The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My own little paradise

Right now, everyone is buzzing about the "Best Job in the World". As a blogger, I must admit that the appeal of living on an island paradise in Australia for 6 months, just walking the sands, taking pictures and snorkeling in the reef, while living in a multi-million dollar mansion, while blogging daily about how beautiful it is and occasionally talking to the media is very tempting. Seriously, they are planning to pay, whoever wins this "job" the equivalent of 105,000USD!!! Check it out yourself... Blogging job of a lifetime!! and here is an article about the offer. Am I meant to have that job, or what?! Thanks, Meso Mike, for teasing me...

Well, since I wasn't on an island paradise, when my wonderful gtb and I took our lunchtime excursion yesterday, instead of strolling the white sands of a paradise island and exploring the coral reef off shore... we checked out the local landfill... LOL! It actually fell in line with my fascination of water towers... they have conveniently co-located this specific water tower within one hundred yards of an outrageously stacked landfill. Eww... See all those birds swirling around in the background...? Too close... a little too close. Here are my bird shots though, cause they were cool, even if they were just lured by a pile of trash. Yuck. The hawk in the tree was just a bonus! My wonderful gtb has a great eye for spotting those... I guess you would say he's got a "hawk-eye". tee hee.... and closer... Isn't it ironic that on the same day that everyone is going ya-ya over the blog-job in paradise, I am blogging my landfill shots... sigh.

In order to redeem positivity after the ewww lunch experience... I decided after work to drive around and capture some of the beauty in town from those early blossoms, which will most likely be destroyed in the fast approaching freezing temps. It's so beautiful, you can hardly tell it's winter, for now.So, that's what my part of the world looks like right now, my own little (unpaid) paradise, but I expect that to change soon (not the pay part, the paradise part)... sigh. Break out those parkas, folks...

Have a lovely day!


  1. Landfill? SDS is really wearing you down Dew..I was amazed at the amount of seagulls in the shot. You can thank Hurricane Kate for bringing them here..

  2. Well, you certainly cover it all in this post!! Here's another link for a cool sky phenom, in case you didn't see it. I checked in with the discussion board about it, but it was (waving flat hand over top of head) totally beyond me! But they're looking for some input.

  3. Great find, Deborah! Thanks for sharing that link to the pic of the day featuring light pillars with tangent arcs at the top. What a fascinating capture. It's amazing what ice crystals do to generate such amazing parhelia. In this case, we are seeing urban ice fog which allows the light pillars, which are common in ice fog, and the arc at the top. Amazing!

    Ice fog is any kind of fog where the droplets have frozen into extremely tiny crystals of ice in midair. Generally this requires temperatures at or below −35 °C (−30 °F), making it common only in and near the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is most often seen in urban areas where it is created by the freezing of water vapor present in automobile exhaust and combustion -products from heating and power generation. Urban ice fog can become extremely dense and will persist day and night until the temperature rises. Extremely small amounts of ice fog falling from the sky form a type of precipitation called ice crystals, often reported in Barrow, Alaska. Ice fog often leads to the visual phenomenon of light pillars.

    Yes, Rick, SDS is bad.

  4. The blossoms are beautiful... The color is fascinating... very unique. What wonderful photos.

    We endured ice fog for 3 days straight and it is incredible... we had temperatures for a week at -35 C to -42 C and that fog is thick!!
    I had to walk, believe it or not, to work in this stuff bundled up in layers and layers and layers of clothing and visibility was bad enough and then not to be able to see through all my scarfs was insane!!
    It is much thicker than regular fog and it tends to coat the roads in ice which makes it not only treacherous for cars but next to IMPOSSIBLE to walk on!

    Take care and hopefully your cold snap isn't too bad... we have warmed up now to a balmy -15C. Yea!


  5. Okay, I want blossoms like that! Those are so beautiful, remind me of cherry blossoms.

    I think I would have hung out there, not sure I could do the landfill. ;)

    Here's to hoping that your paradise doesn't get too damaged, that would be a crying shame. Can ya tell, I really like those blossoms!? :o)

  6. Hey..nice beach pic...lucky couple getting married!! :-)

  7. That's my dear Winder friend getting married on Tybee... is this my dear Winder friend commenting??? Anonymous comments... sigh.

  8. Lovely blossoms. I can't wait for Spring here and birds...


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