The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold as ice...

With each weather event being dubbed "The Worst Winter Weather Event of the Season", it's hard to buy this cock-and-bull story about global warming... Now, we see that this ferocious, deadly ice storm is dropping inches of ice in some areas... inches of ice?! Yes. Crazy. Winter weather warnings and advisories span from parts of southern Texas to northern Maine.The current radar is showing an ongoing assault of these treacherous conditions, with the event having start in the central US yesterday afternoon. No rest for the weary as power outages due to the weight of the ice on trees and power lines cause breakage, so for those without generators, heat vanishes. It's really a horrific storm of sleet and freezing rain. My thoughts and prayers are with those being impacted. We are blessed to be back in the 70's, so it's hard to relate to the situation, but to know it's terrible. We once again had a sheet of thick fog that offered measurable precipitation. The cool part is that while I was waiting on the doggone dogs groomer to come back from taking her son to school, I spied some moisture coated spider webs in the trees in her yard. She pulled up with me shooting pictures, you know, just me looking like my typical lunatic self.
While I was searching through information about the winter weather, I stumbled upon these tornado statistics... wow. Man, 2008 was a doozy!Be safe if you're in the target zone for the ice storm; stay warm, and try not to go out.

Have a dewrific day!


  1. Love the webs..... and the info.


  2. The webs are definitely cool! Ice has not started here in Dallas, yet, but we are down to 32F so it won't be long now. I shot some video this morning and will shoot again once it starts to ice. Enjoy the warmth down there! :)

  3. Thanks guys.

    Yes, Ken, it doesn't look far off for you, at all. Stay safe.

  4. The only thing we're measuring up here in WI is the rate at which our snow is sublimating. :) Enjoying the warmer temps, Dew?

  5. Man, I can't even imagine what that kind of dry air would do to my sinuses!!! Sorry you're being robbed of your s#@w!

    Of course, I am loving this break. I was out in short sleeves today! I just didn't want to brag. ;O)

  6. Yeah, global warming was a bad choice of words. I'm seeing that even "climate change" is being droped in favor of "climate destabilization" which is more accurate, especially when we're freezing our behinds!

  7. Ah yes, code for... "We were wrong!"

  8. Oh I'm so jealous of your 70 degree weather! I'm in Southeast Missouri just above the bootheel and branches are snapping & breaking & crashing to the ground all around me as I'm typing!!! It's really eerie to stand outside and hear all that going on - the sounds can shock the crap right out of ya! Pardon my language, but WoW! Plus, it's so bright outside from all the ice that at 11pm last night, I didn't need lights to see anything. It's only going to get worse tonight too, from what I understand from The Weather Channel. I'm praying that my electric stays ON!!!

  9. BTW - I'm on The World in Black & White too! Just wanted to say hi!

  10. Tricia, God bless you. Hang in there. I hope you keep your power!

  11. Pretty webs. Did the doggone dog groomer quickly speed away after she saw you???


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