The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Saturday, April 07, 2007

cRaZy Easter weather!

Crazy weather we're having... I just can't get over it. Reports out of Alabama are that it snowed last night... Snow... in Alabama?! In April?! Mike even has video. Check it out in Mike's Alabama Weather blog. Of course, here in South Georgia, we had no snow... just before sunrise, my weather station read 41 degrees. Not too bad, still cold... For tonight, they have done it... they issued the "f" word watch. Temps are expected tonight to reach freezing or just below for a short time... (1 - 4 hours). Egg hunting should be miserable tomorrow morning... TODAY WILL BE A BRISK DAY WITH STRONG COLD AIR ADVECTION KEEPING TEMPS MOST AREAS IN THE 50S. Brisk... not my ideal choice for describing an April day... Happy Easter Eve... Of all the crazy things, we have a cook out scheduled for this evening... lovely weather for a cook out... We might cook out, but we'll certainly be eating in. I don't do cold. Models are still putting temps at mid-20's, but they have backed off that and opted for the much milder (HA!) slightly below freezing... The current record low for April is 29 degrees, set back in 1885. It's isn't far-fetched to think that we might break that record... Perfect day tomorrow for a picnic, eh? Add a little rain to the forecast (which I should mention, they have... slight chance) [EXPECT A BROAD AREA OF OVERRUNNING PCPN... MAINLY IN THE FORM OF RAIN BEGINNING OVER THE PANHANDLE ZONES LATE SUNDAY AFTERNOON AND GRADUALLY SPREADING E/NE SUNDAY NIGHT AND MONDAY.], and you've got yourself a cancelled picnic... Perhaps, we should just go for Chinese and call it a day.... The guys go on to say... CANNOT RULE OUT A FEW EMBEDDED TSTMS MONDAY AFTERNOON. We can use the rain... so I'm not complianing. We'll see what comes of it though... Things should become more April-like temperature-wise after Tuesday morning... here's hoping.

Moving on to the long term AFD:
...LOOKS LIKE A RATHER UNSETTLED START TO THE EXTENDED FCST AS ANOTHER SHORT WAVE IMPACTS THE SERN STATES... EXPECT SCATTERED SHOWERS AND TSTMS WITH THIS SYSTEM. FAST ON ITS HEELS IS ANOTHER MORE POTENT SHORT WAVE AND ASSOCIATED TROUGH WHICH SWINGS THROUGH THE CWFA ON WEDNESDAY AND WEDNESDAY NIGHT. WIND SHEAR AND INSTABILITY PARAMETERS SUGGEST A THREAT OF STRONG TO POSSIBLY SEVERE TSTMS DURING THE AFTERNOON AND EARLY EVENING HOURS. Hey, did they just tell me that I might have a storm chasing opportunity here in South Georgia on Wednesday??? Did they just put a possibility of severe tstms in the discussion for our CWA??? Stay tuned folks, we might just have ourselves a storm. It should push out by Thursday/Friday as a high pressure system rolls in from the west, bringing with it dry air, but rain chances return on Saturday... great... driving day. Of course.

Where's Waldo? Last night, as hubby and I were headed off to bed after watching "Pursuit of Happyness" (great movie, very touching story of determination and the resultant potential for success...), the doggone dog had beat us into the room and set up shop, getting all snug and settled, and then, he looked up at me, as if to say, "What'd I do?" Crazy doggone dog! Anyway, since I have no really cool weather shots, on account of the complete lack of weather, I figured I'd share.

Happy Easter Eve, I will be cleaning and then, it's off to the cook out/eat in for some fun with friends... I will even have the rare opportunity to karaoke, unfortunate for everyone else. lol I think first, I will sit through the Skew-T lesson linked on Mike S.'s blog... you know how I like to learn new things... Kelly already gave me a good lesson about reading subsidence inversion (the famous "cap") on the Skew-T, but I figure a good refresher is always good. Maybe, after learning more about the cap, I can derive ways to break it... lol

Update: I am about halfway through my lesson, and my brain is fried... I have learned more about different temperatures and convective levels than I ever thought possible. I have just learned specifically why there are no clouds... Our current CCL (Convective Condensation Level - obtained by tracking the surface dewpoint temperature along the saturation mixing-ratio line until it intersects with the temperature sounding... that hPa is the CCL... y'all this is heavy stuff... don't follow the link unless you're really into the science of it... so much math, I can't help but enjoy it) is sufficiently high to preclude us reaching a high enough Convective Temperature to allow the formation of convection... and that is confirmed by the absolute lack of clouds in the sky.

Have a great day!


  1. Oh man is it cold this morning! Woke up around 8am to 51F here. I still went and got my iced coffee fron Dunkin Donuts, because this chaser Runs on Dunkin everyday! LOL

    Cute dog. Kersten and I have a small only 4 pound Maltese. She is the master of the house, so she thinks, and one heck of a bed hog. She must sleep directly between us. It's a good thing we have a kind size bed because our little queen must have her own spot. I'll post a pic of her on my blog one day.

    Enjoy the winter picnic.

  2. Boy, it'll be nice when Spring finally arrives... winter picnic... grrr... you're so right.

    You know, Dunkin actually makes a hot coffee... you might consider that as an alternative to the cold stuff, especially on a day like today. I know I'll be hitting the Chai tea latte tonight...

    A 4 pound Maltese... how cute. My doggone dog prefers sleeping above my head, but he is kind enough to wait until I am sound asleep before he heads up that way. I fall asleep with his chin resting on my knee and wake up to him wrapped around the top of my head. I think that he thinks he's a cat.

  3. Chia Latte...Such a sophisticated chaser...Happy Easter! I was up till almost 2am trying to figure out how to change my background picture..Never figured it out. Stay safe all , this weekend!!

  4. Rick, Gotta have my chai

    As for the background, you might just ask Mike S. how he did his. He's great about sharing info.

    Happy Easter! Enjoy the rest of the weekend... it's back to thermodynamics for me...

  5. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Dew. Our baseball practice was tough in the 30's today. Once we got running around it became bearable. We need to remember this when it gets into the 90's in a month.

  6. Baseball practice in the 30's... not my idea of fun... though, I'm not too keen on running around in 90 degree temps either... I'm more of a spring/fall enthusiast for many reasons... obviously.

    Oh, and hey, you're welcome! Snow! Unbelievable! Happy Easter!

  7. I think a recording of that karaoke is in order. :o) Sing your heart out!

  8. Spoken like someone who has NEVER heard me sing... ;-)

  9. Want to get into some real skew-t weeniness?

    Try the java based plots as they are interactive. You can take an existing RAOB and play around with the surface parcel (temp, dewpoint, altitude of parcel lift) which is handy to see what an afternoon parcel might result in. This site also seems to update well for special soundings too. It's kind of wierd at first until you get used to it. It's also a good way to help solidify your understanding of soundings.

    The other thing I like about this site is that you can grab various model forecast soundings too. :-)

    Have fun!

  10. Cool toy! Thanks, Steve! Skew-T weeniness... did you call me a skew-T weenie???


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