The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, November 21, 2008

Minnows and leaves and skies, OH MY!

Well, I have a nice relaxing weekend planned. Who me?! Yes, me. It's cold, so I can't go out, no matter what OSNW3 says. Brrr. Anyways, as the clipper system pushes shots of arctic air our way (not blaming Canada), and the low off the coast bring in a northeasterly flow, we have temps topping out in the 50's (UGH!) today and heading down to the 20's tonight (Ewwww!), with a yucky 20 to 30mph wind making the molecules fall off our bodies, which makes it feel colder (right gtb???) Don't believe that, folks. He's just blowing smoke, just like when he tells me that we should watch "Tropic Thunder" since it's weather related... right... lol! We are actually going to snuggle up with the rental and a pint of our favorite Ben & Jerry's and watch it. I'll let you know just how weather related it is.

I did fail to mention that last weekend, my wonderful gtb's dear son got a garter snake. The kids had lots of fun torturing their poor grandmother with it. We took the opportunity to explore down by the creek while catching a minnow feast for the snake. I took that opportunity to capture nature. You know me... A couple of rainy leaves...A pretty little wild flower... which I am sure Christine and Troy can name...... and an amazing twilight sky yesterday.

Stay warm,


  1. I love the pictures. I think your gtb is silly! I know the name of that's called Pretty Flower of the genus of Beauty.

  2. Love the photos ... was the garter snake a wild one or bought from a pet shop? its cute :) its sooo cold up here its insane!!!
    dipping into the teens tonight they say and the whole weekend is to be so cold... I say we head to the keys or Australia or something LOL

  3. Nothing better than a boy, or boys and a creek. I had the best fun exploring the creek at our parents home in MO this summer with my nephew. What memories!
    Lovely photos.

  4. Your twilight sky reminds me of a Japanese woodblock print.

  5. Good for you! Having a relaxed Weekend! Dew have fun!
    And your perdy flower is a Common Primrose Willow - also known as Seedbox! :)
    Cheers, Klaus

  6. My gtb is very silly, Beth. I love it!!!

    Laura, he saved up to buy it at a pet shop. If you head to Australia, swing by and get me on your way!!!

    Tsannie, gtb's daughter loves it as much as his son, and I think they are getting some interest out of Mini-Dew. I love exploring and nature, so I am all into these afternoon excursions. I even took a stab at snatching some minnows.

    Kay, yeah?

    Klaus, Thanks! Sorry I didn't mention you... didn't know you would be the one to tell me.

  7. I somehow missed this post. Nice job, great photos.

    Thanks Klaus. ID right on.

    Nice twilight sky.


  8. Troy, I knew you'd know. lol Thanks!


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