The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tropical Storm Bertha's Impact on Bermuda

Well, we have hit the redundant weather season, which is a little frustrating... Every day, we have rain in the afternoon, right around the time everyone is getting off of work. Yesterday, Mini-Dew and bf's kids were planning to sell their own special recipe of "limenade" to the workers returning home. They made a beautiful sign... some very "zingy" limenade and were all geared up to sell when the thunder started rumbling... which Mini-Dew tried (to no avail) to deny. It was time for Mini-Dew and I to go grocery shopping... As we left to do that, this beautiful gust front was rolling in from the north. Unfortunately, I was under the gun and pressed for time, so I snapped a shot and proceeded to shop, but a friend who lives north of where I was, said she thought of me as this rumbly, boiling, turmoiled cloud made its ominous approach. A little wind, some brief rain and lightning were all that that nicely shelfed gust front produced, but it sure was beautiful as it approached. I wish I had had more time to compose better shots... A barn would have made a great scene... perhaps in b&w...

Currently, bf has taken the kids fishing at a local pond. The idea was for them to do something a little different and have some fun... and perhaps catch a little lunch... Unfortunately, at last report, he is the only one who has caught anything, and the kids are getting bored since they are catch-less. Fortunately, bf's catch is a big one! That's a 10lb bag of ice, just for frame of reference. Looks like bass for dinner, too!

As for the tropics, well, Bertha made her impact on Bermuda, causing wind and high surf, knocking out power on parts of the island. She breezed by to the east of the island sharing her strongest winds with the island. Tropical Storm Bertha impacted Bermuda as a VERY strong tropical storm, in fact, almost at hurricane strength, packing winds at 70mph (just 4mph beneath the hurricane requisite of 74mph.) As for Invest 94L, which I discussed yesterday... apparently, that one wasn't able to get its act together. We did not see a tropical depression designation yesterday as anticipated, and now, the environment is growing less favorable for development. This is a watch and see situation. Anything can happen. I'll keep you posted.

500 PM AST TUE JUL 15 2008

Interesting lady, still clocking 70mph... on the flip side... looks like 94L has lost structure and might not make it to Cristobal...

Have a lovely day!


  1. Sunday we got 1 3/10th's inches of rain. I cannot remember the last time we have had over an inch of rain at one time so this was a blessing.

  2. It's about time! I am so glad for y'all. What a true blessing! I hope the lake got some!

    Andrea, Have you joined CoCoRaHS yet? GA just went live. We need volunteers. Please consider clicking the link in the margin ------->

  3. We have rain every afternoon too. Tell Mini-Dew I'll have some of that limenade next time I'm up! Nice fish BF!

  4. I think every season is as important as the other. There is no redundant seasons in my mind.
    Handsome fish too!

  5. Just wait, Annie... more coming your way with a possible tropical something or other brewing. I'll let her know. The fish was wonderful.

    Chrome3d, No redundant season! All awesome in their own light. Very handsome!


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