The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My special little tower...

Well, I was able to do a little driveway chasing yesterday as a tower was climbing just to my Northeast... I actually saw it from the interstate on the way home, and took pics along the way. It was so large and impressive. I couldn't help but shoot pics. It didn't do anything over me (of course, in fact, ironically, I watched it dissipate as it approached...), but it was spectacular while it lasted. Here are the pics. I think the coolest part of it all was that Mini-Dew was asking me a whole slew of questions regarding the clouds. I explained flanking lines to her and showed her how the towers were growing (maturing) and climbing. She was genuinely interested!!! That's my girl!!! While I was out there, I was inspired to try something that I have always thought about doing but never really did... I took a pic of the sun through my sunglasses. I actually saw it done on Jason's Flickr Site... very cool stuff out there, so basically, he was my umph for actually doing it. Whatdya think?

Funny thing from the guys....


As I was driving home yesterday, I was disturbed to see that those piles are still being burned down the road from me. Grr... Moranuses! Anyway, at least we have had... some rain, but I should point out that yesterday's little thundershower did not drop rain up in my part of the county, so actually it's been a little while since that area has seen rain... fortunately (unfortunately), they are planning to build on wetlands... so it shouldn't spread too easily, but I really don't think they should be building there. You can see how wet it is, and the rest of us are very dry. Shouldn't be building on that land... disaster waiting to happen, if you ask me.

I don't see much value in sharing the forecast with you... same old, same old. We'll see what fires off this afternoon.

I'd better get going.

Have a great day!!!


  1. Driveway chasing can be just as fun sometimes...and no need for fuel! :-) Nice pics!

  2. ... and at these rates, that is a very excellent thing!!! ;-) Thanks.

  3. Now, if they would just move the doggone trees... what a ridiculous obstruction!!! lol

  4. Nice pics...I especially like the sun thru sunglasses one!

  5. Thanks Mikes!!!

    Alabama Mike, isn't it cool. They are brown hued sunglasses, so it really made a difference. It's exactly how I was seeing it though, so it's pretty awesome!!!

  6. Hey cool, glad ya got a chance to take some cloud shots! :)

    Thanks for mentioning my page. I originally got the idea for taking photos through sunglasses from a Flickr group called "Shooting Through Sunglasses" at:
    They have a pretty good explanation about it there.

  7. You're welcome, Jason! Thanks!!!

  8. I'm gonna have to try that!!

  9. Jess, you talking about the sunglasses thing...? That is pretty cool, huh?


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