The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Arctic Blast Chills the Southeast!

Happy Sky Watch "Friday"!! Please visit Klaus, Sandy, Ivar, Wren, and Fishing Guy's SKY WATCH BLOG to participate in Sky Watch Fridays, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Dot, the mother of this fabulous blogging event, was really onto something when she brainstormed this baby!!! And a huge thank you and a WE'LL MISS YOU to Tom, the one who brought the concept to full bloom. It is so fascinating to see skies from all over the world!!! I was humbled by all your kind words last week regarding my post and the SWF intro. Thank you for your kind and uplifting words and encouragement! This week, I would like to demonstrate the sunrise process while altocumulus clouds fill the sky.Specifically, you are looking at Altocumulus Stratiformis Perlucidus.

Altocumulus: Latin alto "high" + cumulus - a high sheet of globular elements that are fairly evenly spaced and of uniform size. Altitude, of course, is related.

Stratiform: Latin for "layered" + forma "form".

Perlucidus: Latin for "allowing light to pass through", for a large cloud patch or sheet that has distinct, though often very small, clear patches between the elements, allowing sky or overlying clouds to be seen.

You will oftentimes see altocumulus preceding a cold front. My pictures were taken on a December morning, just prior to a local severe weather event, caused by an approaching cold front. "Red sky in morning..."

Today, much of the southeast is grovelling over the extremely low temperatures that have pummeled the are after an arctic blast moved in, generating some record breaking lows and even some freezing temps in Florida... in October. Some low temps this morning were lower than the temperatures in New York. Unacceptable! My only reason for being geographically misplaced here is to avoid the cold temps that other areas typically see... I don't want it! Brr...

That's it for me today. Have a great one!


  1. Beautiful clouds as usual. And again and again, thanks for the education.

    BTW, I cant see the third picture. Is that just me?

    Happy skywatching.

  2. hehehe. I call the Brr, snuggling temps, perfect for fires in the fireplace... and another thing I enjoy from living in WI is the "hibernation effect" Winter brings. It's like we're bears. You go and go and go and go during the warm months, then when Winter hits and the days get shorter and colder... staying inside doesn't seem to be as much of a crime as it does during those warmer months. :)

    However, I personally enjoy being out in the cold, so it really makes no difference which season it is, not being outdoors with every opportunity is shameful. :)

  3. Wonderful post as usual, with a lot of information :-))

    And i think the clowds looks like cotton, or..., this cold afternoon... the cream of the top of hot cup of Chocolate. Come over and I share it with you :-))

    Nice weekend to you from Anne in Norway.

  4. Great series of photos.
    Terrific as usual.
    Maybe even better than 'Great'.
    I really liked this post.

    Come visit,
    Troy and Martha

  5. Wonderful series.

  6. Dewd - what gorgeous clouds - and great progression. These same clouds graced my sky last week - similar colors too. You captured them better than I did - with a science lesson to boot. Thanks for looking for me last week - was a bit swamped. Happy SWF!

  7. Those are absolutely gorgeous shots. I love the sequence. We are having some very cool weather in NC but I'll admit to being glad. I'm ready for winter.

  8. very lovely

    Mine SWF post in HERE. Hope you have time to visit. Thanks.

  9. I have not enough words to describe my feelings of happiness while seeing this! As long as there are such skies we can be glad.

  10. Such a coincidence. I just took a series of photos like that... though not as good as yours and I loved getting the explanation. Thanks a million.

  11. Wow, these are spectacular, and I appreciate having all the info along with. Great SWF!

  12. I love the progression. Beautiful fiery colors.

  13. Those are dew-rific clouds and the colors are great.

  14. WOW! Gorgeous skies. Sorry for the cold temperatures, Jennifer, and thank you for not blaming Canada. ;-) It was cold here on Monday and Tuesday and we didn't like it either!

  15. Great colours between the clouds during the sunrise.

  16. Oh - these a drewly dewriffic!
    Though I am pretty sure that the meteorological term for these clouds is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
    Cheers, Klaus

  17. Beautiful pictures steepening into sunset, Lovely.


  18. A wonderful set here, love the changes that goes in all 3 photos!

    (lol at Klaus' comment) =D But I agree!

