The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It's been so long since I have come here, and I don't really even know where to start. I have been busy with life and Examiner and ummm... life, and I can't say that I really have much of an excuse. I got caught up in the excitement of being a "real news writer" (whatever that means...) for a time, and I got wrapped up in all that, and when there simply wasn't enough time to follow all their rules, it just didn't seem worth it anymore, but what I had going here, in my simple little blog... in retrospect, I think it was a pretty good thing.

You see, my heart and my passion is weather, all things weather. I love the way an unstable sky looks, as a storm rages and the underbelly dimples and stretches and reaches, with winding arms and tendrils grasping for something, anything. Sometimes, I even imagine rotation. I love it when the light meets the dark, and they duke it out in the sky. A massive menacing shelf cloud against brilliant blue sky is fascinating, breath-taking, and awe-inspiring, often leaving me wanting to write or share it in some way.

It's not really clear to me why I stepped away from talking about all that, in my own way, through the eyes of a blossoming storm chaser, from the only perspective that I can have... my own. I had a fascinating coffee date yesterday with a new and wonderful friend, who inspired me to get back on this cyclone and ride it out, to get my words down and see where they carried me, so here I am back in flight and ready to soar. I don't really "chase" the weather anymore, but I am still completely passionate about it and thrilled to have the opportunity to see it, to have a lifted eye, to educate others. This journey will most likely look quite different from the last. My life looks a lot different than it did back in those days. My passions have changed slightly. My focus has drastically changed. My priorities have shifted.

 I invite you to come along on this journey, where I will say whatever I feel like saying and not worry about the rules. I might not stick to word counts, and I may shift between 1st, 2nd and 3rd person in a single bound, but I don't care. This is the new flight of a south Georgia storm chaser... Dewdrop style.

Until next time.


  1. Thanks, Ken! It's good to be back and not have to follow the rules of some news publication. That took all the fun out of it. Though the extra money was nice. ;)


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