The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sun dogs in a cold looking sky...

Doesn't that look like a cold weather sky?! Well, it is! That photograph was taken this morning, while I was on my way to work. Mini-Dew was very cooperative and didn't even complain when I stopped, and she almost got a little excited when she actually saw what I was talking about... the sun dog, the rainbow in the clouds is how I described it to her. Since she has been quickly approaching the teen years... mothers of tweens can appreciate what I am saying... she is generally too cool or perhaps I am too uncool to inspire much interest in her for things that interest me. Perhaps, she was too tired to play her normal role, but she actually looked and acted interested this morning. There was one on each side of the sun this morning when I looked up, but by the time I got my camera ready, one had faded.

In weather today, as I mentioned... cold, but mild as the day wears on, with some slight rain (RAIN?! Yes, rain) chance tonight, of course, preceding another cold front... sheesh. Can't we get a break?! I'm tired of this misplaced winter.

I almost forgot to talk about our weekend. I had told you that we were going to rent "Tropic Thunder" which, as it turns out, was NOTHING like its name... why it wasn't about weather at all. It wasn't about the tropics and there was no thunder... well, that is, I guess not any... sadly, it put me to sleep during the first 10 minutes or so, only to be awakened several times at my wonderful gtb's bursts of laughter. He enjoyed it and agreed that I choose next time. Twister!!! :O) lol

Aside from that, a dear friend invited me to her close friend's Cuban restaurant where they offered free lessons in Latin dancing. We had a blast learning the salsa, the merenge and some other dance that I can't remember the name of... I also got to partake in my favorite Cuban dessert, tres leches. YUMMY! We had a blast, but called it an early night since he had to be at work first thing in the morning.

I am excited about a short work week, thanks to the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We will be visiting with lots of family and friends over the holiday, and hopefully, I will have some great shots to share when I get back!

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. Now that is what I call a terrific photo of two happy faces. HAPPY THANKSGIVING you two!

    Tonie Toney (Cloudman23)

  2. Happy Turkey Days. Dew, You almost made the right guess, just a few days long. Last night we received 4.6" of snow (the grb nws forecasted an inch) and MarkMartin takes the First 1" Snowfall title for 2008/2009. He guessed Nov 24.

    Photos if you're interested.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Dewfam. Have a fun week!

  4. Hey chica!

    So, there was no tropical thunder to Tropic Thunder huh? Imagine that! :D

    HA! Guess what I watched?! Twister. Thank you very much! :P Was on telly. Very few things good can be said for being sick, but getting to watch tv with no feeling of guilt is one of them.

    Glad you had a great time!!

  5. Nice sun dog.

    I just watched twister for the umpteenth time also. I like the part where she says, "Another Cow" and he says "I think it was the same cow". ROTFL.


  6. What a wonderful photo - it does indeed look 'cold'.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog recently and leaving such lovely comments too!

  7. Thanks, T Squared! We are extremely happy together! How are you recovering?

    OSNW3, Darn, so close... better you than me though... hee hee. Looks like more for y'all today. Is it spring yet?!

    Jeff, back at y'all. Hope it was great!

    Christine, Sounds like everyone is getting a little Twister in... I've heard yours was a little more real than the movie though. Weather hog.

    Troy, I love that part!!! lol!!!

    Shirley, welcome!


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