The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, March 07, 2008

(Possibly) tornadoes in North Florida (Tallahassee and Lake City) and South Georgia, March 7

OK, folks, I am in storm mode. A severe weather outbreak in north Florida and south Georgia has generated 4 tornado reports, including 2 suspected fatalities in Capitola, FL, which is near Tallahassee. This reported tornado blew 2 homes off their foundation, and one person is reported missing. (Update on SPC Storm reports, up to 10 tornado reports and the one in Capitola reads:

)When I watched that particular cell this morning, I was impressed with the bow echo in the squall line; but based on that, I would suspect straight line winds are the cause of the damage and fatalities reported down near Tallahassee. The cell that I have been watching head toward and pass through Lake City is still going strong, showing rotation and has been persistently tornado warned for almost an hour now. I expect some reports out of that one, but I haven't seen anything yet.

Busy day weather wise. By this morning, I already had 0.32" of rain in my CoCoRaHS rain gauge. I expect to see a much higher number in the morning, once all this rain has run its course. My already saturated backyard was starting to puddle pretty badly, and my sunroom is flush with the patio, so I suspect that my sunroom will flood today. The only thing that concerns me is that my house is only about 4 inches above that, so if it comes up too high, I might return to a wet kitchen... sigh. That would not be my ideal way to spend a Friday night... cleaning up flooding in my kitchen...

Here's your official reminder... Set your clocks ahead before you go to sleep Saturday night... unless you live in Hawaii or Arizona, where daylight savings is not observed. The government decided to extend the day light savings period, so we spring forward sooner and fall back later. This will be evaluated this year for effectiveness in conserving energy, but for now, it occurs this weekend, instead of the first weekend in April as in the past. Don't forget... :O)

I will continue to watch and post if anything strikes my fancy.

Update 10:30AM: Just got a call from fellow team member Jay, who was possibly wanting to get set-up for an intercept in Jacksonville, of that same long tracked tornadic supercell that I watched through Lake City, FL. The cell is still tornado warned, though the rotation is not presenting as tightly as it was. I suspect it will shoot well to his north, and he isn't confident that he can beat it there, but plans to possibly do damage assessment, if possible. He might need to head to Lake City for that... Be safe, Jay, or General BS ;O)

Update 10:40AM: Am I good or what... after posting, I rechecked storm reports at the SPC... tornado report in Lake City... Huwaa!Have a safe day.


  1. Wow! Severe weather in your neck of the woods, and I just visited Sherman, TX, where there was an impressive 9 inches of snow on the ground, all from the same system. Storms of any kind truly are amazing. I should have some pics on both of my blogs shortly, for those who are interested. Looks like the Gulf is open for business this spring after all!

  2. They really are some fascinating complexes passing through this year, so dynamic... Most of the severe is well to my east and southeast, but it sure is interesting to watch on radar. It breaks my heart to hear of deaths associated with this though. Horrible. I will check your blog for pics. Cool.

  3. Yeah, I never like to hear about deaths associated with any type of weather event. It really sours the mood completely when you see stuff getting shredded and then later hear that, not only did it destroy someone's property, it took their life, as well.

  4. Hey, great news now, Ken. It appears that the original report was inaccurate. They are saying now that there weren't any deaths in the severe weather in Capitola this morning. There was an injury though.

  5. We just had a storm go through here the likes of which would have impressed you! It was the most severe storm I can remember in a long time! Water is standing everywhere and the lightening is outrageous. I had to drive home from two different funerals tonight in the storm and the wind was blowing my van all over the road! Scary stuff for us non-chasing types. I really hope your kitchen doesn't flood...that would seriously suck!

  6. You r good Thats why i want you on my team!!
    Great weather nothing severe in my path but we sure r getting a lot of rain.It still pouring.Have good weekend!!!!

  7. Thanks for the RADAR guidance....just nothing to see in Jacksonville area.

  8. Annie, Did you take pictures?? lol. I know you didn't. You were probably just relieved to make it home in one piece, huh? My kitchen did not flood. Woohoo!!!

    Jess, thanks! We didn't actually get much rain, which for the immediate it good, because our river is already at the flood stage. These rain are terrific, because we need the rain, but so much so fast is more than our dry land can take.

    Jay, You are very welcome. My pleasure. You know I love that stuff. No, the storm had definitely lost it's umph after dropping its stuff in Lake City.


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