The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My garage door needs an attitude adjustment... I don't like the cold either...

Well, woke up this morning to freezing temps again... 28 this time, but the wind had died down, so it didn't feel near as bad, though there was a layer of frost on the ground, but the sun rising quickly worked at the temps. Of course, given freezing temps, I am back to fighting with my garage door. It doesn't like to work properly when it is cold outside. Anyone ever heard of that? I am googling it... but sheesh... what a hassle it was this morning. I fought and fought with it for a solid 5 minutes, trying to get the darn thing to close (shot this pic while I was hassling with it). Ah, yes, solution (did I mention that I love the internet... this according to Bob Vila)

My 1/2 HP GDO would go down about 2 feet in real cold weather and then reverse. Adjust the Force. According to the manual, "Weather conditions can affect the door movement, so occational adjustment may be needed." There are two "screws" on the outside of the opener. Adjust one if you have up problems, adjust the other for down problems. It worked for me. It only took a very slight turn to do the job for me.
Awesomeness. I'm sure Meso Magnet (debatable) Mike was entertained by my garage door's antics, as I was on the phone with him during the whole ordeal. Looks like my garage door just needs an attitude adjustment.

Aside from that... apparently, I overlooked one of the pics from Monday that was still on my camera, so here is some more of Monday's incredible sky. As for current weather... looks like many days of clear to partly cloudy skies, nothing too impressive on the horizon. The northern part of the CONUS is being blasted with an arctic storm that is dropping snow like crazy. I don't feel so geographically misplaced when I have that to consider. I am happy just where I am... for the time being... For the long term, we're ridging it, dry conditions, mild temps... looks like weather pergatory.

Oh, and my friend Bill D. shared yet another video preview of the "Twister Sisters" show. I am not as enthusiastic about this one because of the drama, but as a channel that airs prgrams such as "Bridezilla" and "Women on Death Row", what should I expect.
Insider teaser for the show



  1. Glad you got the door figured theory was going to be that the metal of the door expands and contracts faster than the wood arouund it based on changes in temp....

    You were 8 degrees colder than me this a.m....

  2. I never knew weather affected garage door openers...I learn something new every day.

  3. I am afraid that WE is going to push the drama effect to the point of no return. I know we all in the chaser community are hoping for it to be a good watch and not a "Bridezilla" with tornadoes included.."Save the drama for yo momma" as they say..Looking forward to it with crossed fingers Dew.

  4. Sigh... I am afraid of how accurate of a statement that might be, Rick. At least I got to chase in the plains. It truly was a WONDERFUL experience. I plan to have a viewing party at my house for all the episodes. Anyone interested in stopping by and watching with me is welcome. I might even offer lessons in the HDD. lol

  5. Mike and Annie, Don't know what happened with email, but I never got notification of these comments, so that is why the delay in posting and responding.

    Mike, I hope I have it figured out. With the temps coming back up for now, I won't be able to adjust and check it for a little while... oh gee darn...

    Colder here than there?! Hardly seems fair.

    Annie, Does that mean you are finished learning for today?


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