The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, August 11, 2008

South Georgia Boggin' Dew Style...

I had a full weekend! My gtb's (groom-to-be) cousin and his family came up on Friday evening from Miramar, FL and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies with us, which I am ashamed to say was my first time watching the ceremonies, and they were AMAZING! So, I was thrilled that we did that. Then, my mother and her girlfriends arrived later in the night for their girls' shopping weekend! Yes, folks, we shopped... and we shopped.... and we shopped. The good news is that they helped me find a dress to wear in my wonderful wedding ceremony. IT'S PERFECT!! It was great fun trying on dresses, except for the whole sizing thing, which is a little depressing... if you're used to wearing a size 0 (yeah... I wish), you don't want some dress telling you, you are actually a size 6. Evil dress sizers. Anyhow, we had a terrific time together, laughing and having a good time; had a wonderful dinner on Saturday, where gtb's parents got to meet my mom, and vice versa... everyone survived that, and gtb's mother was so kind to express how much they have loved having me in their lives... that they are glad to take me off her hands... so sweet (tearing up... time to change the subject). So that was all nice. I treated mom and her guests to a miniature photo shoot before they left yesterday. That was fun. They didn't sign photo releases, so I won't be sharing those here... so sorry.

The excitement entered late in the weekend, when my sweet bf, my wonderful gtb picked Mini-Dew and I up from the house to take us mud-boggin'. Isn't it cool how Mini-Dew's hair goes so wild in the back of the jeep? Let me start at the beginning... you see, while I was shopping on Saturday, gtb and his cousin (who grew up more like brothers than cousins), took the jeep out boggin', an activity, which I truly enjoy (crazy as that may sound--then again, probably it doesn't sound all that crazy... for me.) So, anyhow, he told me that he was out doing that, and I shared that I wish I could! (You see, I would rather be playing in mud than shopping all day... but it was nice to spend the time with Mini-Dew, my mom and her friends, who would ALL much rather be shopping!) Well, it wasn't in the cards for Saturday and the shopping persisted on Sunday, when he took his kids out to the mud hole... UGH. When I told Mini-Dew, though, much to my surprise, she decided that she wanted to try it, so after we finished watching "Nim's Island", which was a very sweet movie... he picked us up for our own plunge through the mud hole. Of course, the jeep was already covered in mud from the previous two treks, but it was great fun to add our own sheet of it. Of course, being the girls we are and the less the pleasant smell of the stagnant mud hole, we rushed home to shower afterward... So, anyways... pertinent pics coming right up.
Aside from all that, things are starting again to try to get interesting tropically in the Atlantic as two areas of low pressure have a chance at development... one of which, 850 miles from the Windward Islands, they are actually suspecting might become a Tropical Depression during the next couple of days... Have a fantastic day!


  1. We like to take our 4Runner muddin' as we call it. We sure did a lot of that in Alaska when we were off road. It was always nice to find a mountain stream to wash off the vehicle though. With all of this heat, I wish we were back there now.

    I may have to get out the heavy coat, since it's only going to be 85 today.

    Always a pleasure to visit here,
    Troy and Martha

  2. :D We saw those waves on Friday when I sent that link.

    Talk about memories - haven't been muddin' since right after high school. But never did it in stinky mud. Ewwww.


  3. Troy, Sounds like great fun... Alaska off-road. I would love that! Wish we had found somewhere to wash off... what a mess! It's in the 80's here too. It's nice.

    Beth, :D

    Christine... Yes, I remember. Way to call it. That was the last time I had been boggin too. Too fun. The smell washed away. hee hee

  4. LOL... we actually did a bit of Jeeping ourselves... we have very little to no precipitation here out west in the last month so when we actually came across a "puddle" we were thrilled to pieces and milked that bad boy until it was dry! I'll be posting those pics in a few days... the roof was up... I hate getting dirty... LOL... great pics!

  5. LOL, Michele... that'a ctually what this was... a little mud hole. We have been slightly precipitationless as well. Roof up... quite a concept... lol

    I look forward to seeing your pics. :O)


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