The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Great class!!!

Spotter class yesterday was a huge success, lots of very interested participants and some great participation! Kelly did a great job with the class and Jay did a great job with a supplementary presentation after that. All in all, it was terrific! Had a few glitches in the beginning with the building being locked and the guy with the key arriving late... but it all worked out in the end. I did get a few votes of encouragement to see about the EM Director position locally... wow... I am honored. I will check into it though. If I were to get that job, as Kelly pointed out, he'd actually have to be nice to me... lol. I also asked about being at the NWS during a severe weather outbreak... looks like the only option for me would to man the amateur radio station, so I'll need to get to work learning how to use the radio. I could be the runner, maybe. That would be AWESOME!!! During the class, I decided that I am geographically misplaced. I belong in the plains. You got that room ready for me, Steve...? lol.

Speaking of radios, I now have a mobile and a portable... thanks to Dr. BS (lol), senior member of our chase team, with his really awesome GR2. I'm jealous, but not jealous enough to get it... He should come and help me set them up and learn to use them, since I am completely clueless. I do have several local Ham friends though, that I'm sure would be willing to help me, as well. So, soon, I will be on the air.

A bit of news out of Colorado as the Holly, CO, Tornado was rated an EF3. That's the one that killed one and injured many. Wild weather they've been having out that way... all over the plains really... Very early season for them... and it's supposed to be our turn... doggone weather hogs.

Got a note from my friend, Tim, that a little something, though unimpressive, might be headed this way... rain...? No way... Actually, we had a spot of rain yesterday evening. The smell of wet asphault... ahhhh... it's been a long time. Checking the HWO confirms it:
A WEAK COLD FRONT WILL STALL NORTH OF THE AREA MONDAY AND TUESDAY. SCATTERED SHOWERS AND ISOLATED THUNDERSTORMS WILL DEVELOP AHEAD OF THIS SYSTEM TODAY... WITH THE BEST CHANCE FOR RAIN BEING ALONG AND WEST OF A LINE FROM ALBANY GEORGIA TO PANAMA CITY FLORIDA. CONDITIONS DO NOT APPEAR FAVORABLE FOR WIDESPREAD SEVERE WEATHER OR FLOODING. Uh, yeah... ya think? It doesn't look all that impressive, but it's something. We might even get some... dare I say it???... lightning... I hope I recognize it. I'm not seeing anything right now... and Tim has the short term forecast with scattered light showers in South Central GA until 10(hey, that's where I am...), and I just had to close my blinds because the sun was putting a glare on my screen... not very wet out there... The forecast going through Thursday mentions rain every day... OK, guys, is this some sort of April Fool's joke? The AFD is well written... here are some of the high points: LARGE SCALE PATTERN SHOWS THAT PERSISTENT STAGNANT WEATHER PATTERN FINALLY SHIFTING TO A MORE PROGRESSIVE ONE. (It's about time!) ANY RAIN WILL BE WELCOME AS IT WILL REDUCE PERSISTENT POLLEN PROBLEM (I really need to wash my van)... ESPECIALLY SINCE WE HAD ONLY 0.90 IN AT TLH...FIFTH DRIEST MARCH ON RECORD. THE WEAK Q-G FORCING AND MARGINAL INSTABILITY WOULD ARGUE AGAINST A BIG DROUGHT BUSTER WITH THIS STALLING SYSTEM (I won't got there this time... but I can hear the music. Ron, you just had to go there, didn't you?)... IT APPEARS THAT THERE WILL BE AT LEAST SCATTERED SHOWERS AND ISOLATED THUNDERSTORMS IN OUR AREA THE NEXT FEW DAYS...WHICH IS BETTER THAN NO RAIN CHANCES AT ALL. WIDESPREAD SEVERE WEATHER APPEARS UNLIKELY WITH THIS SYSTEM DUE TO THE LIMITING FACTORS. I'll take it. It's not the best scenario, but it's a whole lot better than what we've had!

Not too long ago, a chaser contacted me who is moving to South Georgia, and he's looking for a chase team... my blog inspired him to start his own, see Mike's new blog. He did a good job setting his up, and it actually inspired me to make some changes on mine... More changes to come now that I know how.

Anyway, I am well past the time I'm supposed to start getting ready for church, so off I go...



  1. Hey Dewdrop....
    I am happy to see the spotter class went very well! Your updated page looks great!


  2. I see you have been doing some tweaking to your blog. Looking cool! Your blogroll of chasers, lists a nice group of well known chasers now. There all cool people to know.

    Anyways - glad to hear your class went well. You should of posted more pics of the event. Come'on Miss Photog! :)

  3. Mike, yes, it went very well. Now, I am planning a spotter team for our area, to keep people interested and updated on their knowledge... unfortunately, we don't have the weather to keep us refreshed and interested. Thanks for the inspiration on the page. I was afraid to cross over, but I figured it out...

    Jeff, Thanks for the compliments. I should thank you for many of those on my list. I have found some on my own, but many were through you. I have talked with several of them now, and they are very kind and helpful! Chasers are a great group of folks, very eager to share what they know. ST2 was taking more pictures than I was at the class, since I was facilitating, so hopefully, he'll get some pictures up on his spaces.

    Thanks for the visit, guys!

  4. I emailed Mike with a formal invite to join.


  5. Uh, sorry, I stole your thunder. I already told Mike that we voted him in... :-)


  6. Hey Dew,

    I hope the EM director position works out for you. Just from reading your blog, I'd think you would be a natural fit for it. Keep us updated!

    And, yes, you are geographically misplaced. LOL! I was the same way until I finally caved in and moved to Amarillo. Your reservation at the SDS Treatment Facility is available. Or perhaps we need to open up another facility there. It sounds like our services might be needed there as well. :-)

    In the meantime, could you please do something about the big trough over there on the E Coast? ;-)

  7. Hey Steve!

    Thanks for the additional vote of confidence for placing me in the EM position. I will definitely keep everyone posted.

    A South Georgia facility... the idea has merit. Once I'm rehabilitated, I'll be glad to work it.

    As for the weather, I have placed an order for ideal weather... for some reason, it's just not happening. Perhaps my order was misplaced.

    Thanks for the visit, Steve.



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