I remember the last Cristobal. They need to change the names. Dewdrop works for me.

  9. I think they are just truly clueless... You like the idea of Hurricane Dewdrop? I wonder where I should send that request.

  10. Hey Dew, Well Bertha was pretty i feel bad for the Storming pretty good here right now. Lotts of lightning!!! I read about the wave over AFrica too I will be keepen an eye on it.ttys..jess

  11. Yes, Jess. She was so beautiful, so short-lived. I heard things have gotten interesting down there... In fact, I was talking to Christy when she had to go out and check on the weather... she hasn't come back yet. Watching the wave. Toodles.

  12. I am not sure I like my name in that hurricane. ;)

  13. It's fading away, no worries.

    Imagine having the name Katrina... or something like that...


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