The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Disappointment leads to chasing the sun... all is not lost

Sometimes, the disappointments associated with being so totally wrong are hard to take... Don't get me wrong, I can be wrong... Lord knows, I have been wrong in the past... sometimes, though, when you have such a big expectation, the defeat just comes that much harder. For example, imagine being a child waiting on Christmas, which has come every year prior... do you remember that anxious feeling in your belly before you go to sleep Christmas Eve...? You're so excited that you can hardly sleep, but knowing that if Santa knows you're still up, you're up a creek, so you dedicate all you have to falling asleep... Imagine though, just imagine, waking up this Christmas morning with absolutely no presents under the tree. Imagine how that would have felt when you were a child. Defeated... totally defeated. Disappointment unparalleled. I'll recover. It wouldn't be quite so bad if I wasn't so far off, if I hadn't waited and waited and, despite my knowing that I shouldn't, got my hopes up. I was actually looking forward to something. You know?

On the plus side... I did get some awesome pictures at Lake Nichols... since convection, hail and winds didn't quite pan out (big time understatement)... at all (the cap simply won out... this time), and skies actually cleared completely... I decided to chase the sun... since it was so easy to see in the sky lacking all signs of convection... I started on the road, headed for that peaceful lake that I had visited in the past... Along the way, a ?marshy? area caught my eye to the north of the road... It intrigued me, so I stopped... Camera in hand, I tried to get a good view of it... but it was a bad angle, so I drove further down the road to a spot where the view was better, and I caught all these cypress trees, a ton of them. It was beautiful... so I snapped a few pics and headed on my way. When I got to the lake, I quickly realized that it was open for use. The lake was covered with fishermen in boats, people were strategically placed at different points around the perimeter... active place, not nearly the peaceful serenity I had remembered from my last visit, but still an amazingly beautiful landscape nonetheless,
so I set up my tripod for a test run with it... I must say it was my first time using a tripod, and I had to fight with the darn thing to get it going, but I figured it out. I was able to set up right by my minivan, so I kept all my supplies in the van, while I worked. The people fishing along the edge annoyed me at times, each time I'd get the tripod set up and leveled out, they would move to a spot between the tripod and the sun... I actually found the silhouettes beautiful, so I took a few of those shots and then moved the tripod... This happened several times though. It's as if they thought I was setting up the camera and tripod to take pictures of them... duh! I think not people.

Anyway, as you see, all was not lost... It was some much needed stress relief after all the stress that I've recently had. I love being out in nature capturing it from behind the lens. It is truly freeing... That reminds me, I am in much need of my waterfalls trip...

Now, onto the weather, which is supposed to be the main part of this post... Of course, there is nothing going on now... woke up to some extremely foggy conditions, which was expected. It appears that the next system should be a weakening upper low currently over Texas and moving in our direction, phasing with a long wave trough Thursday night... POPS in the forecast for Wednesday night through Friday... no exciting text associated with that one, so I refuse to expect anything, even if I'm told to. I've had sufficient disappointment to last me a while, thanks. That's all I've got... Mini-Dew has a competition today way up the road, so I'll be out of pocket for the rest of the day.

Enjoy your day! Looking like beautiful outside weather for today in South Georgia.

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