The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Severe weather... just not here....

Did anyone happen to notice that beautiful (albeit baby) squall-line traipsing across Southwest Georgia this morning? It was fabulous; little isolated cells embedded in a line working its way across just ahead of that "razor-sharp cold front". Did anyone watch as that beautiful squall FELL APART as it approached South Central Georgia, home of the infamous DEWVOID?!!!!! Yes, folks, I killed another one. That thing, by the time the Dewvoid got a hold of it was nothing but a cluster of showers, sprinkles really... Surprised? Of course not. This is science. Weather, more specifically, severe weather cannot exist anywhere near the Dewvoid. It's like a weather vaccuum... whereever I am, there is NO WEATHER... I don't have any captures of the squall because I was getting ready for work and simply did not have the time to stop and check it out. I was watching it on TWC, and I couldn't help but shout at Marshall "IT'S CALLED THE DEWVOID!!!!" when he said (and I quote)

"There were some storms in South Georgia, but that's kinda over now."
This storm did wreak some havoc, though (just not here). I heard reports of a church destroyed in Tennessee, where also a few children were injured, a couple of tornadoes in Kentucky, strong wind, hail and lots of rain, where this line really came through... Looks like Alabama and Tennessee Mikes were the contenders with this event. They have some excellent local coverage of the event on their blogs. This morning, you could clearly see with the temps where the cold front had already dropped temps in Altanta, and they are expected to continue to drop. The wind had picked up based on a live video shot up that way. Here, it's really cool on radar this morning, you can see the cold front. See it? You can see that it is just about to get here. Temps are about to drop. I love it when you can see the cold front on radar, watch it's progress across... very cool stuff. CWG, that's me.

Busy day for me, so I am going to skidaddle, but have a great day!!!



  1. At least we got some much needed rain. We got a little bit of thunder and lightning, but, alas, I still have no way to photograph it! The main wind we got was after the front rolled through.

    Is it the Dewvoid or the SouthGeorgiaVoid?

  2. It's not weather, Mike... so tell me, what does thunder sound like???

    Man, you NEED a camera!

  3. It sounds like when the Space Shuttle passed over SGA...oops, you missed that too! : 0 )

  4. Oh no you didn't go there!!! lol Boy, did I ever miss that?! The difference between the two is that the shuttle actually went over me, and I was oblivious... the storms never even got close to me... sigh.

  5. Jenn-
    I love how you just get out and go... taking pictures of things that come your way. (Love the oak trees and moss!) I need to do that more often... explore! If I don't make it on your good ole' blog before Thanksgiving... I hope you have a great one.

  6. Courtney, Sometimes you just have to grab those moments. Life could you by if you don't. Thanks! I really enjoyed my day of exploration, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Same thing happened to me It looked like a great cell heading my way then just before it gets to me poof we got a drizzle...hohum another day another time.

  8. We need to come up with a catchy name for your curse... At least you have seen tornadoes... lucky!!! I scared all mine away.

  9. hello! We got quite a bit of rain with the thunder and lightning last night. The roads were still wet this morning! Then my idiot neighbor left his hose on all day and had a small stream going down his driveway, brilliant!
    LOVE the mossy oaks, reminds me of a road on Berry College campus.

  10. LOLOLOL!! Good one mike!!

  11. Nicole, Lucky... Aren't there heavy duty water restrictions and fines up your way? Why did your neighbor even have his hose on? Thanks! I would love to go back to those mossy oaks and catch some different views and different lighting.

    Rick, Don't encourage him...


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