The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Severe Weather Makes its Autumn Debut in the Southeast

It's Sky Watch Friday post time!! Please visit Tom, Klaus, Sandy, Ivar, and Imac's SKY WATCH BLOG to participate in Sky Watch Fridays, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! A huge thank you to Dot, the mother of this fabulous blogging event!!! It is so interesting to see skies from all over the world!!! Thank you to the the 200+ folks who offered compliments and encouragement regarding the sky watch intro and my regular post last week. I am humbled and honored by your kindness, and I am thrilled and privileged to be a part of something as incredible as Sky Watch Friday! In honor of local thunderstorms yesterday and today, I am posting a photograph of an incredible shelf cloud we experienced here last June as an isolated storm approached.

This shelf carried some gusty winds and incredibly low (almost to the ground) clouds, but it looked much more intimidating than it actually was. (Click here to read the post about my chase of this storm.) Regardless, the associated shelf cloud and subsequent lightning were a thrill to watch.

Yesterday's weather... well, it was a heavy duty tornado day in the southeast, with Alabama being hit the hardest and a few in Florida. The SPC missed the mark until it was already upon us. They didn't designate a slight risk until after a couple of tornadoes were reported in Florida. The preliminary tornado report count from yesterday stands at 11 tornado reports during yesterday's outbreak, with one occurring in Enterprise, AL, the city which was hit hard by that EF4 tornado back in March last year, which resulted in 9 deaths and 50 injuries. You can read more about that tornado here. Based on some pictures I saw of yesterday's damage there, it appears that it most likely was a significant tornado. Locally, last night, I was treated to a spectacular light show as I was driving home from Mini-Dew's practice, as frequent cloud-to-ground (CG) and cloud-to-cloud lightning offered the sky a purple glow. Due to life, responsibility, you know, dinner, homework, bed... all that stuff, I wasn't able to try to photograph any lightning yesterday, but I did enjoy and appreciate the show. It's been a long time since I have heard thunder, so that was nice. Speaking of that, a safety tip, if you hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning and should seek shelter INDOORS, IMMEDIATELY!

The guys at the SPC (Storm Prediction Center) wised up today... they have outlined an area of slight risk, which I am in the middle of... (of course, it's Thursday... not a chase day), and you can see that storms are already building there in south Georgia.

(The radar capture on the right was taken at 9:00AM) Storms have already started to go severe this morning, with strong hail indications in nearby cells... I am located at the yellow plus sign. Of course, in true Dewvoid fashion (yes, I said it! Prove me wrong... please), the storm split, and some is going to my north and some to my south... here... NOTHING. I am not a storm chaser; I'm a storm repellent. The image to the left is the same storm 20 minutes later showing the dramatic split... yes, I am still at the yellow plus sign. At this time, my weather radio is going off regarding a severe thunderstorm warning in my east neighboring county... not here.

Have a safe and lovely day!


  1. LOL, I thought that Shelf Cloud was from yesterday. The lack of severe weather or any weather for that matter has me going insane.


  2. Looks like fog in the distant, Nice information as always.

  3. I know what you mean, Mikey! Lol. If only it had been yesterday.... maybe something will come along soon for both of us... I had a tornado warning two counties over today, if that counts... couldn't go after it... but you know.

    Thanks, Lilli.

  4. Nice job of reporting as usual.
    Nice cloud photo.

    Come visit,

  5. Hey Dewd - glad you're keeping those SPC guys in check . . . I just have to hang out on your blog to see what my weather is doing!! Good to see you again.

  6. Great fog! I like how you captured it! My SWF is posted HERE. Have a great day!~

  7. Fantastic shot. Thanks for sharing.


  8. I think I'll stay inside - even here.

  9. Looks like your heavens are engulfing the earth. Hope you didn't drown in that.

  10. Makes you wonder what might come out of that mist :0)
    Hope you continue to be safe...

  11. Dew: That is a scary looking one, I wouldn't want to be on my boat.

  12. Awesome sky watch! i am glad you were honored with thunder, what a treat.
    Have a great weekend.
    P.s. I did ok today i get to come back tomorrow. I am still being tested.

  13. Hi Dew ... I must have learned something as I knew the shelf cloud when I saw it load... .. look forward to more lessons fromyou soon my friend.

  14. Informative and great photography as always!
    You have a great weekend too!

  15. This is clouds, great capture :)

  16. Thanks for sharing us all about clouds. Great shot!

  17. Great post , but frightning.

  18. That really looks like a cloud-pitbull on the attac! ;-)

    I feel like you about Skywatch, it is so fascinating to be able to see skies from around the world.

