The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The sky is falling....

Busy, busy day for me today, so I will just say that yesterday's severe weather produced 5 tornado reports in Missouri and Oklahoma. Just what Missouri needed, more rain...there are no slight risk areas outlined for today, but the remnants of that MCS have piled some convection on the southern bulge, now traveling through Mississippi and headed into Alabama. They could see some severe weather, but nothing major is forecasted. I look forward to some chance thunderstorms throughout the remainder of the week, as they could offer me a chance to photograph some lightning.

I have been sort of getting caught up looking at my waterfall pics, so a waterfall excursion will have to happen soon. This is another shot from Anna Ruby Falls, which is located in Unicoi State Park up near Helen, Georgia. I would love to just tour all the falls up in North Georgia.

Anyways... busy, busy.



  1. It's so nice up there in north GA. Seen some of the fall several years back. Would like to return soon.

    Speaking of GA, I might be up in Lake City, FL on thursday. Maybe we all can get a late lunch in or something. I'm working out my details for the day.

  2. Of all the doggone days... a Thursday. Won't be able to swing that one. I am headed out Thursday after rushing through work... Darn.

  3. Thats ok... more trips to north FL later this year. Left a msg with Rick to see what he might be up too on Thurs.

    I know it's hard since it's during work hours and on short notice.

  4. We'll have to try to hook up next time. Maybe Rick will come through for you.

  5. I LOVE waterfalls. There are some nice waterfalls in Georgia.

  6. Scott and I are going waterfall exploring on our honey moon too! I hope my pictures come out as good as yours!

  7. Andrea, some amazing ones in Georgia. Hopefully, bf and I can have an adventure this summer exploring them. I would LOVE that!!!

    Annie, I'm sure that your pics will be wonderful. I can't wait to see them!!! I am so glad you are making a point of going on a honeymoon. :O)

  8. Btw, Annie, you're still it. :O)

  9. Sorry I was at the hospital all day having tests run and tomorrow I am having an exploratory surgery because they can't figure out why some of my blood counts are astronomical and want to rule out scary stuff like cancer in my stomach or colon or Crohn's Disease. Hopefully it is just an obstruction and they can fix it. I'm not missing my honey moon, so they better fix it quickly--what ever it is!

  10. They'd better figure it out quickly. I hope everything is good. I will pray for you. I look forward to seeing you guys in about a week.


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