The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lorenzo was a hurricane at landfall.... reminds me of a certain "H" storm...

The east central coast of Mexico was slammed with Hurricane Lorenzo, near Tuxpan, Mexico. Go figure. Another sleeper gone wild. A tropical depression turned hurricane within a close proximity to the shore. The tropics are bizarre this year, doing all sorts of crazy stuff. The, now, Tropical Storm Lorenzo is quickly weakening over the rough terrain of Mexico dumping torrential rains in the process. That was fun while it lasted...

As for Karen, remember her? She is back down to a minimal tropical storm out in the middle of the Atlantic. She has faced some tough shear that has stripped her of most of that solid convection. If she can hang on through another 48 hours of westerlies, she has the opportunity to re-intensify on the other side and try again. Don't give up hope on Tropical Storm Karen just yet. She has held on thus far. Let's see if she has any fight left. Looks like this morning, she has a nice burst of some deep convection just to the east of the center of circulation. She's kicking and screaming, by golly.

Two waves still hanging on out there now, that could be after the Melissa title. We still have the one off of Africa that looks the most promising, and then one in the Caribbean that is still hanging... (you know Ingrid revisited??? lol). My Atlantic Basin Hurricane tracking chart is getting filled up, still looks nothing like 2005, but it is definitely more interesting than 2006.

Locally, looks like a weak cold front is working its way down the state, and we should eventually (after some residual moisture works its way out) see cooler temps and increasingly drier air, through Sunday, when temps start to come back up, but skies remain mostly clear and sunny. Looks like some beautiful landscape photography days ahead. It should be nice taking care of my yard this weekend... my yard should consider itself warned. LOL!!! (Oh, I took the pic back in June, but it made me smile this morning, so it won the bloggerific award of postworthiness... enjoy!)

Looking at an exciting weekend ahead. Mini-Dew has shared that she would like to go bowling this weekend. Sounds like something fun to do. Aside from that, I am looking ahead to some potential Weather Brigade chaser convergence, as Carolina Mike will be in the area for a week with some work related stuff. Incidentally, there appears to be some overlap with when Alabama Mike will be in Southern Alabama for his work... I am thinking a little chaser convergence at the beach... except for the whole rip current issue... It would be great to be able to get it together for some fabulous chaser convergence. We'll see what happens. I'll keep ya posted.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I was treated to a nice thunderstorm driving home from work late last night, and when I was picking up Mini-Dew, there was a most brilliant orange moon on the horizon that appeared HUGE! It was truly magnificent, and I felt very blessed to have experienced it, but frustrated to not have the time to shoot it. Oh well, again... next time.

Update: The 11AM advisory named that wave off of Africa as TD 14, so it looks like it did have some potential... in a current weakly sheared environment, TD 14 is expected to strengthen during the next day, but as it heads into heavy shearing in the days ahead, it could fall apart... unless it follows the predictions of the SHIPS model which calls for it to become a hurricane down the line. Wait and see... in the meantime, welcome aboard TD 14!

Happy Friday... finally!


  1. Beach chaser convergence. Wow, how cool is that? Maybe something will work out. Wouldn't it be something if we actually get some interesting weather? I need to take a look at the extended outlook.

    I agree about Karen. She will be a fighter, and she could also make more of a westward turn... definitely worth keeping an eye on...

  2. Deosn't it sound fun?! A little weather would be a great bonus!

    Keeping an eye on her, for sure.

  3. Yes I hope we can make this work!

  4. Glad you're keeping up with all the storms... every time I check your blog there's another storm I had no idea about. Enjoyed your moon pix. When I went to bed the other night... I turned off the light, and the room was immediately filled with light from the moon. I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sight, but unfortunately was too tired to drag out the camera stuff. Bowling sounds like a good plan this weekend. Have FUN! :o)

  5. We have got to, Mike. Too good of an opportunity to pass up!

    Thanks, Courtney. The tropics are a small subset of my bigger hobby, so it's fun during the down time to have them to look at... the moon was enjoyed by so many this month. I love that!

    Bowling is FUN!!! :0)

  6. Great moon shots. It looks like the skies down in your neck of the woods are pretty clear...a big difference from the horrendous fires not too long ago.

    As far as working in your yard?

    [in my best NWR Mr. Roboto voice]

    Small frogs and swingsets should take cover now. This is a dangerous woman! Stay tuned to Dewdrop Terror Radio for continued updates!


  7. Yeah, Steve, the skies are very clear and beautiful. The moon has been a glorious sight for the past 3 nights. I am so glad to be sharing that, rather than the smoke of those horrific fires. I don't miss the smoke.

    As for your Mr. Roboto, my yard thanks you... and I will have you know, I was able to mow yesterday without incident. I still have to edge, trim and blow, so keep your fingers crossed.


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