The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

15 year Anniversary of the Blizzard of 93

Alabama Mike pointed out to me that today is the 15 year anniversary of the Blizzard of 1993. At that time, I lived in Conyers, Georgia, and I remember that blizzard as the last time I saw real snow... well, except for that time I stayed in Salt Lake City, UT, for a conference, but it wasn't snowing there, it was melting, big difference. During the blizzard of 93, it was snowing! I have (somewhere, I wasn't able to put my hands on it) a picture of my mother holding up the snow covered dafodils that had bloomed just before the blizzard. The yard is covered in a thick layer of snow in the shot. Man, I wish I could have found the picture, it would have been a great one to share today. I will link to James Spann's site though, where Mike's video of the blizzard is embedded. I think I will go ahead and embed it too... I'm sure Mike won't mind.
I have no snow pics of my own to pull from... how insane is that?! Instead, I decided to post something springy to brighten my blog up some today, especially since... oh wait, when I went to NY last March, I saw snow... let me find that pic. Ahh yes... this is a sheltered life pic... I really need to get out and see some real snow one of these days.Well, onto other stuff. I got an email from Janice H. out of Sarasota, FL, who told me that my blog is useful in letting her know about weather where her mom is, up in my neck of the woods, and apparently, my blog has been inspirational for her in the fact that she is now taking pictures of clouds traveling up the road. Janice took this pic on Friday while she was passing through Ocala, FL, during all that weather. The good news is that it appears the photo was taken from the passenger seat, so she is not following my lead in being crazy and taking pics while driving. Great statocumulus, Janice!

I have an updated list of searches that people have used to find my blog. These are the ones that amused me the most.

Seeking out the Dew...
1. Women on death row show (I am embarrassed that this search actually turned up my blog.)
2. Is there always a calm before a tornado? (not always, but there certainly can be.)
3. Where to seek shelter from a tornado in Macon Georgia (Tornado shelters in Macon Georgia...???? Raised eyebrow award...)
4. blog dew storm (hey, you think they might have been looking for me? lol)
5. trip of a weather balloon (I would love to go radiosonde hunting one day.)
6. History on wildfire smoke chasers (wildfire smoke chasers? Alrighty then.)
7. How to become a storm chaser (People are looking at my blog to learn that?!Awesomeness!)
Anyways, still no exciting weather around here, so that's it for today. I could write about the flooding and wind in New England or the European storm that was comparable to a hurricane... but nah...

I found this shirt online and it made me laugh, so I thought I would share with all the bloggers out there...



  1. Don't mind, in fact thanks, for embedding the video. You do need to get out and see some serious s**w sometime!

    Before you know it, you'll have everybody pulling over on the side of the road taking pictures of the clouds.

    Some of those searches make you wonder...

    Severe wx parameters look strong here in Alabama on Friday, into Sat...

  2. You are very welcome! I do need to see that s**w... a trip to the mountains would be super nice.

    I can only hope that I will help create a word of people who actually see and appreciate the world around them. That is my goal.

    Definitely spring patterns rolling in! We'll keep an eye to the weekend.

  3. I had to travel 70 miles north of Dallas to see s**w, but it was worth it. Not sure if it was the best idea to lay on the ground in 9 inches of snow to get a pic, but at least the pics are good!

    Looks like the Texas Panhandle might be a good chase target for me on Monday. Still watching things, though, as systems fall apart here faster than I'd like, sometimes.

    You should definitely get the award for most unique ways of directing traffic to your blog! lol

  4. LOL, Ken and Mike, I think I have created a whole new weather language, got y'all *ing out s**w... too funny.

    Hope you get your chasetunity on Monday. I CERTAINLY know how they can FALL APART!!!

    Unique traffic award... I like the idea of that.

  5. Hey, I should own that shirt....LOL! You really should get some real snow action in. Mini-Dew would love it. We did a few years ago. I miss you!

  6. The shirt did give me a lil' chuckle. I'm soooo looking forward to those 70 degree temps tomorrow! WHOO HOO!
    Have a great day!

  7. I know... I totally love the shirt. Too funny. I definitely would like to visit the s**w. Mini-Dew would enjoy it for a minute, but she's not much of a fan of cold either. I can't tell you how long it has been since I made a snow angel. Oh, bf got off of work on the 12th. We are SO THERE! I plan to see you this weekend, whatever it takes. Deal?

    Courtney, I know... the 70 degree temps sound like a nice reprieve from the 42 degree temp this morning. My fingers are still thawing. Have a wonderful day!


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