The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Saturday, December 09, 2006


HIGH PRESSURE WILL REMAIN IN CONTROL OF THE WEATHER UNTIL TUESDAY WHEN A WEAK STORM SYSTEM WILL APPROACH FROM THE WEST BRINGING INCREASING CHANCES FOR RAIN BACK TO THE FORECAST. A COLD FRONT WILL PUSH THROUGH THE REGION ON WEDNESDAY BUT MAY STALL OVER OR JUST EAST OF THE REGION KEEPING RAIN IN THE FORECAST THROUGH THURSDAY. My dear son used to overuse the word "weak" as a way of describing anything unimpressive. It hit the point where it was quite annoying. Suddenly, everything was weak, and the simple word was all that was offered. I can't really pick on him for that... I know that there are words that I overused during my teenage years that really irked my mother to no end, but when I read the advisories this morning, and it mentioned that "weak storm system", I could actually hear my dear son saying "WEAK!" and I concur... A very WEAK! forecast, no doubt.

Yesterday, after work, I got inspired. I had a few minutes to blow before I had to rush home (actually more than a few minutes because I ended up stopping at darling daughter's private instruction, much to her dismay... she only wanted Daddy there, but she probably will appreciate me having stopped there when she realizes that she has afternoon plans at her friend's house this afternoon after the parade thanks to the stop)... back to what I was saying though... I decided to explore and "chase the sun"... Chasing the sun is something that I really enjoy doing. Unfortunately/fortunately for me in this season, my time of getting off work coincides with the sunset, so I either have to capture it as I walk out the door, which means there is a building, telephone poles and a cell phone tower obstructing my view, or I can wander some. Unfortunately, yesterday, I wandered a few minutes too late (I was lollygagging in my office a little longer than I should have), but I wandered up to the tracks that aren't too far behind my office and I walked along them a little ways to see what kind of composition I could get down that way... still plenty of obstructions, but I did find a spot amidst all the industrial blah, telephone poles, and cell phone towers, where someone planted some catstails... or maybe it was wheat... lol... I'm from the city, what do I know ;-) Anyway, I shot a few pictures through there, the sun having mostly set by then, but they came out kind of nice, except for one slightly obscured telephone pole. Anyways, what I learned is that if I am going to chase the sun in freezing temps, I should bring along some gloves. I also learned that if I am going to chase the sun, I need to be in the ready position before the sun starts to set, so I can see the whole show. Boy, do I love a setting sun.

Anyway, folks, it's cold today. It'll be cold tonight. I don't know yet if we are walking or riding in the parade. The good news is that it's not a 1.9 mile route... I still don't think my knee has fully recovered from the last parade. My house is in pretty good shape cleaning wise today, so I shouldn't be long on that, just a few things I never got to prior to the meeting... and then I can wrap gifts until the dinner tonight. Woohoo!!

I don't think I have ever blogged about this, but during one visit up in Central GA in May, we came upon this beautiful bobcat, that was limping around in the middle of the road. It had obviously been hit by a car and was injured and disoriented. We pulled off the road and called 911 (not being familiar with the area, we couldn't just call animal control), and we explained that we were concerned that someone might walk by and be attacked by the animal trying to defend itself in a fearful state and that the animal was obviously in tremendous pain. There was no telling what might have happened. Well, when we pulled off the road, the bobcat hopped over to my vehicle and crawled under it, seeking refuge from the cars rushing by. We were able to see that the cat had blood dripping from its mouth and probably had extensive internal injuries. The poor thing was in tremendous pain. The police arrived and just watched it, another police officer arrived just to see it, had never seen one before, shortly after that animal control arrived and used a pole with a loop at the end to capture the cat from under my vehicle. We were saddened by this because it looked so inhumane... The animal control worker informed us that the bobcat most likely had rabies to be out in the day time, so he would most likely be put down... It was a beautiful animal... Of course I took pictures the whole time...

I'd better get going. My stomach is growling... breakfast is calling my name.

Happy Saturday!

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