The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our camping trip this past weekend

We had a fantastic weekend adventure!!! My wonderful groom and I joined some friends and headed out to Cheaha State Park for some camping and exploration. Yes, in the middle of this astounding heat streak, we spent time getting to be one with nature. We had a great drive up on Friday, meeting up with my wonderful groom's dear high school friend along the way. We got to the park and immediately went to work on our campsite. We quickly pitched our classic stand-upright inside tent. My wonderful groom's dear friend made a lean to, using drill bits and other sound system installation tools... yes, seriously... he hung it on an extension cord. LOL! Note that under the lean-to is a huge slab of rock, fondly dubbed "Bed-rock". It wasn't until after he invested all his time and effort in his lean-to that he realized his bed-rock was a little short of his body. We sat around the non-fire and waited for the rest of the group to arrive, having had to work late Friday, were expected to arrive at about 1AM! We "enjoyed" some enlightening trivia games hosted by my wonderful groom, who was Philosophizing by that point. When they finally arrived, we helped them get settled and hit the sack.

Saturday, we rose early to a gentle pitter patter on our tent, to my dismay, no, not hail... dear friend was launching pebbles at us, eager to start our day... sigh. We got up, freshened ourselves and hit the breakfast buffet, taking in the amazing, yet hazy and sadly smoky view.Then, we were off to learn/re-learn the ropes of rapelling (pun intended). My wonderful groom quickly launched into a focused teaching mode, and the guys all worked together to show the two ladies what to do...Brett mocking us by traipsing face first down the side of the mountain (Aussie-style rapelling)Em, hesitant but trusting...Dew... not so sure, needing a little more convincing...... but eventually getting over it for the little rapell...After a little exploration and sight-seeing... ...we headed over to my wonderful groom and I's special spot and the guys did some rapelling over that > 100' drop... We watched.Then, we hiked back, encountering a large stick bug along the way...... and proceeded to hit the pool and cool off. Though the weather up there was moderate... at a relatively cool 85°. I can handle that. Dewpoints were higher than I like, but we did all right. That night after some campfire dogs and S'mores!!!, we explored Bald Rock and took in an amazing sunset despite the smoky hazy skies, enjoyed a far off thunderstorm (got updates from Alabama Mike, who was too tired to join us) and hit the sack early.It was an amazing trip and in true Dew fashion, we took the scenic route home... encountered some torrential downpours, powerful wind and frequent lightning. We just missed a severe warned storm back home, but our leisurely ride home, passing Jimmy Carter's boyhood farm and current home was well worth it.Have a great day!!!


  1. What wonderful photos! what a marvelous trip! My fav is that stick bug you had on your do they bite????


  2. Awesome! I haven't been rappelling since I was in high school, about 125 lbs. ago. LOL I'd love to go again. Looks beautiful where you guys were.

  3. It didn't bite him. It was pretty cool. They had accidentally shaken it out of a tree.

    Ken, it was a blast! You should come with us next time!

  4. Beautiful country! Looks like a really nice time. I love the stick bug...wish I would see those around here.

  5. Haven't left you a comment in awhile. Glad to see you and your new groom out enjoying time together! Looks fun, but I too think I would watch from some spots! Have a happy 4th! :o)

  6. Enjoyed reading about your trip and the photos, as always. I wish I had been able to be there. But I think I had a good excuse at the time, don't you?


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