The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, July 20, 2009

A great weekend

Well, what an exciting weekend I had. I should start with Friday... Before I left work Friday, we had some nice storms, where dry slots were left all over the sky as scattered storms moved erratically throughout the area... I love the structure and beauty in the dry slots... ... leaving work on Friday, there was an amazing storm that Meso Mike actually caught me gawking at and shooting... how funny. It was an amazingly almost striated-looking cloud, stacked up high... with an amazingly low base. I hadn't seen anything like it, and I actually pulled over (in the middle of the road) to shoot it... yes, that is where Mike found me... but look at this thing... Then, my wonderful groom and I, like Ken and his bride... saw "The Proposal", which was a sweet little predictable chick flick. Granted, if it wasn't predictable, it wouldn't be much of a chick flick. We said several moments of laugh out loud-ness, which is exactly what you want after working a rough week. Saturday is when things got exciting. I told you before that I have trained to be a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). As a storm chaser, I felt like I had some responsibility as a potential first person on the scene to have some knowledge and training regarding what to do, in case... Well, I am a certified CERT member, and I have CPR and yet another SKYWARN training under my belt. This weekend, though, was the exciting training... except, I was only on the sidelines... didn't get to be a part of the exercise. I was contacted by the emergency manager asking if we wanted to participate in a mock disaster at the airport. OF COURSE!!! I reminded him that my being there meant the weather wouldn't be cooperative... he chuckled, but after SKYWARN training... a tornado was spotted (not really ) around the corner from my house, and an EF3 touched down two counties over.CPR So, I showed up Saturday as a volunteer in the Hostage Take-over exercise... which was a full scale, quite realistic exercise involving all levels of emergency management, including the Department of Homeland Security. They had make-up artists and everything. It was very cool. Unfortunately, I was the road guard for the event, charged with not allowing anyone not involved with the exercise... into the airport. They gave me a fancy vest for the occasion. Unfortunately, despite that fact that for 2 months, we have had nothing but evening thunderstorms, very isolated... on Saturday, we had solid rain, heavy downpours, thunder and lightning, starting at about 11:45. I was drenched head to toe, like I had never been before, sending away car rental customers left and right... Sorry ma'am, the airport is close... No sir, I would not like to be run over today... you're welcome to come back after the exercise, sir... you've got to be kidding me, you're deaf, seriously?! So, for a couple of hours, it continued this way until they terminated the exercise... jeepers creepers. I did attend the debriefing, where they described what I had missed...Ahh, but one thing about rainy days that mostly clear up... the amazing sunsets they leave in their wake.How great is our God?! My wonderful groom and I actually walked around the neighborhood partly backwards during our walk, to not miss the show.

Have a great day!


  1. AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I am SO envious!!!!! What glorious, beautiful amazing clouds!!!

  2. ..only your Dew....only you...;-)

  3. Okay, see, you are supposed to pull OFF the road chica! Geesh, and here I thought I knew you. ;-) Seriously though, way cool!

    I do want to know though... are you really the Property of Georgia Homeland Security? Doesn't Bill mind? :-P

    Sounds awesome!



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