The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lake City Tornado on March 7, 2008, EF2

I would just like to start by saying that the National Weather Service Office in Jacksonville is amazingly impressive. They have posted their 18 slide presentation of the storm damage from Friday's EF-2 tornado the swept through Lake City (Columbia County), FL (with amazing presentation on radar). I urge you to check out their presentation, as it is the best storm report presentation I have ever seen, and it contains photographs of the damage that the Lake City, FL, tornado caused (one of which was quite reminiscent of the part in "Twister" where the house rolls into the street and Bill Paxton shouted "We're goin' in!!" Friday's tornado in Lake City, FL, took the lives of 2 people (1 of which was direct), injured 5, destroyed 19 homes and damaged 41 homes. The 2 mile track tornado is the one that I speculated about, while I was arm chair chasing on Friday during that powerful storm, suspecting a tornado at that time. There were 15 tornado reports during Friday's severe weather outbreak. Five of those tornado reports have been confirmed as tornadoes, 2 of those EF-2's (this one in Lake City and one in Keaton Beach, FL.) I also heard from my CoCoRaHS coordinator in Georgia, Christ, that an EF-1 hit Douglasville, GA. Of course, Peachtree City doesn't have a storm report up... and won't have anything like Jacksonville's up, but here is what Chris had to say about it:

They're calling the storm a mini supercell. Radar presentation (reflectivity, anyway) was not at all impressive, and there was very little CG activity. But it managed to partially cave in the roof of a Kroger, and toss one of the store's air conditioning units onto some cars in the lot. The WFO sent a survey party out Saturday, and they're calling it an EF1.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who were impacted by Friday's severe weather outbreak.

I was a bit frustrated when I went outside today to see that my yard was destroyed when large crane-type trucks dug a huge tracked trench in my front yard. Grr!!! You see, I have a community well, which didn't have a substantially-sized pump for my neighborhood, so they came in to fix it, which rendered me waterless on Saturday while they worked on that, and now they will be getting a larger pump, and will be working to install that when it arrives, so when I called the water company to complain about the damage to my lawn, they said they would make it right, but they would need to wait until after they are finished in case they cause more damage in the process, sounds like they will be boggin' in my front yard before this is done... good grief!

You know that tree that I have photographed that I find so picturesque on my way to work...? Well, here it is again. This morning, the sharp blue of the sky, with the accompanying strip of altocumulus clouds, that were shearing off to a thin field of cirrus was a fascinating backdrop for my special tree , glowing from the sun rising behind it. I just love to see what kind of view I'll get of this tree each morning.

On Saturday, as I was traveling back from a wedding in Thomasville with bf and his children, we passed a couple of nice primitive-style churches. I just love the charm of these structures, and since bf knows that, he was kind enough to stop so I could shoot them... one of which was at the end of a (very) long dirt road, but it was well worth the drive. It definitely inspired me to the point of me wanting to make it a priority to go on sort of themed photo shoots...
1. Primitive Churches
2. Barns
3. Water Towers
4. Waterfalls
You know how I take my lunch time/weekend excursions from time to time? Well, I think I will go after these things... Wouldn't that be fun?! Anyways, here are the churches....That's all I've got for now.

Oops... Almost forgot "Odd Shots"... I totally missed "Sky Shots" on Friday too, but I will try to post something on Friday for "Sky Shots" this week. To participate in "Odd Shots", check out Katney's Kaboodle site. It's a great opportunity to share your cool stuff. I took this one a while back just sticking the camera out the window... I thought it was total coolness.Have a Happy Monday!!!


  1. That was a great storm report format.

    What weird weather. Snow was beginning to fall in NW Alabama at the same time a tornado touched down in Douglasville, GA.

    That makes me wonder, what is the closest proximity between snowfall and a tornado ever recorded?

  2. Wasn't it awesome?! I wish they all did them that way... pretty cool.

    I wonder if that analysis has been done. Interesting question...

  3. Hey where was the second church located and what was it called?
    I think that is where Jon's family has thier family reunion

  4. It was on Highway 122 in Brooks County, the sign said "Primitive Baptist Church". I have heard that it is called Old Bethel Church and that it is haunted. What a small world!!

  5. Wow there all great shots and i love the one with the sun coming thru the tree Have a great week

  6. Very cool... the out the window shot and I really like the cloud line with your tree.

  7. Isn't it something what photo "nuts" will do to get a picture? I don't blame you -- it looks beautiful! Come and see my ODD SHOT.

  8. I love the pictures, especially the tree. I like your list too, I go around taking pictures of old barns and buildings too. It makes my kids nuts, but they are beginning to catch the shutterbug fever because now they will point out cool things and ask me to take pictures or else ask if I will stop so they can take a picture. Madness loves company!

  9. The reflection in your out the window odd shot is fascinating.

  10. Thanks, Lilli and Nevada! That tree fascinates me for some reason. I am always drawn to photograph it. You have a great week, also!

    JC, I loved that altocumulus strip. I watched the sun rise into it, and I was blown away.

    Paulie, We are nuts, aren't we? Do you get crazy looks all the time? Thanks for the compliment.

    Annie, I love that you're getting your kids passionate about it. I found out this weekend that bf's daughter has a passion for photography also. She has an excellent eye for it.

    Katney, Thanks! I love this odd shot thing. Too cool!

  11. I love the clouds behind that tree shot! Nice capture!

  12. Thanks, Beth Ellen. I don't know what it is that draws me to that tree.

  13. Yes, very informative presentation. I've never seen such a thing from a NWS office yet. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I had to share... after the shock wore off. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Your tree reminds me of my own purple haze tree i photograph.

    Love your storm reports.this tiny island i live on gets battered all the time, so i am a weather report holic when it comes to the stormy stuff.

    intersting blog with some great pics.

  16. A fellow weather enthusiast!!! Hello, Babooshka! Welcome to my blog. I checked yours out, love the pics. Some very interesting entries. The Isle of Man looks interesting. Thanks for stopping by!


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