The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Severe weather headed east across much of the US, dropping snow and tornadoes...

Well, another freezing morning. At least this time, the bus arrived on time, so we didn't have to sit out there for forever-and-a-day this time, which is nice. It was a beautiful sunrise. It was nice to sit and watch it for once. There were layers of varied textures painting the sky, and as the sun rose on the eastern horizon (behind a patch of trees in my case), shades of golden yellow, salmon, pink and purple dressed the clouds in layers of magnificent brilliance, striking them at each moment with a fresh new color. I knew my camera wouldn't do it justice, so I just sat and absorbed the ambiance of the moment. What a glorious way to begin my day! Later in the morning, I decided to take a pic of what I was seeing through my sunglasses, and I snapped the picture above of the sun through my sunglasses. I think it's cool how the corner hasn't behind the sunglasses, so you can see the actual coloring of the sky in the same shot with the polarized view, very cool. Kind of interesting and not necessarily picturesque, but I like it, so you are stuck with it. Until I can get out and do a real shoot to get some wonderful pics, I will be posting spontaneous whim shots such as that one. SDS is bad. To see the full effects of SDS, check out a SDS treatment facility future patient's blog. Jeff's blog demonstrates the full impact and symptoms of SDS. You crack me up, Jeff! Thanks for the backlink. You rock! ;O)

This morning, I have seen two meso discussions released by the SPC. One was about a blizzard in the northern plains... ewww... the other talked about severe weather in Arkansas/Louisiana. Looks like Arkansas already has some powerful squall events rolling across that state. The SPC actually has much of the CONUS in a slight risk for severe weather, with the system moving across the nation. Looks like it's building some moisture now. We actually have the thunder line incorporating my neck of the woods, and Rick has been trying to pursuade me to plan to go after it tonight, but with Mini-Dew, it's just not likely. If anything, I can shoot from the backyard. I have had tremendous success with that in the past, so I will just go with what works. I would love for one of these systems to set up during a time when I can actually pursue them and a better photographic locale, but the Dewvoid prevails. The SPC still has a slight risk area highlighted to my west for Thursday (of course). With the speed that these early weather producers have had, I wouldn't be surprised if that area changes drastically as we get closer to Thursday, but it is all expected to deteriorate overnight. They mention that it could be strong to severe, but it looks like that will be more to the southwest of me...

Heck, they are mentioning a strong to severe possibility here for tonight, but come on... We know it will fizzle out before it gets here. It's the nature of the Dewvoid. They rather expect everything tonight to happen well to our Northwest. This looks like Alabama and Tennessee Mikes' system. Sorry, Rick and Meso Mike, looks like the Dewvoid might be "stealing your thunder"... again.

Anyone see that news story about the man who got 42 months in prison for using a stun gun on his 18 month old, supposedly to "toughen" him up? What kind of monster...? Anyways, I was completely repulsed by the story. What is wrong with some people?!

11:30 updated outlook (moderate risk added):1:30 update: Oh yeah, it is hitting the fan in the plains. A tornado watch has just been issued, and I just noted 3 mesos on one line tracking through Arkansas. Busy day out there.Toodles,


  1. Wow...a moderate risk isn't that far away!

  2. ...and they have now issued the tornado watch... if this were Wisteria Lane, people would be going ballistic right about now... ;O)

  3. Still no tor warnings...I think the SPC does a great job, but I don't see this as a mod risk sort of day...

  4. I agree that they do a great job, but I think that moderate was over shooting things...

  5. Lol. Wisteria lane, funny girl! We are getting some nasty wind up here tonight, fun driving home from work!

  6. Well the Dewvoid did what it does so well. It passed though and I slept through the whole thing..Thanks for the rest Dew, I needed it.

  7. That whole bit on Desperate Housewives cracked me up... so unrealistic. They need to consult with weather geeks if they are going to write about weather. The wind with this cold front has been intense across the board. I have seen footage of overturned vehicles, gusts at 50 to 60mph... crazy.

    Rick, sigh... glad to oblige... and I almost hate to say it, but heck, I'll say it anyway... I told you so!

  8. Sorry you are missing all the good or should I say bad weather. I know that must be frustrating. I hadn't heard about the stun gun incident...maybe some people in prison will find it necessary to toughen HIM up...

  9. What a good idea...stun guns for his cell mates... I like it.


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