The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, February 05, 2007


Tim's AFD this early morning was very fun to read...: TODAY IS NATIONAL WEATHERPERSON`S DAY AND THE PROBLEM OF THE DAY IS WHETHER OR NOT THE CLOUDS WILL THIN ENOUGH FOR ME TO SEE MY SHADOW. I BELIEVE THE ANSWER WILL BE YES BUT AM NOT CONVINCED THAT THE MID AND UPPER LEVEL CLOUDINESS THAT HAVE BEEN WITH US THE PAST SEVERAL DAYS WILL LEAVE US ALTOGETHER UNTIL TUESDAY AS THE UPPER LOW WEAKENS AND THE BROAD UPPER TROUGH MOVES OFF THE EAST COAST. First, was that not funny???? Second, Happy Weatherpersons' Day to all you forecasters!! Love the entertaining AFDs, Tim and Kelly, makes them a pleasure to read and breaks up the weather monotony that we face now... Could do without this cold, though. No rain chance until... Sunday and they are only offering slight POPS with that. Strong Cold Front though... great.

No updates out of Central Florida except that the death toll was raised to 20, such a horrible situation. Continued prayers for those impacted.

The strangest thing... yesterday, while I was shopping for groceries, hubby took Mini-Dew and her friend to the pet store. When they returned to pick me up, hubby announced that he was going to litter box train the hamster. Yes, he did. I have never heard of such. I am not expecting success... I think he's gone off the deep end. Anyway, while they were setting everything up, Mini-Dew realized that Brownie is a girl, and she decided that Brownie isn't a suitable name for a girl hamster, so she renamed her Sara. Alrighty then.

I wish I could get out and take some pictures, but time just isn't there lately... the Mini-Dew keeps me hopping. I'll check out my archive... ah, yes, some pretty flowers to spark the notion of warmer air, spring, severe weather season... Ended up at two Superbowl parties yesterday. The first was interesting... a detached garage, turned man-room. Obvious Dale Jarrett fan. No problems with that. I'm not really into NASCAR, I'd rather watch NFL any day. The problem was that they had a grill inside the room cooking chicken. Hubby begged that I try to make it through half-time, and I did, but I subjected my fragile lungs to smoke and my brain to carbon monoxide... we were invited back for NASCAR races, but I think not. The other party was more of a gathering, nice and quaint. That covered the second half, good game, slick ball, lots of fumbles... and ridiculously stupid commercials. Even if I did like Snickers, I think I'd stop eating them...

That's all for me.

Dew genough-why (Cornish - Great Britain for Good-bye),


  1. Grilling inside??? The host have a little to drink, you think???

    Read the side of the charcoal prevent fires and injury due to carbon monoxide DO NOT use inside your domicile.

  2. Jay, Thanks for stopping by. Sadly, it appeared that the grill was a settled in feature in their man-room. I guess it takes all sorts of folks to make the world go round. Someone's got to give the firefighters and EMTs something to do... Like I mentioned, don't think I'll be hitting any of their Nascar parties.


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