The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mike's cell is tornado warned

Mike's cell is tornado warned... I was telling him that it was hooking when we got cut off, and then it got warned!

5:04PM EST:

5:10PMEST:It just exploded! He is the red dot, btw.

3.5" hail core...

5:24PM EST Still going...

5:28PM capture... just exploded again and let off some extra weight.

5:33PM EST:Our special cell has got offspring...

5:46 EST Pea sized hail, but the core is showing 3.75" hail and golf ball sized has been reported from this storm... street flooding.... very, very gusty winds, cloud to ground lightning. Debris flying from trees. Bigger hail now... 5:47PM. Getting bigger.Winds have changed direction... Hail getting bigger... on the edge of circulation. Huge hail.

He is in a bad spot... didnt make it to the other side in time... hit in hail core, lost him while I was talking to the NWS on his behalf.Now, his phone rings off the hook. He was stuff in mud with the circulation going over his area.

He's ok.


  1. Wow, just got deja-vu. This whole scenario kinda reminds me of around this time last year! LOL

  2. Holy moly! How awesome! So, Mike's location thru the whole ordeal was portrayed by the red dot? Wow. Where will the photos be located?

    Was your relay to the NWS a hectic conversation or are these type of info busters all calm like? I envision it being hectic...

  3. Some guys have all the ...uh..."luck"...?

  4. Thanks for the amazing support Jenn... I am working on a video now.

  5. Just glad you're alive Mike... I'm not a huge fan of core punching.

    Josh, follow the link to Alabama Mike's site. I don't think he got many pics. I encouraged him to get the hail that got in his car, but he's more of a video-man.

    Rick... yeah... something like that. Again, Mike, just glad you're alive!

  6. Oh, and Josh... the red dot was my best guess based on what he was saying, and the call started out calm, until the guy in Birmingham started yelling, "TELL HIM TO GET OUT OF THERE! HE'S NOT SAFE! TELL HIM TO BACK UP TO WHERE HE WAS! TELL HIM NOT TO GO THROUGH THIS ANY FURTHER! IT'S GOING TO FAST! IT'S WAY TOO DANGEROUS!" In the beginning though, he was asking, "does he see a wall cloud?" "Can he get to Selma? That would be a great spot to watch it!" Then, as it dawned on him where exactly Mike was... the conversation changed to the frantic mode. Then, Mike's phone went dead, and he wouldn't answer my calls, and I was preparing to call emergency management.

  7. I will check to see if I have any decent photos soon. Now I know exactly where I was and I sent in a detailed report to BHM NWS. I think a few of those hail stones were 1.25-1.5".

  8. "I think a few of those hail stones were 1.25-1.5"."

    From what we saw on the video, at least that Mike.


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