The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Here comes the cold again...

Well, a lot can happen when you miss a weekend of weather... Good morning! I had a great weather break, and hopped back into it as a Dewdropcicle. I can't say I wasn't warned... what a phenomenal system we had yesterday!! Let me start at the beginning. Over the weekend, I ignored weather, SDS is bad, and reading the forecast just frustrated the fool out of me, so I ignored it. I was too busy to fool with it anyway. Well, I did know a cold front was approaching... but that was from Friday's forecast. So, you heard about my Saturday... and on Monday, I woke up and had a planned day off to take care of some stuff... for one my van visiting the shop. Well, before I make it there, I get a call from my dear, sweet neighbor... "hi neighbor... your fire alarm is going off again." About that time, I get a call from my alarm company... "Miss Dewdrop (no, they didn't really call me that), your fire alarm is going off." I explained the situation, cancelled the alarm... and then, dear, sweet neighbor calls back... "Uh, neigbor, the fire department is at your house. I gave them your name and number. I hope that is OK." Sigh. Well, this morning, I was smart, I called my alarm company early and said... "OK, at about 8:20, my smoke alarm is going to go off signaling a general fire alarm at my house. It is a faulty smoke detector. Your technician is scheduled to come out today and work on that. I am officially cancelling the fire alarm that hasn't occurred yet. PLEASE, do not dispatch the fire department. THANKS!" So, far, no calls. Whew!

Well, yesterday, we got a tiny little speck of rain. Haven't found the rain gauge base to change the batteries, so I don't have totals, but I would guess, well under 1/2 an inch. It was cool, though, because on the leading edge of the cold front was this really awesome powerfully windy gust front, incredible clouds, and I enjoyed it while it lasted, even though it was super-fast. With the power of the gust front, I knew we were in for a doozy of a cold front, and sure enough, this morning, I had a reading of 29 degrees on my thermometer. I didn't feel a high degree of confidence because the city south of me had a reading of 36 or 37... can't remember, but the wind chill was at 33. OK, so I am thinking... something is not right, but as I watched TWC, the temperature in the city below was dropping as the wind started to die. Ten minutes after the first temp reading I saw, the temp had dropped to 34, which helped me feel slightly more comfortable with my reading... but bottom line was that I froze my patootie off waiting on Mini-Dew's bus this morning... Dewdropcicle! Ugh. Of course with the cold front, "very dry air", we have red flag conditions. Cool thing, though, I was treated to a really spectacular sunset yesterday. It was breathtaking.

A little bad news... I took my van to the shop.... sigh... busted radiator. $244.15 later, I have a new one. Merry Christmas to me... fa la la la la and all that.

That's all folks!


  1. It truly took my breath away.

  2. Sorry about your van...that really sucks. Just be glad it didn't die while you were enroute to someplace chasetacular.

  3. Chasetacular!!! Love it, and you are so right! Wouldn't that have been awful!!! It does suck that it happened though. I didn't want a radiator for Christmas!!!


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