  19. Very nice photographs.. great information. These always have been my favorite skies... =)
    Mountain Retreat- Canada

  20. Lovely pictures and I got a latin lesson! You're multi-educational! ;)

  21. Oh my goodness these are awesome piccies!

  22. Wonderful clouds and beautiful colors!

  23. Lovely pictures and thank you for explaining the make up of them.
    Have a good week.

  24. you are such a source of information, please feel free to describe the clouds on my blog again. I was so pleased you had the time to do that last week.

    Gill in Canada

  25. Love this series of shots. They look like stepping stones across the sky!!!

  26. PS I am blowing lots of warm tropical air your way!!! If you moved here you would be safe from any cold fronts.

  27. Really wonderful photos, and some great information! We sometimes don't take the time to discover what the cloud formations and sky coloration mean. This was interesting. Nice Skywatch!

  28. Fantastic photos for sky watch friday, it is the most amazing journey to see what everyone finds in the sky to share with us all.

    Have learnt so much from your posts about the weather that makes for interesting skies, thank you.

  29. Gorgeous photos, all!


  30. Incredibly beautiful images and as usual I've learnt something new.

  31. Dew: Very neat and colorful skies today. We must have been shooting under similar conditions.

  32. A beautiful progression!
    Great post as always.

  33. Get your camera ready!

    Have you seen this?

    Halloween Sky Show:

  34. Beautiful sky and nice lesson.

  35. Beautiful sky and nice lesson.

  36. Wow! Just gorgeous! Surreal!

  37. Always keep it up the good posting...Nice entries.

  38. So beautiful! I love how they are in exactly the same spot, yet so different. Great spot to shoot from,too. Love the perspective!

  39. Fantastic colors, our skies have been quite colorful too.

  40. Those are absolutely SUPER... Very nice...

  41. Dew, The First "actual" day of winter is a collaboration effort of mine and Nathan's (Northern Wisconsin Weather) thoughts. Definitions can be found here for the instance of OSNW3. Thanks for participating! How fun! Hopefully you get the chance to snap some shots of the Halloween sky and the nights following.

  42. Fabulous skies as always! Thanks for your kind words.
    The question I've always wanted to ask...what is your occupation? Since you seem to know so much about the weather I can't help but wonder.

  43. A beautiful series of shots and a nice lesson in clouds for us. I invite you to come meet Mr. Boo for a Halloween wish. - Margy

  44. Your clouds look like colourful short breaths of light! Very beautiful! And enjoyed your explanations as always!

  45. Okay, how did you get into my files that aren't online and use my pics, eh?


    Thought it was a trip when you told me when you took yours after I said when I took mine.

    Like minds, again!

    Ya did good chica!

  46. these shots are really breath taking!

  47. Thanks so much for all your kind words and encouragment! Sorry to be so delayed getting back with you. So glad so many of you enjoy the stuff I write about so passionately.

    Photo cache, no one else said, so it must have been just you... sorry.

    OSNW3, Hibernation effect would be nice if I could hide in a hole somewhere, but I have to sit outside and wait on the doggone school bus with Jack Frost nipping at my nose. You have fun with it, I turn into a dewdropcicle...

    Troy, better than great?! Wow. Thanks.

    Deirdre, I'm sure yours look terrific! Glad to have you back this week!

    Wil, Feelings of happiness... how lovely.

    Kay, you're welcome. How ironic.

    EGTG, Oh, I'll blame you along the way... just wait.

    Klaus, you rock! I think supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is definitely the scientific term!

    Beth, I am full of useless info.... lol.

    Gill, So glad to!!!

    Jules, Stepping stones, love that description! Appreciate the warm air...

    Fishing guy, how ironic!

    OSNW3, I saw it but didn't have a tripod handy. It was amazing... the moon was still orange even!

    dot, I am an accountant... never would have guessed that, eh? Weather is just my hobby. :O) I would love for it to me more than that. It's just not in the cards right now.

    Christine, What were you doing shooting in my yard?!!! :D Like minds, great minds!

    Thanks again, all!


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