The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow in south Georgia?! just kidding.

(The sky yesterday, a lovely stratocumulus deck, which turned into the most AMAZING sunset last night, which I was totally unprepared for... the shame) The northeast has been devastated by a ferocious ice storm, wiping out power (i.e. heat) to over 1.4 million people in New England over the weekend. Fortunately, power has been restored to over half of those folks, but it's a tremendous effort to restore power in storms such as this because, not only have the heavy trees taken down the lines, but the freezing rain has destroyed the power boxes themselves. Thousands are in shelters. A State of Emergency has been declared by President Bush in New Hampshire and in 9 of 14 counties in Massachusetts. It's a mess up there! As temperatures start to rebound today, trees will rebound and possibly hurt the work that has been done to restore power. Fortunately, my dad in the Boston area didn't see any of it, just some wind and rain, and he didn't even lose cable.

Worse news that an arctic blast is carrying in yet another ice storm. This time, it is expected to be worse in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi, where the system is expected to stall leaving an extremely dangerous quarter inch sheet of ice on everything, which has prompted ice storm warnings in those areas. Reports of -20 degree windchill in Wisconsin... with a high here in the 70's today, I am feeling a lot less geographically misplaced.

We had a lovely weekend full of Christmas parties and festivities. I had the pleasure of learning the "Boot Scoot'n Boogie". I also won the "Perfect Storm" DVD when gtb performed one of his crazy tricks, and I won him the "Million Dollar Baby" when I was the first to count out $0.37 in change. It was fun times of games, carols and dancing all weekend long.

We had a little bit of a south Georgia "snowball" (we--collective southerners--chop up ice and let kids play in it, to give them a "snow" experience) fight at the winter festival. Yep, here in south Georgia, snow comes out of an ice truck... ... just a word of advice, gtb, don't eat the yellow snow... snicker, snicker.They also had a petting zoo. Don't believe I've ever seen giant horned creatures in a petting zoo...... but that was one brave bunny.
I also spent last evening decorating a gingerbread house with Mini-Dew who was quite creative in her design. It was so much fun!All in all... great weekend!


  1. Snow in South GA?! Wait... oh. no. whatever. :)

    The chopped ice pile looks like a lot of fun. How many snowballs did you get to toss? I absolutely love throwing snowballs. Currently our snow pack is frozen straight through to the grass, as you can walk on top of the snow and not fall through.

    Yes, next year is your year for the OSNW3 Winter predictions Dew! You can do it. :)

  2. sounds like you had a good weekend...we are here freezing our buts off. It's a whole 0 degrees outside and the windchill is -18. Yesterday the temps were in the40s (we took advantage of it and only wore sweatshirts while we played outside) and then it rained until about 9pm then it started to freeze so they canceled almost all the schools in the Some of the roads had about 2 inches of solid ice on them and we were sliding all over the place as we drove around. But it was fun and I had to get some more Christmas shopping done. Nothing like a big storm to get you in the Christmas spirit.
    If I could remember my password I would sign this under my own account but I can't so for now it will have to anonymous LOL Carrie

  3. Ah, you are more than welcome to have this brutal cold here out in western Canada. Bah... I'm off to walk to work and just peeked at the thermometer and it's reading -33 C (-27 F) and of course not including the windchills. Already the 4th day...sigh.
    The gingerbread house is adorable!! I tried to make one but hubby ate most of it before we finished so yeh, it didn't turn out at all!
    Take care...

  4. Looks like a great weekend, love the S GA. snow!! Mini-dew's gingerbread house is awesome, very impressive! I love the weather doll you found, perfect!
    Can't wait to get together next week!

  5. Oh man, send that 'snow' machine down here. Cool! Used to do that down in Miami. We had wonderful times playing in it. :D

    Uh-oh... watch out bunny! See, that would give me heart-failure. (laughs)

    Awww, the gingerbread house is great. Love the icicles handing down. We used to make them growing up, but like Michele's husband, my dad would come along and eat our decorations before we could finish. Nothing like having four daughters and a wife chasing you around because you ate the house! ;)


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