The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, November 24, 2006

How much can a little dewdrop take?

It starts off innocently enough, Black Friday. Actually, I guess it started off on Thanksgiving, while I was looking at the Black Friday deals... Best Buy has a notebook for $249.99 with everything I would need for a chase computer... Problem according to the flyer is that most stores are only required to have 10 of each item... a line forms outside the store, probably had already started at that point even. At 4:00, they hand out tickets to the people at the front of the line. At 5:00 doors open and people get their stuff... I could've gone and done that, but ... 1) I would have had to go alone. 2) I would have fallen asleep sitting out there and been vulnerable to a bunch of desperate and tired strangers. 3) I might have gone through all that and not gotten the notebook. 4) I might have been robbed, assaulted, mugged, raped or murdered... My life and well-being are worth more than $350, or at least I think so, so I didn't do it. I'll just have to pay regular price for a notebook. No biggie... What's $350 more dollars?

So, my dear friend and I went out shopping after we finally dragged ourselves from our beds after cleaning the Thanksgiving mess all night (Yes, we are some of those people, those crazy Black Friday shoppers). We went to only three stores... I spent the $350 that I didn't end up saving on the notebook on a pile of Christmas presents... fa la la la la... Aren't I just full of Christmas cheer...?

Then, we return to the house... I get a call shortly after returning there from my mother... My great-grandmother has slipped into a coma, her respiration is slowing and they don't expect her to make it through the night. She wants to know if I plan to go up if she passes... up to Boston, MA not GA... I have no idea... It's sad but the last time I visited her, I saw that she was a shell of the woman I once knew (her mind no longer her own). There is no way that she would have ever wanted to live trapped in that body while her mind abandoned her, so for her to drift off through a coma to be with God, what a blessing... It's ideal. Is it wrong to feel happy for her at a time like this? My mother was so solemn, and all I could feel was relief for my great-grandma's sake. The Lord is finally blessing her with Peace. Praise Him.

As if that wasn't enough, Hubby decided that he was bored and wanted to change out some rotted out wood in my friend's door frame... OK, whatever... So he heads out to Home Depot and we head to the park. While at the park, friend decides to spin kids in tire swing. One's stomach doesn't handle it well... she gets sick on the way back... all over herself... darling daughter is feeling ill, the boy child is feeling bad, too... What a mess. Get back 2 hours later, and Hubby is gone... I call him, and he is at Home Depot again... needs more stuff for the job. It's worse than he thought... He gets back and gets to work tearing up the door frame, even the good parts... which is totally stressing my friend and me out. It looks like he's taken on way more than he can handle, and he'll never finish... it's getting cold, and he's working on the door jam... so the door is wide open and the house is freezing. Not to mention, the amount he estimated to fix both doors has been more than doubled for just one of them, and my friend's work cases were just closed, meaning she has no income coming in, and Christmas is approaching, so because Hubby was bored... they get to fork out dough to fix something that he might not be able to fix, even though he's torn up what was there, and they weren't really in a position where they were ready to pay for it to be fixed...

Finally, as I was going upstairs, Bear followed me, and his hind legs went out from under him (he hasn't been acting right with them lately -- I'm wondering if it's not a result of him being hit by that car last month, even though he's seen two vets about it and checked out fine...), and he fell down the stairs backwards, landing on his back in the foyer where he laid and cried. Poor Bear. I don't know what to do about him. Deep breath... He seems OK now. He's walking fine, not jumping, but he seems fine. I've felt his legs and everything, and it all seems OK. I'll keep an eye on him. If it doesn't get better, I'll take him to another vet.

So I blog to escape a life that is currently driving me crazy... I blog, therefore I am.

Tomorrow is a new day... let's hope a better one.


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