The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It Better Not Rain on My Parade!!!

Be careful what you wish for, huh? Things were looking good, thunderstorm possibility on Thursday...I could have dealt with that, would have enjoyed it even if darling daughter has practice during that time, so I would have missed the whole thing... Now, it's showers today... which just ticks me off... because it's not enough to enjoy, and just enough to mess up my hair, which is much more tempermental now that it's starting to grow again... Tomorrow, 30% TSTMS, both day and night... which is cool... possibly a lightning shot opportunity, except for the whole practice thing... grrr... then Friday 50% POPS... I can deal... I don't have too much going on except indoor stuff, so that's fine. The problem comes Saturday and Saturday night... parade day. Chance of rain. CHANCE OF RAIN!!! It can't rain on my parade... I'm walking, and darling daughter will be wearing a very expensive outfit that will bleed all over her if it rains... (deep breaths)... One good point in all this is that they discussion has a little more language allowing for strong storm wx possibilities (still not touching that severe word that is music to my ears). SHOULD THE SHORTWAVE DIG A BIT FURTHER SOUTH AND NOT EJECT OUT AS FAST TO THE NE...THEN THE WIND PROFILES COULD BECOME MORE FAVORABLE FOR STRONG STORMS. Let's just hope that front doesn't stall like they suspect it might...

I have a full weekend planned. It starts Friday, have to get darling daughter to private lessons, set up for the breakfast and vigilant hubby is working on his church group float all night, and I have to take darling daughter to a Girl Scout event... Saturday, in the wee hours, I have to be at the church for the breakfast, so I can head up the kids' crafts table. Then, I need to squeeze in some house cleaning and Christmas decor... then, the parade (hopefully not in the rain), especially since vigilant hubby's float will have snow on it... Sunday, church, then our end of season team party... I am booked solid. I'll never get the house decorated for Christmas...

Speaking of Darling Daughter and Christmas, I have got her singing "Give a, give a, give a Garmin..." It's as good as mine. ;-)

Update: I almost forgot to mention... I need advice. I have talked (way back when) about putting a collage of my own landscape photographs above the mantel in my house. I talked about printing them on canvas in 8" X 8" or 9" X 9" squares. When I was showing the photographs to my opinioned sister-in-law (SIL), she was very opposed to me wasting such crystal clear photos on canvas... Can someone offer an opinion here??? I could do sqare photographs too, but I like the look of pictures in a collage without frames. I will entertain any and all opinions about this... but I'll still do whatever the heck I want... (evil grin)


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