The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Unique Traffic Award and upcoming weather scenario

I would like to start today's blog by thanking Ken Reynolds for creating and awarding my blog with this "Unique Traffic Award" for the interestingly unique and creatively innovative ways that I lure new traffic to my blog. Thanks, Ken! That was so sweet! I guess in true blog award fashion, I need to pay this award forward, by awarding this to folks who impress me with their interestingly unique and creatively innovative ways of drawing in new traffic. This is an easy award to pay forward, as there are 3 people who stand out as using some of the most entertaining tactics I have seen...

1. Steve Miller, Oklahoma (You had to know you were getting this one... identical triplets???)
2. Steve Miller, Texas (I think you have been taking lessons from the other one...)
3. Jeff Gammons (Since he's the only person I know of who knows what's going on with the Tropical Cyclone Jokwe in Mozambique and Cyclone Kamba)

You guys definitely earned that award!!! Speaking of that though... had a hit yesterday from someone searching for "south ga boggin"... you might be a redneck if... people find your blog when they search for "south ga boggin". Yeah, buddy.

I did stop on the way to work this morning to capture some sun and landscape shots... the sun rose into the horizon first casting a golden amber glow, which faded into a deep blue of the passing twilight. That golden hue combined with the fog just after sunrise to create some phenomenal landscapes, so I had to dew what I dew. I pulled off the side of the road and snapped a few shots. I am sure that passing traffic was irritated that I was not merely going with the flow... but oh well. I got the shots I was after, even got a cool shape out of the sun with my cool barn...Now... onto the weather... First, I have noticed that TWC is advertizing Tornado Awareness Week next week, and they are going to teach families how to prepare for a tornado... should be interesting to watch... Aside from that, the SPC has outlined several areas for a slight risk of severe weather... starting in Texarkana today, spreading into much of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee tomorrow, and then missing me to the north on Saturday, impacting much of Georgia and the Carolinas. We are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow evening, which should make the CoCoRaHS training interesting, that I am hosting tomorrow evening for all the weather enthusiasts who are planning to come. I am so excited about CoCoRaHS starting up in Georgia, and I am impressed with the local interest and response to the appeal for volunteers... there are many weather enthusiasts among us. Anyways, thunderstorms tomorrow evening, nothing severe locally, but perhaps I can shoot some lightning. I haven't done that since last summer.



  1. Blahahahah! Lets start blog boggin for all those searching for it.

    Thanks for the award! Packing up the bus for Mozambique!

  2. Blog boggin... I like it... innovative and creative. Let's do it! :O)

    You're welcome! I feel like you earned that one... and TCDS (tropical cyclone deprivation syndrome) must be bad to be luring you to Mozambique! lol You crack me up!

  3. is available! LMAO

    Alright, it's time for me to step away from the desk and get some air on this kick butt day. ttyl.

  4. Gee, Jeff, looks like a dot com opp for us... should we go for it? With our uniquely creative and interestingly innovative traffic generation techniques, we would be hugely successful!!! LMAO!

    Go enjoy this beautiful day, Jeff. Enjoy it for me, too, as I am trapped in this concrete block they call my office. ttyl!

  5. Thanks for the props - these awards are considered "props", right? :)
    You know, I'm just happy to see more people blogging. Storm chasers have a number of options to communicate with the outside world and I think the best is blogging - unless you like just communicating with those who are already familiar with your hobby and, in turn, being slammed on forums or getting tied up in every hostile chaser tirade on the e-mail lists.
    As a blogger, our most important traffic is from people outside our hobby. Using popular search words is certainly a good way to lure those people in.
    I expect to see much more of this here in the dew-world!!!
    How many Steve Miller's are there in storm chasing, anyway?

  6. Oh yeah, how many "Mike's" are there too?

  7. Props works for me, Steve. If that's not what it's called, let's just go with it and start something. It's definitely not beyond me to make something up. I agree with you, blogging is a great way for us to share info and communicate with non-chasers about stuff we're passionate about.

    I'll have to see what I can do about Dew-world containing more popular search words... does that mean I have to watch the news??? Ewww...

    As for Steve Millers in chasing, I think the world can only handle two of them... ;O)

    Now, as for Mikes in chasing, I think that is blogworthy... thanks for today's topic... oh, and you are very welcome for the "props"!

  8. Beautiful skies, colors and composition.

  9. Thanks, bunny! I had to dodge oncoming traffic, but I got the shot, by golly!!! I love that location. I shot the moon there the evening of the lunar eclipse, something about a barn...


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