The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Caesar's and waterfalls...

Have a nice break before my next session, so I decided to post some more pictures from my trip. I must say that these hotels go all out. I can't even imagine the cost involved in these structures, and I have to wonder (my accoutant mind) what kind of cost benefit there is, and it begs the question... how badly are the odds stacked against people, and if that's the case... why? Why do people sink so much money in this...? As
I was standing at the Craps table last night learning about that game and all its complexities, a young man (probably young 20's) walked up to the table and dropped 3 $100 bills on the table. Perhaps, I should carry with me a sign outlining the "Dewdrop Storm Chasing Support Fund"... these people obviously have too much money, and have they not looked around to see that their money is only funding this overstated decor? As Mike said, Vegas wasn't built on winners... I had to chuckle walking by the ATM machines in the casinos, with their little pamphlets on the side boasting "Do you have a gambling problem?" Uh, let's see, they came with probably way too much cash to start with... they are hitting an ATM machine inside the casino, what do you think?? I have pretty much cut myself off. I might sink another $5 in to try to win my money back... but I am cutting it off at a $20 loss. I'd spend that on entertainment anyway...

I am really enjoying the scenery though... some of these places have the most incredible fascade. The breathtaking waterfalls, exotic plants and flowers, brilliant green astroturf (by the way, Jeff, think I found the solution to your brown grass problem...), larger than life statues, huge sets for shows, amazing fountains... this place is unreal, made by gamblers for gamblers... This one to the left actually is a volcano with an amazing eruption show throughout the night... you can actually feel the heat from the fireballs that are spewed into the air. The next one actually reminded me of a falls that I visited in North Georgia... they even imported pines for the set... It was almost like being back home, except for the really tall buildings, scary cab drivers, and people handing out cards with women and phone numbers on them... At least in New York, they only tried to sell me a watch...

Tonight should be fun. Our group and a group from a nearby county in GA have dinner reservations at Emeril's, BAM! I am anxious to experience the culinary genious' work. After that, I have several things that I am interested in, one being the Sirens show at Treasure Island, and I would love to hit the Atrium and Secret Garden at the Mirage... the Luxor, the Excalibur, New York, New York (now that I have a basis for comparison). For Thursday, I am considering indoor skydiving... It's according to how adventurous I feel and how much I get off my list by that time... I don't know how often I'll be on-line... I should post some tonight and perhaps in the AM before we leave for the dam...

Tornado in Worth County rated EF-1 and storm reports, and Kelly did a fantastic job, as usual.



  1. DEw, Ya have to dew the indoor skydiving!! It is way fun!

  2. LOLOLOL I told you to watch out for the street corner people. Snap'in the adult card flyers and magazines. They seem to be at every corner.

    I shot a awesome time lapse of that volcano, with all the people and traffic moving around and then the big evening fire show. It came out pretty cool.

    More upper-level energy moving into the Vegas area soon, so you should have some kick butt sunsets soon.

    You know, I just thought of this... you know whos in Vegas right now? Jim Edds. I was going to go too but had to back out due to a family gathering. He's out there for NAB Media Convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center on the north end of the strip. It must be really packed then with such a large convention show in town.

    Anyways enjoy the Dam, it's very cool!

  3. Rick, We'll see... I would love to!!

    Jeff, Give him my number. I'd be happy to meet him. They said there are 150,000 people here for the broadcasters conference... then, there are an extra 50,000 here for some lingerie conference.

    I'll have to watch for the sunsets... that'll be awesome at the dam, if we're still there that late... doubt it though.

    I'd love to see you video of the volcano.

    Oh, and they are on every corner...

  4. Lingerie conference???!! Oh that is just wrong!

  5. I know where Jim is then. Lingerie! I should be chatting with him tonight.. I'll find out details.


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