The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moderate risk again... tornadoes in Texas yesterday

Well, the moderate risk panned out to produce 10 tornado reports during yesterday's severe weather outbreak. Most of them were reported in a concentrated area in central Texas, but there was one outlier reported in western Nebraska. All in all, 243 severe weather reports yesterday, with a significant number of hail reports, many golfball, some baseball sized and some softball sized!!! 4 1/4 inch hail in Bridgeport, NE and Dawson, TX!!! That's the width of my hand, and I have large hands!! I can't even imagine that! Anyways, for a more detailed look at the reports, feel free to click on the map. Now, who was chasing...?

** David Drummond **(and his partner Graham Butler) nabbed the Lamesa tornado.
** Amos Magliocco ** nabbed the Snyder, Texas tornado.
** Verne Carlson ** filmed damaged areas.
** Tony Laubach ** great mammatus shot, chasing again today.
** Ken Reynolds ** busted... sorry, man.
** Mike Hollingshead ** chasing today.

(If you chased and would like a link here, just drop me a line...)

Onto today... yet another moderate risk hatched out by the Storm Prediction Center, this time covering Kansas and Nebraska (Kanbraska or maybe Nebransas). Unfortunately, the largest threat exists heading into evening and night-time hours. I hate night-time events. One interesting part of the convective outlook is described for the slight risk area highlighted in Oklahoma and Kansas, there it seems dynamics are just right for a severe tornadic outbreak, but the models aren't showing convective initiation along the dryline... so they aren't feeling confident, but with the strong dynamics present, initiation would mean an outbreak.Tomorrow, shows another slight risk area over much of the eastern plains, from southern Texas up into Michigan!! The Pacific is spitting out these troughs like sunflower seeds at a ball park...Then, yet another slight risk area is drawn in Saturday, another Texlahoma event... winds and hail with that and a night-time event... lovely.Finally, the kicker... on DAY 5, that's Monday, folks, the SPC has highlighted an area of slight risk on the central Atlantic coast, including Virginia and the Carolinas, which I am certain has Mikey drooling right about now... funny, as I typed this, he commented on my blog... is that irony, or what? He sent me a great video he found on youtube (with some wirty dords) of the Dawson County (near Lamesa), Texas tornado yesterday. The sun was at the right height to make some pretty colors in the supercell that generated that one. You can check out the video here... click here. Pretty tornado. Thanks for sharing, Mikey.

As for me... more blue skies. We aren't looking at any rain until this weekend, while bf and I are back in Tampa for a conference there. In the meantime, I did take a pic of my tree this morning, with some wafty cirrus clouds rolling by gathering in front of brilliant sunny sky...Have a fabulous day!!!


  1. Thanks for the link, Dew. I'm really upset about this bust because I knew I should have gone south, but I was being stubborn. Oh well. Hopefully the central plains will get fired up in the next couple of weeks for a weekend show so I can actually get out and nab an LP Nader!

  2. Gladly. Sorry about the bust. I know that has to be frustrating. Hopefully it'll fire up for your LP.

  3. Great shot for SWF! mine's up too, hope you can drop by. Have a wonderful friday and weekend!

  4. Thanks. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend, as well!

  5. That was a crazy day. My first tornado for this year, so I am happy with it, and some sweet hail to boot. Pics of the tornado and giant hail:

  6. David, your hail shots are incredible... sorry about your vehicle. I guess that's sort of a badge of honor though. I wish I had been watching live. Thanks for the link to your pics of the chase.


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