The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Help us find the PERFECT SPOT!

Well, the tropics have gone back to sleep for the time being... The remnants of Edouard have made it far enough inland to sufficiently absolve him of all tropical characteristics, which makes my tropical life... blah. As for severe weather... well, things have been crazy up in the Illinois area, with an EF 2 ripping through the area, was that yesterday or Monday? Anyways, they had another 2 tornado reports yesterday... one with a note indicating that a canoe was left sticking out of the ground... seriously.

08/05/2008 0700 PM TORNADO

Alrighty then...Locally, we are in serious weather void... haven't even been experiencing those lovely afternoon thunderstorms, which has been disappointing. We've got a slight chance today and tonight of some scattered stuff, a better chance tomorrow, but the big chance arrives on Friday where the Storm Prediction Center and National Weather Service in Tally have both described my neck of the woods with that taunting word "severe".
Here's what the Tally guys are saying...
Friday: Showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 2pm. Some of the storms could be severe, with damaging winds.
So, things are boring now, but they could get quite interesting in the near future.
OK, I've covered weather, so now it's time for me discuss something serious with you. We are at a loss, and I am making an official appeal for your help, yes, YOU. You see, my future groom and I are thrilled about our wedding, and as we discuss options and desires, we have come to the same conclusion... we have both imagined a mostly private, small and splendidly simple outdoor ceremony in a BEAUTIFULLY SCENIC location. If you have been reading this blog, you have seen many of our adventures together. You know how much we love to explore, and you know how much I love to photograph all things beautiful. You know that I love waterfalls and mountains and flowers... I'm not a big fan of beaches, but they are all right. We have traveled up to the Franklin, NC area, visiting the scenic Blue Ridge, becoming engaged in an incredibly romantic setting, behind the magnificent Dry Falls. We have traveled to Mt. Cheaha in Alabama, and we fell in love with High Falls near there, with its 3 tiered cascading falls, as well as the rocky cliffs and breath-taking views of Mt. Cheaha. Feel free to visit some of my old post by traveling through the archive if you are new... or just feel like looking back for a reminder. Well, we want to always explore new places, try new things, experience the world around us... and we want our wedding ceremony to follow along in that same way... except we aren't sure where the most perfect location would be. That's where you come in.

I am hosting a contest to find the PERFECT wedding location. I am asking for you, my wonderful reader to offer some of your most romantically magnificent spots in the southeast for us to consider as the perfect spot to exchange our vows. The prize... hmmm... I guess you could come to the wedding, but I could throw in a print of one of my photographs, if you'd be interested, if we select your location. Now, let me narrow it down for you by offering you some details and guidelines and rules... I guess, yeah, rules.... every contest needs rules.

  1. It must be a location in Georgia or in an adjoining state (for those geographically challenged, that includes, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina). There are no exceptions to this one. We will likely have people in attendance from as far as southern Florida and as far north as North Carolina... so the southeastern region is a must, in our consideration. If you suggest some other state (or country), I will laugh at you. If you doubt me, ask Christine.
  2. I plan to wear a dress, but changing upon arrival is not out of the question, so not too arduous of a hike, please. I don't want to sweat all over my dress. I rather prefer an easy hike, so I have the breath remaining to utter my vows.
  3. It must offer easily photographed views of the magnificent location, and it must consist of a location for the ceremony and room for a small audience of our close friends and family (standing room is fine).
  4. It will most likely take place in the early spring (February/March... perhaps April depending on scheduling and all that jazz), so if your location is only beautiful when the leaves change, think again. Think beautiful flowers.
  5. It will most likely take place in the early spring (February/March... perhaps April depending on scheduling and all that jazz), so if your location will most likely be snowed in or ridiculously cold at that time of the year, think again. I don't want to be a Dewdrop-cicle for the wedding.
  6. We are pretty open to unique ceremony ideas, actually considered rappelling during the ceremony... but again, the dress.
  7. Unique, beautiful... perfect.

Again, the person who offers the location we end up choosing will be offered an original Dew print and an invite. All rules are revisable by me. I have the final say-so if there are any ambiguities. My contest and my rules, participation in my contest voids you of all rights to legal action against me or any of my constituents. Even if you don't participate... it's just a fun contest. Let's not go all crazy, okey doke? All ideas will be considered, though some may be laughed at (see rule #1). We appreciate your help with this. It is a wonderfully exciting day we are planning, and we want it to be perfect. We look forward to hearing what you come up with...

Have a stormy day (the equivalent of a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day for most folks),


  1. Have you considered the Dry Tortuga National Park off of Key west, Florida?

  2. Thanks, Jon. MFG and I will discuss that location. It looks beautiful... especially the underwater photographs.

  3. No laughing allowed chica!

    I'll add my thoughts after I think on it a bit. Have to check the Weather Roundups first! :P

  4. Hey, it's my blog, and I'll laugh if I want to... laugh if I want to.... Now, repeat after me... "Hello, my name is Christine, and I am addicted to Weather Roundups."

  5. I am just the wedding videographer..I go where you go...:-)

  6. LOL. Thanks, Rick, and we will have to check out Little River Falls per your IM suggestion.

  7. If Rick is suggesting Little River Canyon in Dekalb County, Alabama, I would concur. Cheaha is great too. A nice "remote" beach spot would be Dauphin Island south of Mobile.

  8. Thanks, Mike. Yes, I am looking at the Little River Falls and now I've found DeSoto Falls there in Dekalb County. I will check out Dauphin Island.

  9. Hey Dewde! There might be something down here in FL - Cypress Gardens!
    I'm pretty sure that they have arrangements for weddings in place and I'm also pretty sure that you will have a hard time to find a place with more greenery and flowers!
    Especially this time of the year - where up north they still suffer from occasional Winter cramps!

    Cheers, Klaus

  10. Ok, since Klaus has said Cypress Gardens, I can give my choice. Wasn't sure you would consider this far down in Florida.

    Bok Tower! It will Klaus a run for the money on that greenery and those flowers. :D

    and here is fixed link for Cypress -

    There are some other places, but right off hand, I'd have to say Bok is gorgeous in the foggy morn with the Carillon playing in the background. :D

    And yes, I am addicted to Weather Roundups, and you can't make me otherwise. :P

  11. Klaus, I have never been there, but my fabulous fiance has. I will bring it to the table... Thanks!

    Christine, How beautiful! Wow! I never have heard about that before! We will have to check it out! Thanks!

  12. Whitewater Falls, NC


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