  19. Tornado season is way too long for me but, then, I'm not into chasing tornadoes! Thanks for the weather updates.
    Happy Sky Watch!

  20. wow, that is an amazing sight! happy skywatching. :)

  21. That's a pretty angry looking sky you have there. But a nice shot!

    I'm making my debut this week with First Quarter. Hope you enjoy it!

  22. Cool photos for sky watch friday, always interesting to learn more about the science that goes on behind the scenes of what makes for great photo opportunities.

  23. Wow what a shot! It's amazing how different the weather can be from area to area. Least you got a great picture out of your severe weather.

  24. Pretty and scary!! Great photo!!

  25. Those clouds are very low. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  26. I learn so much each week here. It's just amazing the amount of work you put into each post.

  27. I need a few more comparison photos before I'll be comfortable being able to tell a wall cloud from a shelf cloud. We had a magnificent front move in the other day - dark grey edge creeping in. I'd love for you to see it as I'd love to know if that kind of cloud has a name - I'll post it next SWF.

    I always learn something here! Think the hurricane season is winding down?

  28. Another excellent SkyWatch post. I am learning so much about the weather from your blog, and I thank you for that.

  29. The shelf is terrific and I love all the information. This is my first visit, but won't be the last.
    Thank you!

  30. I have seen a few like that around here too! Great shot

  31. Is this mist on its way towards you? wow!

  32. Hi there.
    I'm back with a contribution on Sky Watch this week.
    It' s been a long time since my last post.
    I can still see that you are a great fan of lot's of WEATHER!!! ;)))
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Enjoy the weather, sunshine or rain.... ;)

  33. the photograph is terriffic!!!! loved it!

  34. As usual very good entry...TC

  35. I had to laugh at this:

    "I am not a storm chaser; I'm a storm repellent."

    Impressive shelf cloud. :)

  36. Beautiful Sky Watch photo and very interesting weather information

  37. Beautiful and fantastic sky ! ! !
    Ik like this picture.
    Those clouds have photographed you splendidly.

  38. Love the photo and always enjoy the info. Come tell me what my clouds say! Happy SWF!

  39. Great photo and information!

  40. Now this is my fave day, cloudy, foggy, and it feels a little wet and misty.

    Happy weekend.

  41. Very interesting looking storm. Great shot!

  42. What a great picture of that threatening shelf cloud!

  43. Thanks again for the kind words of encouragement and compliment. It thrills me that so many are interested in learning this stuff as much as I enjoy sharing it.

    Several of you mentioned fog... this is actually not fog. It is actually a shelf cloud, which is the leading edge of a strong storm. It was VERY CLOSE to the ground, but by definition, fog actually touches the ground. In areas of varying topography, a higher lying area would might experience fog that at the same level is consider low lying cloud in a lower area. The shelf cloud that day was menacing and very low, but it did not touch the ground.

    Deirdre, Your the second one to mention that. Hope I didn't upset them... tee hee. Come on by or drop me a line anytime you want the "real weather report" Dewdrop style. lol

    Arija, Wouldn't mind heaven scooping me up.

    Ellen, Always wondering.

    Fishing guy... no you never know what you might get with a structure like this one... wind, rain, lightning, tornadoes on the back side... very ominous cloud.

    Tom, big grin. So glad you could identify that!!!

    Merisi, a cloud pitbull... love it!

    YEGTG, That would make it a less exciting time for you!

    Mojo, welcome to skywatch!!!

    Island Rambles, big grin again! So glad.

    TSannie, As soon as I get more wall clouds, I'll show you. Send me your cloud shots. I'd be happy to take a look! Hurricane season should not be written off yet.

    Sylvia, Come back any time!!!

    Kopsieps, The shelf cloud was headed right at me. It was phenomenal!

    Ida, welcome back.

    Robin, My chase team laughs at that too!

    You guys are awesome!

  44. Love the shelf cloud - amazing. I just love how you get so excited about "weather" . You would love the tropical storms we get here - there was a huge one last night which lit up the sky for ages!!!!

  45. I sure don't care for the tornadoes that come w/ these awesome skies, but it's soooo cool to look at!!!

  46. That really looks threatening. I'm just glad it wasn't that bad.
    Dew have a great weekend!
    Cheers, Klaus

  47. It is a beautiful photo regardless of the damage that little structure can produce on the other side...
    wonderful capture!
    Mountain Retreat

  48. Beautiful photo!`Thanks for the comment.


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